How to Read a Musical Fake Book in the Key of E : Measures 15 & 16 of Playing a Jazz Song in E Major

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So we did the beginning of our piece, where
we go through the first three chords and then we go and take it out and you hit this G major
chord right here. And if you look at the melody we’re still reading in E so you have four
four three four, then a natural seven which is that D. Then it goes up to the two. And
then this is all just chromatic. So you got two natural two one seven natural seven six
and so on. Just going down chromatically. So you got that lick. It starts right here
on the seven. So if you
play it with the chords you have, G, B7. Which leads right into the… So it’s a nice simple
line but it’s cool just to take that chord. Remember the first three bars were right in
the key of E major and we just through a random key out of the key of E major and then went
right back in it with this five seven. And you can hear how the five seven chord, remember,
leads right back into one. You can hear it wants to go. You can really hear that tension.
So we use that five seven as a pivot chord to start the tune. We’re right at the beginning
of the first A section.

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