How to Make a Paperback Book Caddy : How to Iron a Paperback Book Caddy

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Hi! I’m Karen for Expert Village. Now we want
to press this nice and flat and square. It’s to get the seams to come out all the way nice
and square. You should moisten your fingers. Just lick them a little bit with your fingers
to moisten, and kind of grab the seam allowance and roll that out as far as it’ll come out
so you have a nice square seam. Right down to the edge and then you press. Press along
that edge with steam iron. Do the same here. Just moisten your fingers and roll. If you
want you can also pull the seam allowance apart and then kind of fold it, fold it down.
Now, when you come to that opening that we left, see right there. You want to pull the
seam allowance, roll the seam allowance all the way out, and then kind of put taunts.
You get a good straight line between the two seams and press that. Work your way down to
the edge rolling out that seam so you get the full amount of the fabric, and then pressing
it nice and flat. Now, if you don’t think that you’ve got your corner quite poked out
enough, you could put a pencil with the eraser end into the hole and just work your way into
the corner and give that a good push. Any corners that you feel that you haven’t pulled
quite enough you can do that on. We’ll roll this seam out like that. You just kind of
work it out. You push it all the way out to the edge and then press. Then we’ll press
along the folded edge also so we get a nice crisp flat piece of fabric, and that will
be the cover of our caddy. Next, we’re going to top stitch around the edge.

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