How to Read a Musical Fake Book in the Key of E : Measures 13 & 14 of Playing a Jazz Song in E Major

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So now we’ve made it to our last A section.
Which just has this nice sweet melody. It goes right back to E major. Melody just goes
three two one seven three. And then you got sharp three to four, so you got this nice…
So it’s just a nice simple melody and then you have seven one two leading into the next
part, which we’ll go over in a minute. But really just take that in. In the last A I
want to change the melody, have something nice, simple and sweet. Then the chord change are nice simple one
major then it goes to the three minor, here G sharp minor then your six minor, C sharp
minor. So nice basic chords our of the key, staying in the key with this nice fat melody.

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