How to Pick a Lock


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100 thoughts on “How to Pick a Lock”

  1. Andy says:

    HowToBasic got me here from how to unlock a locked door

  2. Filip Panovski says:

    She can pick my lock any time 🙂 Who is she anyway ?

  3. I Am Not A Fan says:

    Ugly arse

  4. Molerat Guy says:

    Okay but who has a hairpin in her bra?

  5. oxeaneyes says:

    I'm locked out of my house ooof

  6. pink orchid says:

    Why is she making such disgusting faces?

  7. Zenia Thycosen says:

    I’m watching this because my door is locked and my keys are inside. I have no paper clips. I don’t have a tension wrench. Guess I’m gonna be sitting here for a while

  8. KingVic Tv 15 says:


  9. I WillEatYou says:


  10. Jiya Narula says:

    Yes I definitely carry a wrench everywhere I go!🙃

  11. SUJAL MANNA says:


  12. Sugar 2G says:

    Okay one direction has more give but is that the correct direction????? Wtf????

  13. Emil says:

    Her face…

  14. Love GSD says:

    Pretty sure this can save me a lot money! Thanks!

  15. Sooo Kawaii says:

    Oblivion in real life

  16. Unown says:

    You have commited crimes against Skyrim and her people. What say in your defense? -guard

  17. MsShadows says:

    3 dogs are trapped in a room that locked itself…. this tutorial isn't very clear

  18. Wheres IOS says:


  19. Amber Smith says:

    Who else is locked out of their house

  20. corey thomas says:

    Thank You acient Egyptions love my people

  21. Yoshi1400 says:

    Oh yeah it’s great I won a tv doing it

  22. Weepeha Patene says:

    I hate the look of this ugly whore😂💯

  23. Mclovin says:

    My mom locked me out

  24. Aravind Girish says:

    I was watching Dragonball super. How did I get here?

  25. ?? says:

    If i don’t have a key why would I have these items 😂

  26. Qumicheecookie Pandacornbunnybutt says:

    So uhhh how am i sopposed to get my paper clip un-stuck?

  27. Robert Bîrdău says:

    Yeah , soooo fukin simple , right?

  28. Diana Martinez says:

    Other names for this video is “How to break in someone’s house by picking a lock”

  29. Hot Ice says:

    Turns out she was the lock hahaha

  30. Potater LMG says:

    thanks I was only level 4 you helped me so much!

  31. John Smith says:

    If you can do this to your door lock I would suggest you get new locks.

  32. Mahmoud Hassany says:

    2:10 she look like masterbating

  33. Wilson Fulgencio says:

    Try how to basic even faster than this.

  34. TheTfaass 12 says:

    yeah I definitely have tension wrench just something i casually carry around

  35. Em L_X says:

    Forgot my keys, but hey, at least I remembered my wrench 💁🏼‍♀️

  36. Walle brown says:

    You saved my workday, thank you

  37. Cosmo says:

    that woman seems like she's feeling some other things if you know what i'm saying amirite

  38. azar ghasemi says:

    soooo…she forgot her key but remembered to bring all that equipment?

  39. Ramzenator 21 says:

    Who just casually keeps a special wrench with them at all times?!?!?!?!

  40. Aliyah Young says:


  41. SiL says:

    Yes when you are locked outside your house you will somehow have a wrench to use to pick it

  42. Roman Millan says:

    Im just nine i wasent born yet

  43. Nightmare says:

    Ahh, I did this to my Bathroom door that was Locked, And I unlocked it. And then walked in my Parents doing it in the Shower

  44. Tame MeDown says:

    Why are video's like this even legal? I've been trying to find a pick proof deadbolt but with every lock I look into, there is a You Tube video of how to pick it. I give up! Basically, there is nothing a lock picking expert can't bypass. So very sad for the rest of us and very scary.

  45. Dragon Beast says:

    I remember watchinn this a long time ago

  46. /dev/etresevo says:

    You will need
    -a Lockpick skill of 75 or higher

  47. katarzyna sosnowska says:

    What if a crinimal that wants to open a door full diamonts waches this video

  48. Elizabeth Reynaldi says:

    My brother sent this to me

  49. Si Syazwan says:

    Thank you… I can now breaking in into any house 😳

  50. ion whooked says:

    howcast helping criminals since 2008

  51. ion whooked says:

    professional lock pick set for a professional burglar

  52. Funny TikToks Memes says:

    Now killer/murders/robbers/know how to get into my house

  53. Timothy Toth says:

    Give me a tie wrap and a little fishing line and I have yet to find a door lock I can't pick. It's easy and the ideal of breaking the lock to pick it is boneheaded. Buy a lot of door locks take them a part and put them back together. Install them on doors and pick them with tie wrap and fishing line. Once you learn how to do this you will be able to pick any door lock and 1-3 seconds. Now your less likely to damage the lock my way and keeping a small tie wrap and a little bit of fishing line in your wallet Is easy.

