How To Make Money With Storage Auctions! (Crates of Books!)

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Hey good morning everybody everyday I’m
hustling but I got a storage locker I got to show you guys so here we go they
said this one is ten foot by twenty and you look down the hallway and you know
how did they do that so they pop it off I liked it because it had lots of crates
find out kind of like internet dating you see like okay there’s a wall of
crates and boxes but wait for it there’s more space and more stuff over there so
I have my work cut out for me now this is just 10 feet deep here’s your 20 we
got us another wall full of crates over there so I’ve got a couple of trips cut
out for me and I’m gonna get to work keep you posted hard-working hustle it
works when I work I’ll tell you back at it I’ve got two loads out got to do
another job later tonight so this is gonna be my last one today probably got
to finish up tomorrow but I’ll show you the truck just gotta hustle
so like a you guys saw is mostly like boxes and crates which may be easy to
fill it up so got everything in there so it won’t fall out and then I got a spot
at the house garage and we’ll figure out what it was set aside the books to check
later and other items to sell I have a yard sale in a couple of weeks
anyway it’s all out there to do pay your bills don’t get your stuff taken and if
you so nothing but hard work but you can definitely find things to sell and
make some extra money have a good day kids
good morning on my way to get more books don’t videotape and drive all right back
at it you can see it got a lot out almost done hard work I like it though
alright this is what a 10 by 20 looks like when it’s clean now to get that
deposit back so there you have and been to a storage
auction in a while went to storage treasures pick one up turn by 10 by 20 250
bucks I like to sell books right now I needed more stuff for a yard sale so
consequently I got me enough stuff for a yard sale and in the days ahead I’ll go
through the books and see what’s good for flipping and I’ll get the rest
donated and we just keep on moving to the next one if I can do this stuff you
can do this stuff you can go to yard sales
check Craigslist free pick up stuff flip it it’s a nice little side income I’m
having fun with this most of all I got an understanding wife partner thank you
dear love you guys enjoy get out there and hustle you want something go get it
don’t sit on the sofa watching Netflix all day or playing some game for like 18
hours get to work go get it see you on the next one!!!!

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