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first how to chop an onion this is the root that’s absolutely crucial leave that on there you cut that off the onion will start to bleed and you’ll start crying rapidly slice go forward that weight of the knife do the work three fingers one in front two behind and this part of the knuckle is gonna guide the knife fingers on top of the onion point the knife towards the root and try to get as close to the root as possible nice long stroke and then push the onion back together push the knife halfway in to the onion slightly tilt the knife down one at the top and then gripping the onion like a tennis ball holding it together in place with the weight of the blade to cut through that onion to get to the base of the root again turn it round up and down motion and that’s what we left there no waste just the root and look there you’ve got a really nice finely chopped onion basmati rice the king of all Rice’s light fluffy delicious and I’m going to show you how to cook it perfectly now start off with 400 grams of rice rice in spot-on something to do now is just rinse off the dust and start cold water always and is rinse the rice that stops the rice from becoming clumpy in the pan and allowed it yummy nice light and fluffy once it’s cooked rice into the pan now to make a plain fluffy rice exciting we’re going to choose it three cardamom pods and just get the pods and just pierce them so it allows all that flavor to come out cardamom pods and then star anis now these are beautiful whole star anis it makes it really nice and fragrant salt and pepper lot easier to season the rice now then it is once it’s cooked we start to break up when you season once it’s cooked now basically one part rise to one and a half part water six hundred mils always started off in cold water cold water in onto the gas lid on bring it up to the ball as quick as possible and turn it down and let it simmer for eight to ten minutes and that’s the secret behind cooking great rice allow it to steam as it’s cooking do not lift that lid up lid off mmm it smells aromatic basically all the waters absorbed the rice has doubled in size and is nice and light and fluffy take the star in ease out the cardamom pods the all should have risen to the top pods out take your fork fluff it through basically just sort of starts to open thing back up once you’ve fought you through becomes really nice and light and fluffy and there that is perfectly cooked rice this is basically a fileted side of salmon it’s been taken off the bone and now skin off pick up your knife a really nice broad flexible affinity knife little sharpen lift up the base of the tail and then just Nick a little bit at the end there twist the knife almost as if it’s horizontally underneath the salmon pull the skin and you slice the salmon underneath and let the knife do the work now get your skin flip it back over and check your not leaving too much salmon on top of the skin pull it back nice and slowly get the skin wrap it around your fingers pull the salmon towards you and then just all the way through lay that down one nicely skinned salmon just like a perfect snake skin get your knife and just run the knife down and then with a pair of tweezers these are fish tweezers but you can use normal tweezers look for the head up and pull and with the skin being removed from underneath the salmon the pin bones come out a lot easier the pin bones only go to just basically halfway along the Filat one nice fill it of salmon beautiful it’s far harder working in the kitchen with a blunt knife than it is with a sharp knife the secret behind keeping a sharp knife sharpen it before and every time you use it first grip the steel feel really come to about holding still imagine you’re holding a tennis racket or you’re playing squash gotta be really comfortable with it now 45 degrees confident grip confident grip with a knife this is the butt of the steel really important to keep your fingers behind there you never grip US Steel with your fingers over that because the knife comes back in you just lost a finger always grip behind nice long strokes so we get the whole of the blade over steel stroke and we start from the bottom to the top so there across there across throw strokes over the top of the steel and then come back in to meet send back underneath it is so dangerous working in the kitchen with a blunt knife you can cause so much damage working with a sharp knife is ten times quicker more efficient now that’s ready to start chopping it can be easily undercooked or overcooked here’s how to do it properly first water in nice large pan to make sure that passes got sufficient room to cook evenly nicely seasoned absolutely crucial olive oil in that stops the pasta from sticking together reach up to the ball that’s the rolling boil the secret there it stops the pass from sticking together and it gently rolls it around now this is angel passed a nice thin pasta takes 304 minutes so into the pan there’s a hits the water it melts and then you turn it round tongs as that starts to melt gently twist that into the pan bring it back up to the boil if your better timing then set a timer beautiful to test it lift a little strand and you actually feel it with your fingers still nice and firm mmm I’ll dente not a bite not a strong buy but just really nice and firm inside definitely not crunchy and then into a colander drain the pasta in a light seasoned salt and pepper a tablespoon of olive oil mix that through that stops it from sticking together and look there you go beautiful pasta al dente mmm cook perfectly let’s give me a little raise okay and let’s get cooking and shall we that’s a big one

