How to Make a Paperback Book Caddy : How to Sew Edges for a Paperback Book Caddy

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Hi! I’m Karen for Expert Village. I have our
2 rectangles of a fleecy fabric. Any kind of fabric that you can cut and leave the edges
raw without them fraying, so felt or the fleecy fabric. Sometimes some of the fake suedes
and things like that will work also. It is 15 inches by 9 inches, and you want 2 of those
pieces. First, we’re going to sew our 2 sides together. I’ve threaded my needle with embroidery
thread. We’re just going to do a simple in and out stitch. My outside is going to be
my light side, so I’m putting my knot in the back by the brown side. I’m doing a simple
in and out stitch. It’s decorative, it’ll look pretty going all around. It’ll give it
a nice hand sewn look and it’s an easy stitch to do. Just go in and out and just pull it
taut. You don’t want to pull too tight or it bunches it up, just enough to hold. You
can go in and out a few times and then pull the thread through like that. If you use a
contrasting color like I am, you get a nice looking stitch. It gives it a little bit of
handmade flavor there. I’m just going in and out, in and out all the way across. We’ll
do that on both sides. You get a knot and you just pull that out. When you get to then
end you put a knot. I want to end on the back side and then I’ll knot it there. Just take
a little of the fabric, put your needle through again one more time. You get a loop, hold
it with your finger, put your needle through that loop, and then grab this loop and pull
it down. Pull that loop down. Now, put your needle through that loop again and grab this
new loop and pull that down. Then if you pull your needle all the way, you’ve got a good
firm knot that won’t come out and you can trim close to that. There’s one side, and
now we’ll do the other side the same way.

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