How To: Replace a MacBook Air (Original) Hard Drive


I remember when I first held a MacBook Air;
I was actually awestruck at just how thin and how light it was, and having a hard time
believing that it was a real computer. My only real complaint about the original MacBook
Air is that the hard drive was comparably small, starting at just 80 GB with the option
of adding 64 GB in solid-state storage. Fortunately, for those enough who need more than 80 GB
of storage, but didn’t spring for the SSD drive, there’s a quick and easy DIY fix.
Hi, I’m mj with iFixit, and today I’m going to show you how to swap out the smallish hard
drive in the original MacBook Air, for a roomier 120 GB version. This video is just an overview, and while
it’s not a difficult swap, you’ll still want to follow the step-by-step instructions
in the repair guide on our site. I’m going to upgrade this MacBook Air, and while I do,
I’ll give you some tips along the way to hopefully save you some time and prepare you
for any tricky parts. This is a good time to reiterate that I’m upgrading the original
version of the MacBook Air, so just to make sure we’re talking about the same computer,
take a second to double check the model number of your computer on our site. I love projects that don’t require a lot
of tools, and this happens to be one of them. All you’re going to need is
a spudger, a Phillips 00 screwdriver I’m using the
one found in our 54 piece bit-driver kit, and of course, your new hard drive.
I’ve also got a screw-tray, which isn’t totally necessary, but it keeps me from mixing
up all the different sizes of screws, which makes reassembly much faster.
You can find each of these things at Now that I’ve got all of my parts and tools
laid out, I can get started. First things first: I’m going to remove
all of the screws on the bottom of the computer so I can take the bottom case off. Once the screws are out, I’m going to gently
lift up near the vents, and push the bottom case towards the rear of the computer, and
that should release the little mounting tabs. Just because we can see the hard drive, doesn’t
mean we can remove it just yet. The hard drive has a few connectors that are kind of fragile,
and we want to have full access to them, so first  I’m going to remove the battery
by disconnect its cable, and removing all of the screws securing it in place. Now that all of the screws are removed, the
battery should lift out easily. But before I can remove the hard drive, there are a couple
of more steps: I’ve got a few cables to disconnect– some of which I can just disconnect
with my fingers, and some of them I’ll have to use a spudger -and after that there are
a few screws holding the hard drive in place. Okay, so I’ve disconnected all of the cables
and removed all of the screws; now the hard drive should just lift out, and I can remove
the bracket and the rubber shock isolator. Next I’m going to remove the drive connector,
but before I do I want you to know that the two different models of MacBook Air have two
different styles of connector, so before you remove the connector, figure out which model
of MacBook Air you have, and follow the instructions specific to that model. Both versions are
outlined on the repair guide, so it’s really easy to find. After I transfer the connector, shock isolator
and bracket to my new hard drive, all I’ve got to do is put my MacBook Air back together
and format the new drive. If you want instructions on formatting your drive, we’ve got a great
OS X Install Guide on our site to guide you along the way. Of course, you can find the parts and tools
you’ll need for this and many other repairs at And if you run into problems
during your repairs, there are lots of solutions in the MacBook Air repair guide on our site. Thanks for watching, and happy repairing!

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22 thoughts on “How To: Replace a MacBook Air (Original) Hard Drive”

  1. Emanuel says:

    Thank you!

  2. Emanuel says:

    Thank you!

  3. Umer Malik says:

    hi any one know where to find the macook air model A1245 solid drive thanks 

  4. BrokeTheInterweb says:

    The most impressive part of this video is how you don't chip your nail polish. I'm terrified of painting my nails during the work week because every single thing I spudge results in some sort of nail damage. How do you do it?!

  5. Marc Forgey says:

    My macbook air seems to only have 3 screws holding the hd… I cannot seem to find a way to free the the corner without the screw.  The part to the hd I cannot seem to free is the corner that is next to the rear next to the fan.

  6. Pete Loc says:

    Help ,…I encrypted my Mac Air and now can't get into it because I lost notes on my recovery key and even forgot password .
    Updated to Yosimite and could not open .
    Thanks for any help .

  7. MUSTAPHA LAND says:

    helpful thx a lot !!!

  8. Everton Telles says:

    Helow i need change my display of my MacBook Air a 1237, but i need of series of part Number of display, can you help me? Séries w88120f8y51. Thanks

  9. Everton Telles says:

    Helow i need change my display of my MacBook Air a 1237, but i need of series of part Number of display, can you help me? Séries w88120f8y51. Thanks

  10. katch Ononuju says:

    My mac won't boot, shows a Grey Screen, advice??

  11. Super_Khalid89 says:

    how how much to replace hard drive in macbook air? to upgrade it to 250 GB or more if I can?

  12. Leighton Phillips says:

    Nice guide, but where can you buy a new drive from?

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    that voice is annoying..

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    youre beautiful 🙂

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    Hey i just wanna know if we can add more ram on MacBook Air 2015 modal

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    pearls are a nice touch 🙂

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    Nice face nd body language

  19. Honglep Sangle says:

    MacBook Air MQD32HN/A 2017 version RAM and SSD upgradable or not

  20. Rodrigo quintos says:

    Great Video!! Greetings form México !!

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