How to Predict Test Questions | LBCC Study Skills


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40 thoughts on “How to Predict Test Questions | LBCC Study Skills”

  1. Mario otario says:

    thanks a lot sir. this is really helpful.

  2. GurlPrincess says:

    Thank you for taking the time to do this!

  3. Amalli Beckham says:

    This guy is brilliant! Thanks

  4. 24kGoldenRocket says:

    All that I learned in College is how to read a book…

  5. Albert Ngwira says:

    You must be very great only two hours spent with you have boosted me into first class honours from a mere pass or fail. Thanks you guy please keep it up.

  6. ROMI1AAT says:

    Asking qs of chptr headings
    Divide page in half horizotally,write date,heading,textbook name,page no.
    Write in 2 margins who,what,where,why,how,when,why.Think up of 6+ qs that might be under the heading,read & see if answers are there,this helps conentration.Write answers on back side of paper.Make true /false,multiple choice or fill in the blanks,make copies & test urself in a few days

  7. ROMI1AAT says:

    SUMMARY Studying with group/partner-divide chptrs between people each person creates a quiz with answers on 1chptr approx.Meet & do quizes together,explain to others right answers if they skipped or got answer wrong.Have copies that partner(s) can use to test themselves again.Everybody must read all chptrs,make about 15qs per chapter

  8. Samir Chalise says:

    It Very very usefull for my study……..Thank you so much for sharing this video..I hope in future also this kind of video will help me in my study…………

  9. epistrophy99 says:

    is handout available

  10. ali al jassim says:

    Useful video I love it , the teacher deliver the lesson by easy way

  11. Jisha Joy says:

    u r great sir. I have never seen such teachers like you

  12. Silvers Rayleigh says:

    you suck

  13. Casara Wilson says:

    This guy is good, & funny. Sure did teach me a lot.

  14. Rosannasfriend says:

    thanks so much sir. You're almost single handedly responsible for how well I've been doing this semester(you and another channel I watch). 

  15. Jaime R. Cardenas says:

    Great study!

  16. MissKriekentaart says:

    I love this video serie, but let me just say "hehe the shirt and the sneakers"

  17. Abirami _ says:

    amazingly clear.Love it.

  18. Matthias Stephan says:

    7 people are emo

  19. kottai abbas mohamed says:

    I WANT a teacher like him

  20. Frosty says:

    i am taking an exam: I got predicted some of the question

  21. Jessica Texas says:

    I never liked school, but you sir make it so much fun to be there and be one of your students!

  22. Murtada Abuzaid says:


  23. Towid Khan says:

    I've watched all the Mr. Scott's video and these are the most useful, beneficial, enjoyable, and fun 15-20 hours I have spent in my life. Thank you Sir!

  24. Raymeester says:

    Is there anyone here who wish that they had this years ago?

  25. Caraaye Yare says:


  26. Zain Alabedien says:

    Super helpful!!!

  27. chipo kajau says:

    thank you soo much for these videos i have exams in November and they are helpful

  28. Josh says:

    Gee willikers I am so prepared

  29. طيبة الطيبة says:

    Thank u mr.scott .

  30. Sukhbir Sekhon says:

    how to study should be a subject in itself that is available to all students from age 11 onwards. good students pick up these hints as they grow up but even the best students would learn from these type of lessons. i still read passively a lot and sometimes skim whilst looking for somethng that may justify my beliefs and then realise i have not taken anything in and have to read it again. if you get it right first time it saves you so much time in long run.

  31. Grissom Rita says:

    You have made a huge impact in my life. Thank you !!!
    Often imitated but never duplicated, your one of a kind!!

  32. Uttam Gajjar says:

    If i would have managed to watch these videos by Prof. Scott earlie, confidently, my way of study, time mgmt, question prediction, exam preparation style and may be an overall way of Study cum living the life could have been easier and organised. Nevertheless, surely gonna adopt most of the things for rest of my life and I pass on most of the tricks to my kids. Simply amazing.

  33. Edwin Burrell says:

    Even though you have not mentioned your name. You are definitely about Teaching your subject. matter. Yes, I agree with someone else. This info would have benefitted me in my twenties while attending college and other levels of education…… WOW. My grades would have been far better. But, now as a seasoned student, I am encouraged to finish my endeavors in education. Who knows that I may end up in Medical School. Thank You very much.

  34. Juno Maranan says:

    Please! Please! Please! Give this man the Academy Award, Oscars trophy, Olympic Gold Medal for Outstanding/Phenomenal Teacher of the Millenium!

  35. Kimmie B. Walls says:

    I could’ve used this lecture 9- years ago, better yet during throughout junior to high school years due to having a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

  36. Jamie Liu says:

    I wanna go to Long Beach City College and send him some flowers!!!

  37. Louvenia Taylor says:

    Would this apply to classes such as anatomy and Physiology and Physiology?

  38. Eye Green says:

    Please, you don,t need to speak so much.People have a right to breath in & to think on what is all this for!Going crasy!

  39. Faissal Loussaief says:

    Spot on 🥇🥂🥇phenomenal teaching ways. Wonderful explanation, concise, easy to understand, thank you so much

  40. KARUGO WILSON says:

    Thank you for the information, about..
    Now…and more👋🏽👋🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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