How to Organize Craft Items


Hi guys welcome back to call clutter fairy where I help you get clutter free with just 10 minutes a day It’s almost the holidays It’s my favorite time of year And it’s when I really like to go into my craft area Look up all the pinterest items that i’ve been pinning for the year and make something special for my friends family and loved ones Except if you’re like me you’ve been accumulating little things that you go, oh I can make something out of that Maybe it’s just me, but I never end up making those items If you’re like me you have all of those items and a little crafting graveyard you had every intention on making it But you never did and seriously, maybe that is just me But here’s my suggestion Take that timer set it for 10 minutes and really be honest if you’re not gonna make something out of it this Holiday season get rid of it take it to your local crafters Recycle Center let somebody else make a good use out of that Item if you still think you might use it for spring Set a date on it and when that date comes if you haven’t used it get rid of it But be honest with those supplies. I have gone through scrapbooking I’ve gone through paper making I went through a little phase and making those wooden blocks Which I still love, but the reality is is I haven’t touched those supplies in over three years I know my local school church youth group Artist Center could be using those and making amazing things out of them so before the holidays get us down and get work It’s so busy that we can’t accomplish this get to it ten minutes get through your crafting area And then if you’re able to make something out of it send me a picture I’d love to see what you made out of it Like subscribe and comment below on what area you’d like help too cluttering, and I will see you next week. Bye you

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12 thoughts on “How to Organize Craft Items”

  1. Almost Forever Beauty says:

    I have so many crafts sitting in the craft graveyard. I'm definitely going to be implementing these tips!

  2. Almost Forever Beauty says:

    I desperately need home business office organization tips and how to organize a massive make up hoard 😂

  3. Career Makeover Academy says:

    Great advice! But, OMG, not sure I could part with some of my items. I'm good with everything except kitchen toys and craft supplies. It's gotten so bad I was thinking about starting a Youtube channel JUST about switching watercolor mediums, hahaha. 

    Thanks for the food for thought, Norrine. I really do have some stuff I should donate or sell. It would make my time in the craft room less stressful for sure!

  4. Katarina H. says:

    It is very difficult to get rid of my craft supply! I would say this is impossible for me! I love my crafts too much.

  5. Roman Ryder says:

    Really great tips! I'm in the process of organizing my outdoor gear right now. There is definitely a lot of stuff in there that I had planned to do something with so this will help. Thanks!

  6. Lakeside Table says:

    OMG! I need this soooo bad! Great tips! You are adorable and I love your presentation style 😃

  7. Sam Bearfoot says:

    Great video Clutter Fairy!

  8. EssentialOils Gangsta says:

    i love the idea of setting a timer. Thanks for another great video

  9. Nadine Frandsen says:

    Craft Graveyard, lol. Our basement is half full of my craft and hobby supplies. My husband calls the basement my "Crap Room"😳 Hahaha!

  10. Nadine Frandsen says:

    Craft Graveyard, lol. Our basement is half full of my craft and hobby supplies. My husband calls the basement my "Crap Room"😳 Hahaha!

  11. Renee Larner says:

    I love your videos. I have a feeling that I'm going to be donating some craft supplies.
    Thank you!!💞💞

  12. Denise Lush says:

    it is NOT just you! lol

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