How To Remember What You Study For Exams

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You open your examine and a flash you
forget everything you’ve been studying for the past week has this ever happened
to you hey bosses in this video I’m going to share with you the proven
technique I use to retain and recall everything I learn when taking tests and
exams and make sure to watch until the end so you too can start remembering
more and begin acing all your exams now I’m gonna share my proven technique for
recalling information through a personal story of mine from when I was in college
you see going from high school to college was quite your transition and I
was nervous how we would fare in my new academic environment it was a month into
my first semester in my first examine my college career was approaching like a
good student I began studying weeks in advance hoping to ace my first college
test then came the day of the exam I got into class sat at my desk and opened my
exam as it looked down on my test my mind went blank I couldn’t recall
anything I’d study which only maybe more flustered now if you’ve been in this
position before you’ll know that this exam didn’t know I’d go that well after
the exam I was left confused and disappointed I
had studied for weeks reading chapter after chapter with nothing to show for
it on the day of the exam the thought flashed across my mind what if I don’t
pass this class how will I ever graduate it was in this frustrated state that I
promised myself I would find a better way to study and get the marks I knew I
could achieve the next day I began researching ways to improve my
information recollection skills which led me to the technique that changed my
life the 50-50 method I began reading pages of literature on his powerful
recollection technique and I instantly knew that my academic struggles would
soon be behind me this method opened my eyes to the fact that proper information
recall requires you to build strong pathways to set information which is
often not formulated well enough through consumption alone I soon learned that a
better way to learn process retain and remember information is to learn half
the time and share half the time learn for 50% of the time and explain what you
learned for 50 percent of the time for example when
reading course material for an exam instead of reading all the chapters aim
to read 50% and try recalling sharing or writing down the key ideas you’ve
learned before proceeding I learned that the mind is like a muscle and the more
you work it the better you learn and retain in fact it is said that learners
retain approximately 90% of information when they not only consume but then
explain or teach the information this began to make so much sense as to why my
professors could always recall fine details in their lectures well I could
barely make sense of broad topics I had read in my textbooks with the newfound
knowledge I called it my friend Andrew and told him we will be studying
together for the next exam a week before the final I had read a major portion of
my course material and was ready to give the 50-50 method a try I began writing
out bullet points to the key accounting concepts and explaining accounting
theories to Andrew and while he was benefiting from my teaching I was hoping
that I would be an equal benefactor come exam time the next day we got together
again to study and as they began explaining more ideas to Andrew I found
that the material was becoming easier and easier to recall which made me
hopeful that this technique would solve my memory woes then the day of the final
exam finally arrived and I sat at my desk hopeful that the 50-50 method would
work but I was still nervous giving a disappointment of my previous exam as a
teacher gave me my exam I flipped it over and began to tackle question after
question it was as if the concepts were jumping from my brain right onto the
page as I whizzed through the exam being one of the first in my class to finish
as I left the exam I met up with Andrew outside class and he shared with me that
he had blanked on his exam he explained that he had read the materials a
thousand times yet he still couldn’t recall anything when he was handed the
exam then I smiled looked his way and said don’t worry I can help you with
that thanks for watching if you want to learn more skills to become a boss and
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