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100 thoughts on “How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills – Gordon Ramsay”

  1. Ginny Gin Gins says:

    Yuck. I love Gordon Ramsay, but I do not care for star anise. He lost me on that one. Rice is delicious! No need for that mess unless there's a specific dish it accents

  2. Acean HUN says:

    The roots are literally the first thing I chop off from an onion

  3. litbirb says:

    to cook rice you need: your finger, rice cooker, rice and water

  4. Noemi virginia Lopez torres says:

    Chef me encanta ud es el hermoso verle cocinar.dios lo bendiga

  5. Dietista De Pérdida De Peso says:

    You help me so much thank so much

  6. Anthony T says:

    Al arroz de falta secar

  7. Sebastian Burgos Norambuena says:

    Mientras hace la pasta esta que se orina???

  8. Mj traje says:

    The rice does not look floppy fuck you

  9. John Timmons says:

    He really should cut back on his liquid intake before filming these….

  10. Mr.Carrot Channel says:

    Love it.

  11. Sabari Girish says:

    the rice is not perfectly cooked

  12. Sebastian Randall says:

    Gordon jumps around like he has to use the bathroom

  13. Isabel Benítez says:

    Gordon mándame un saludo e encanta tu energía 😘

  14. ayreesh jey says:

    Hindi marunong magsaing si Gordon Ramsay

  15. Ceroz Twat says:

    "cut your fingers"

  16. Bla Fasel says:

    Apparently for the thousandth time in these comments: You don't put oil in pasta water! In the best case, the pasta is at the bottom, the oil is on top, they greet each other from afar and nothing happens. In the worst case, the oil actually meets the pasta, and closes its rough surface. The resulting pasta won't take up the sauce as good as without the oil. Your dish will not taste as good. To keep the pasta from sticking together, there is this very secret trick: Stir it around after putting it into the water, stupid! Also, for Italian taste Gordon didn't put enough salt into the water. It's supposed to taste like sea water. For 100g of pasta use 10g of salt and 1l of water. You can get away with less water but then you need to be more careful and stir a bit more to prevent the pasta from sticking together.

  17. Faizah Ibnat says:

    The desi in me is cringing at the rice. That's not how you cook rice!!!

  18. Cabanexo Nemet oure Saxas says:

    Oil in the pasta water…¿?¿
    😱 noooooooo..

  19. Penguin Mina says:

    its 3:30am and here i am watching this video

  20. Josue Galvez says:

    Love it straight to the point and excellent techniques i like your knife!

  21. Satchury says:

    Bob ross but with a knife

  22. alan murphy says:

    I know to him is so easy chopping an onion but I could never too them fine like that without having large small chunks of onion with blood mixed in

  23. Gabriel Barreto says:

    In Brasil, first we fry the rice with onions, garlic, oil and salt before before cook it in water…

  24. sheeeple says:

    Shitty camera work

  25. Yashpal Yashpal says:

    Bullshit,, and why you are dancing during talking ☝️☝️

  26. Il Paparino OnTheRoad says:

    Chef! Let cook pasta to Italian’s chef…
    That’s not pasta 😂

  27. gerald lamothe says:

    Gordon…Your salmon is fucking raw…Also…You never ever put oil when pasta is cooking,only after when it's cooked you fuckin' retard!!!Gordon is not a top chef, he's a fucking showman…Wake up people!!!Any fucking chef can do what he does with the right coaching…All you need in your vocabulary is,fuck,fuck off and donkey,and if you're inclined to show your arse from time to time,you to can become the next Gordon Ramsay…

  28. Piero Nardini says:

    You do not have any idea about how to cook pasta perfectly, trust me

  29. Piero Nardini says:

    And you don't even know what does "al dente" mean, you don't know it at all

  30. Conner Broeker says:

    Me: Please Gordon no I have a family don't do this
    Gordon Ramsey: I'm sorry but you didn't put salt and pepper on your food

  31. michael ramirez says:

    Gordon: seasons water to cook pasta
    Also Gordon: seasons pasta
    And Gordon: seasons plate to place pasta

  32. andrea esposito says:

    The minute of the lamb sauce recipe???

