How to Read a Musical Fake Book in the Key of E : Playing Composed Jazz Chords in E Major

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So now we’ve went through our beebop tune
and went through and got the melody down and the basic chords. So, I am going to go through
and play the melody with the chords and I’m going to improvise staying pretty much in
E major. And I’m going to use that one, three, five, one, three, and five in E major and
just use it motifically through the whole piece so you can hear how it goes. So, I’m
going to play the melody first. But, you’ll hear me using just those three notes and how
I use them rhythmically. So now I’m just going to use an E major scale. So just a quick run through with some simple
basic ideas that you can use for experimenting and getting your own improvisational techniques
down with your right hand.

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