How to Make a Paperback Book Caddy : Final Sewing for a Paperback Book Caddy

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Hi! I’m Karen for Expert Village. Okay, to
finish up you want to knot sort of on the inside here so you don’t have that knot sticking
up. Just grab a little bit of material in there and catch the loop, pull the other loop,
go through again, pull that loop down. We’ll go through one more loop and pull that down
to end and snip off our knot. Okay, now we’re finished. You can make this exactly the same
and you can make it to any size book that you want. You just want to make sure that
when you measure it out that you have an overlap. I’m going to fit our book in here. You just
tuck the book flaps into the cover like so, and there’s our nice paperback book caddy.
You can grab your book and go anywhere you want. You can read online, stop and read in
the bus, whatever you like. It’s ready to go.

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