  33. MJ K says:

    Camera people: ur done now.

    gordon ramsay: finally you f**king donkeys

  34. Liwag Gaming says:

    Di marunong magsaing

  35. Xyphan says:

    When Gordon explains he's always dancing

  36. Sameera Grg says:

    He is very energetic person .with straight though so we love him

  37. RecordbyChance says:

    If you think basmati rice is the king of all rices, then you don't know anything about rice!

  38. grzegorz zielonka says:

    I think that using olive oil while cooking pasta its not a greate idea beacause the sauce will not stick to it properly e.g. carbonara

  39. Jeroen Elsen says:

    Does anyone know where you can get peeled onions like that?

  40. Random Animations says:

    So basically listen to ur mother when she teaches you how to cook

  41. Eden Francis says:

    U waste too much water. Consider washing ur rice in a bowl.

  42. alphamon oryuken says:

    un maestro 😀

  43. fuqen gewgl says:

    that onion cutting was fucking revolutionary for me

  44. 田中健二 says:


  45. Mike Smith says:

    cooking rice – so once the lid goes on just listen for it to boil and then when it does turn it down to about 2 on the dial for 8 – 10 minutes?

  46. This Is Not Zull says:

    You cook pasta with olive oil so it not stick with each other and the sauce slip from the pasta.. best why is just don't add olive oil or any oil.

  47. Michelangelo Pagano says:

    Quella la chiami pasta?Hahahahahah

  48. Pinkachumoo says:

    Can someone please explain why I was crying when he was cutting the onion I’m so confused

  49. nat theis says:

    if you would like to watch someone make a total fool of themselves while making brussel sprouts, please watch my most recent video!!! and the only reason i'm commenting this is because i spent way too long editing it for only 20 people to watch!!!

  50. Berelahalba says:

    You overcooked the rice

  51. Berelahalba says:

    Yo much fucking oil in the pasta Jesus… Oil in the water oil in the pasta wtf

  52. Kurt Borchers says:

    Italian chefs will tell you never put oil in with the pasta. pasta dishes are always finished in the sauce and it the pasta's coated with oil, then the sauce cannot be absorbed by the pasta and it won't have any flavor.

  53. kym ً says:

    did gordon just taught me how to cook rice?!

  54. kym ً says:

    did gordon just taught me how to cook rice?!

  55. HCkev says:

    Usually chefs tell us to not use oil when cooking pastas as it makes the sauce slide away from the pastas

  56. Carol Hanson says:

    With almost 24 million views, this guy must be pretty good!

  57. Haycent Saber Dalisay says:

    He teaches better than my 'professional teacher'

  58. Patrick Bearneza says:

    ramsay: how to cook rice perfectly……..

    asians: we dont do that here

  59. Ian Waithaka says:

    0:28 when she asks what you bring to the table

  60. CrossChannelFairy says:

    I understand that Gordon has several Michigan Scars.

  61. Richard albert Bulandan says:

    Watch Filipono how to debone fish faster 🙂

  62. Noé Guéroult says:

    The cameraman 😅🤮

  63. AllVie says:

    Nice share 👍👍👍👍

  64. laugarola says:

    Ojalá que hubiera más youtubers como tú. Muchas gracias por compartir tus conocimientos. Ya tienes una suscripción más.
    Un beso, Laura

  65. alessandro pavinato says:

    No one in Italy would do such a stupid thing as wasting precious oil into water. The oil will stay on top of the water and never meet pasta. To avoid sticking, just stir the pasta gently once every 3-4 minutes.
    The fact that he's Gordon Ramsay doesn't mean that all he says is right.