  54. Manny Mehrok says:

    And now I can begin my devil's life 😂

  55. Miguel Garcia says:

    So this video is incorrect, the deadbolt in the video is a smart lock which you CANNOT PICK, if they are going to at least attempt to show the proper way to pick a lock, they should at least use the proper locks, COMING FROM A LOCKSMITH

  56. BeloveTaeyeon says:

    Just in case we lost the key of our bedroom.

    Supernatural Season 14…episode 9 brought me here.

    Jack uses the internet to pick a lock.

  57. Sista Marina says:

    How do I get a rinch…?😢

  58. Kim Petras Archives says:

    unlock it – charli xcx (2017) colourized

  59. Roxxy Foxx says:

    I did this but instead of a wrench, I used a Bobby pin. Worked the same 🙂

  60. Jaqui FC says:

    como llegué aqui? help

  61. Jaqui FC says:

    y este contenido debería ser prohibido nmms v:

  62. Liv Schuster says:

    She looks like she’s having an orgasm

  63. Larvitar Dratini says:

    I watched this vid and picked my first lock like 4 mins later. It's super easy I thought there was no way I could do it but I figured it out with a single Bobby pin

  64. Ali Shaikh says:

    Then you realize that they used an OPEN lock and this vid is fake

  65. Nat is my Name says:

    So her burglars who’s house is next I mean I got pretty good stuff

  66. Jai-M says:

    Lockpick increased. also she looks really into it

  67. For the rebel cause says:

    Who keeps a tension wrench in their hair??

  68. DAVID & CARLIE says:

    EVRYONE!!! slow down the video when she opens the door there is no lock in that door she just wants you to view it, like it, and subscribe make sure you dislike it for that

  69. Swanay Mohanty says:

    rather than learning..I was lost in those beautiful eyes

  70. MineWit says:

    me: has this house for 10 years and opens the door tons of milions of times
    me: forgets keys

  71. Herman Boring says:

    90% thief watch this
    10% people watch this

  72. There is always a rainbow After a little rain says:

    She looks like she’s having too much fun

  73. There is always a rainbow After a little rain says:

    Who tf puts a paper clip in their bra

  74. NadrianATRS says:

    This isn’t even close to how easy it is to pick a lock. It isn’t

  75. Tyler George says:

    I'd like to pick her lock;)

  76. DOHA BEGHDI says:

    Should I be concerned that 15 M people watched this

  77. minet dbrogs says:

    Lol in ancient egypt……if locksmith didnt successfully open the king's chamber….he was thrown to crocodiles..

  78. wolfgear of worgens says:

    i used this to escape my room after the handle on the door broke

  79. B1ue 1emon says:

    Wait a second ill just get my wrentch from my hair..

  80. Carlisha Williams says:

    Her acting is cringey

  81. William Boivin-Villeneuve says:

    why is this turning me on!?

  82. ;] says:

    Who caries a paper clip in their brah

  83. Alex Dalex says:

    if you think that 16 mln views are interested in picking their OWN locks – you're f…g lunatics!!!

  84. Rexha Cabello says:

    Who has a tension wrench on hand answer no one

  85. Irene Arisa says:

    That woman's facial expressions were gold

  86. Ronaldo Fan says:

    why.. are.. you.. watching.. this.. video? 😉

    jk lol

  87. Privateer 908 says:

    Ok you do not start from the end to the front, you have to feel which pin gives the most resistance.

  88. The Magical Man of Mystery says:

    Who knew The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion would teach me how to lockpick

  89. GravityFallsFan says:

    Guys wikihow teaches you how to make a tension wrench with a bobby pin or paperclip

  90. HyperNek0 says:

    for personal reasons, can this be used to pick the lock of the toilet paper holder in a public restroom?

  91. elvenren says:

    Managed to somehow lock myself in-house officeroom..-

  92. FLX says:

    shes got a vibrating bullet up her snatch in this vid lol

  93. riki viki says:

    thanks for waisting 2:24 minutes of my life. at least she is a good puss.

  94. Joseph Leogrande says:

    This reminds me on how to open the door to the motorman cab on a NYC Subway train because the foggy film prevents you seeing in the cab and the train operator. How to pick a lock will especially work on the R160 and R188 subway car fleet as MTA skeleton locks are easy to pick and hopefully Andy Byford has no idea

  95. Dale's Channel says:

    Criminals: Thanks

  96. Bongs237 says:

    Instructions unclear, the lock picked me

  97. Shyra Pedro says:

    She looks thirsty

  98. John Lapinski says:

    I absolutely love how they had no latch in the deadbolt

  99. Aahrxn says:

    Thank you , I seen that my neighbor had gotten a nice gold statute in his living room wish me luck !

  100. Em L_X says:

    Lost my keys ..

    least I remembered my tension wrench

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