How to Make a Paperback Book Caddy : Materials for a Bedside Paperback Book Caddy

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Hi! I’m Karen for Expert Village. To make
our bedside book caddy, we need a pillowcase. Any size will be fine; king, queen, or standard.
It doesn’t matter. This is a standard queen. The first thing you want to do is press it
so that it’s nice and flat and easy to work with. Get those edges nice and straight. Then we’re going to pin the top closed, and
we’ll be sewing that. Just put a few pins in there to hold that closed. Then you want to fold it up. You can fold
it up as much as you want. I’m going to fold mine up 8 inches. 8 inches is a good amount
to put a paperback book in like this. You can make this any way you want. If you want
deeper pockets you can fold it up more. You just want to make sure that you have plenty
of extra on the top to tuck into your mattress, because that’s what’s going to hold it in
place. You’re going to tuck this excess material on top in between you box spring and your
mattress. You want to line that pocket that you’ve made up. Line it up nice and straight.
You can press it again. It’s a lot easier to sew things if you prepress them. It sort
of holds it in place. Then you want to decide what kind of pockets you’re going to have.
I would like to have a big enough pocket to hold maybe a paperback book and then maybe
a larger book. I’m not going to put my pocket right down the middle. I think I’ll put it
right here. I’m going to pin. My pillowcase happens to be striped and I can sew right
on that line, or you would simply mark a line where you want to sew your pocket. Put some
pins in there to hold it. Now we’ll go to our sewing table.

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