  66. Kaique Tredezini says:

    Esse arroz tá todo errado. Arroz vai alho e sal. Só! Única coisa certa aí foi a água no fogo alto e depois abaixar com a panela tapada sempre pra ficar soltinho.

  67. Sshhh Trouble says:

    My grandmother would test if pasta was done by throwing it at the wall. If it sticks it's done I guess. Never tried it. Probably won't.

  68. Samantha Greene says:

    This just changed my life lol

  69. Edward Evans says:

    I've been pronouncing pasta wrong this entire time. It's "Pahsta"

  70. James Michael says:

    First , do some blow. And then grab an onion.

  71. Chess The Peasant says:

    “Pass tah”

  72. wroughtirony says:

    Ease up on the coke before the next video

  73. ephraim flores says:

    You seasoned the rice. What in the actual freak are you doing, Gordon!?

    We Asians do it simple yet it's beyond perfect than that.

    When you season the rice with salt and pepper you are ruining the slightly sweet natural flavor of it.

    I don't understand why Europeans are fond of adding salt and pepper to basically anything even in rice, oh my word!

  74. Julio Ortiz says:

    That rice was bad.. sorry.. is just 1 cup rice and 1 of water.. not one and a half..

  75. Dawinder pal says:

    Sat nd peppa😜

  76. Nowyourenraged Troll terror says:

    Ramsay is full of himself he is slow as fuck and has only basic cooking skills.

  77. Afeef Al hasnain says:


  78. HillBird says:

    Italians will laugh at you when you put Olive oil on a boiling water.

  79. liliankill says:

    How to make "brazilian" rice: chop a quarter of a smal onion (just like in te video) and a small garlic cove, put some extra virgin olive oil in a pan and saute it (first, the onions, till it's transparent, then add the garlic, just for a minute). Add a cup (part) of rice, saute it along with the onion and the garlic, just for a minute. Add 2 cups (parts) of water (not hot), add salt to the whole thing (not too much, something around a tea spoon – taste the water while you do it – it should taste nice, not very salty) and wait till it's boiling. Dimish the fire, cover the pan half way, wait for the water to dry. It's ready (around 20 minutes).

  80. rrs says:

    Alton Brown says adding oil to the pasta cooking water is a waste of oil and time. He says that once the pasta is cooked and drained you can add a splash of oil to keep it from sticking together.

  81. Angel whiss del universo 7 C.definitiva says:


  82. Sara 24 says:

    Te quiero mucho gordon ramzay❤

  83. Aaron JUones says:

    Thanks Gordon for kick starting my love for cooking. I didn't know how cathartic an home cooked meal could be. Thanks Chef.

  84. Ziggy Azupardo says:

    When you're asian, and Gordon Ramsey still cooks rice better than you.

  85. Adrian Celis says:

    ¡¡¡¡ Larga vida al chef !!!!

  86. Don Juan De marco says:

    I can't get enough of Chef Ramsey. I watch kitchen nightmares, hotel hell, and now his cooking shows. I think I'm addicted

  87. Krzysiek Mastalerz says:

    I don't think you should use olive oil to cook pasta, this would make most sause slip from it rather than coat it. Other than that, love the channel helps a lot 🙂

  88. Des Pacito says:

    just use a ricer cooker

  89. Labatomi says:

    My dominican mom just asked me what the fuck he was putting and doing to that poor rice lol.

  90. JAKEY 259 says:

    Anyone get this In there recommend 3 years later

  91. cars lovers says:

    Cooking Education Teaching International Confectionery

  92. JiminsJams says:

    Me :

    tries to make cereal

    some how burns kitchen down

  93. Mahee Phoenix says:

    My mom also put water double the quantity of rice…I think it depends on the type of rice and also how old the rice are.

  94. Ján Polakovič says:

  95. Eves Kitchen says:

    I love it, cooking is a wonderful art.

  96. Val Cat says:

    Gordon you should know that adding oil to the pasta while cooking will later prevent the sauce from sticking to the cooked pasta.

  97. LRBLFC says:

    How to grill lettuce?

  98. First Red says:

    American people have a habit to waste their food..

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