How to Make a Paperback Book Caddy : Where to Position Velcro for a Paperback Book Caddy

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Hi! I’m Karen for Expert Village. Now let’s
place and sew our Velcro. I have 4 pieces of Velcro with the hook and the loop size.
They’re all 2 1/2 inches long. I’m going to place them on the 4 corners of our book cover
caddy. I’m putting the loop section here right in the corner, right along the edge, and as
far to the corner as you can be, and just put a pin right in there like that. Then take
the loop side and place it right next to it along the edge, close along the edge and pin
it in place. This is so that when the cover is folded over, the Velcro will stick together
and hold that in place. Do that on all 4 corners. You want to place it as careful as you can.
After we have them all placed, we’ll be sewing them in place. I’m putting the loop section
on the outside of the corners and the hook section on the inside portion here. Okay. Now, we’ve got them all in place, and
let’s sew them on the machine.

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