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Francisco? You ok? *sobbing* Francisco! What is it? -I want to make my own cartoons, but I don’t know how. I know what will cheer you up. -I am pretty depressed. I know, I know. I have a feeling that you’ve forgotten what day it is. Today is Wacky Wednesday. -You know what that means! We are going to make Francisco! Hey. Want to learn how to make some cartoons? Oh. My. Dog. I am so pumped to make cartoons that I’m going to slam my face against this table. So here’s what you need. You need a boring post sticky thing. These things. -I always call them “fdsuhgifsudhfds”. That’s the French term for them. -Wow. I’ve never heard the unabbreviated version. We’re gonna put one little dot on the bottom there So you start at the back. Start at the back okay? And then you want to take the next one. You can kind of see the little dot kind of through the paper. So you kind of trace! But you don’t want to trace the exact same dot you want to trace just slightly next to it. Okay, so it moves a little bit? Yes, it moves a little bit, exactly. And you want to make it a little bit bigger, okay? And then you’re gonna keep repeating that so the next one’s going to come down You’re going to make it bigger and just a little closer to the other side Okay, so if you keep going like this, right, I’ll show you what it can look like, okay? Are you ready? So you want to flip it like this! -What!? You see? The circle’s moving! -All you do is just draw a bunch of circles and then it looks like it’s moving? Then it looks like it’s moving. -I think I’m getting the concept. Yeah, it’s kind of like a flip book cartoon. Once you’ve mastered the circle Okay, you can try other things like this weird blob man. SICK! He’s kind of doing this, you know, cartwheel! There’s this fun Head-explody guy whose head exploded. It’s real pretty cool right? -Yeah, I love things that explode. Kim, you have just made my day. Well that was what I was trying to do Francisco. -Are you the earth rotating fdsjhuiafsdjfb? Yeah, that was a little French. When I start speaking French I can’t stop, you know? That is amazing. Kids, you can now make your own cartoons at home if you have boring sticky yellow pads. Also, when your teachers aren’t looking you could probably do it in your school textbooks too. -Don’t do that. -Do it, do it. – Do it! -Thank you for watching! Please SUBSCRIBE! Francisco STOP!

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