How to order books using the Koha Online Catalog.

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Hello and welcome to the Koha cart tutorial. The purpose of the tutorial is to demonstrate
how to use the cart feature in the Koha catalog. We will begin at the Smith library website
which is located at Scroll down to the one search area and click
on the book tab. Click on the click here to access Smith library’s catalog and this will
open up the Koha catalog website. We will begin by logging into our account. Click on the login and enter your student email information and the password for that email account. We will begin by clicking in the search area and entering our search criteria. In this example we will
use Follower First Leadership and then click go. A list of results matching the search criteria is now displayed. To add items to your cart simply click on
the add to cart you will see this item has been added to your cart the message will display
and the count will be incremented by one. To add multiple items at one time decide which
ones you want and click in the check box to the left. When you have all that you want, at
the top of the list next to the ‘With Selected Items’ click on the drop down and click cart. Two items have been added to your cart will be displayed and then the number that you
have added will be incremented to the cart. Click on the drop down. Click on items in your cart and
this will open up your cart window display. There are several features available on the screen. There is more details where you can toggle on and off to see more detailed information
about each item in your cart, including notes and bibliographies. Click on the brief display
and this will toggle it back off. The next feature is the send button. Click on this and it will open it up and your window will display ‘sending to your cart’. You want to send the cart to
the [email protected] and indicate if you want us to pull the books and have them on hold for you to pick up on campus or we could check the books out for you and mail them to your home address
at no charge. This service is available only to current online students living in the US
including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. In the comments area, enter your student ID, your name, and your address. Click the send button and a message will be displayed that your
cart has been sent to the library. Click the close window. The next feature available, you
can select or clear all items in the cart. You can print the cart, or you can click the ’empty and close’ and this will empty everything in the cart and close the window. Click ‘OK’, and you have completed your cart ordering process. Please feel free to contact the library by
email at [email protected] Submit a question and a librarian will get back to you as soon
as possible. Or by phone, give us a call at 770 484-1204 ext 5756. Or click on the chat
box. Or come visit us in person on campus and we will be happy to help you!

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