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– [Mark] Welcome to another
Boostly tutorial video. My name is Mark Simpson. I am the founder of Boostly, and today, I am going to walk you through how to get the most out of Now this is a video
which will go alongside the blog that is on the Boostly website. If you want to go and read that, you simply go to, how to get the most from, or if you just Google
search Boostly, and it’s the first one that
appears in the search engine. So we’re gonna cover
everything that I spoke about in this blog, this is by far
one of the most popular things that I have written for the website. It gets a lot of people visit and I do a video to accompany it and we’re just gonna go over every point I touched on there and to show you some other cool little tips and tricks as well. So as we all know, and as I mentioned right
at the very top here, why is the most popular online travel agent or OTA in the UK. A third of all our leisure travellers will use this website to book a hotel, which is crazy, one in
every three booking. So think about it right now. Your property that you have, say that you have a
10-bedroom guest house, or BNB, or hotel, at least three people stay in your property right now will have
come to you via So it’s really important that if you want your property to be a success, if you want to get those heads on beds, if you want to be visible
on the biggest and most powerful marketing channel
there is right now in the UK, you have to pay attention to It is a necessary evil. I know they have their downfalls. I know that they have their shortcomings, but quite simply, if you’re not on here, then you’re missing out. The reason why so many
people and so many hoteliers and guest house owners
and holiday (mumbles) have such a bad experience
with is that they fail to do the
simple things right at setup. By doing that, and by not keeping updated, it’s where the problems happen. It’s not your fault,
it’s purely and simply that nobody has ever
been, nobody’s ever been to show you how to do it. This is why I start up Boostly, is just to show you how
to do the Internet right so it stops all these mishaps and it just makes life a whole lot easier. I’m gonna walk you through a few things. I would love to get your
feedback after the end of it, so please message me, or you
can email [email protected] and Boostly is B-O-O-S-T-L-Y. Alright, let’s get started. This is the page that I’m gonna use. My property as an example, this is the Grainary Farm Stay in Scarborough. I always find that it is really important, that whenever you’re doing anything, whether it’s a website or
a listing site like here, you always go and see what the guest is gonna go see on the front end. As you can see, the
first thing that they see when they come on to your page, so they’ve gone through the search, they found this property
and the first thing they see is obviously the reviews, they see the pictures,
reviews and pictures are the first thing that they see. This is why I touched in
the blog that the most important thing that you need to do is you need to make sure that your first six images are your key images. What I mean by key images? The first one has to be
your unique selling points. Why people should come and stay with you? At this point, you can show words, you can write some really catchy copy about why your place is the place for them or you’re gonna match their
needs to what you can provide. It’s all done in the
pictures and the photos. Obviously, the Grainary
is a farm stay property. The first picture that I want in there is of the farm and this picture here has always gone down well. It’s a couple years old now,
by it has always gone down well because it stands out
and it is eye catching. You’ve got the highland cow, right in the fall for another picture, you’ve got the lake, and you’ve
got the building behind it. I say it’s a couple of years old now, it’s even missing the
conservatoire on the front but it’s eye catching. People don’t really pay attention to what’s in the background, they pay attention to what’s in the front. The second picture is always
good to be a room picture ’cause at the end of the day, it’s what people are gonna be doing at your place. They’re gonna be sleeping. Have a nice picture. Try and get your favourite one. This is my personal
favourite room picture. Nice, bright, it’s one of
our newly decorated rooms. So I put that one in there,
and again it works really well. Third and fourth and fifth
and sixth is really up to you. It’s always good to get a dining room or a breakfast room shot in there. If you do food, it’s always good to get a bit of food in there, or just keep focusing on what your
unique selling point is. If you wanna do more
exterior images, great. If you’ve got a fantastic
view, showcase that. If your breakfast is, you’re
really proud of your breakfast and you’ve won an award
for it, for example, then showcase that, but for us it was, for me it was just all about showing few different bits and
bobs of what we do here. Again, I never really stick,
I do like to change around images, so once every quarter, I will go and change the room in
this images up a lot. I’ll just show you where you can do that. If you go to your back office. This is the extranet,
this is where you log in. You will be going to property and photos. And the pictures here will come up. I’ve had this one here for a while now. I wanna change it, so all I gotta do is just drag it away. I wanna maybe take in
this other room picture. I really like, this one is really cool. I’ll just drag this, and
I’ll drag that down there. Then we’ve got a couple
of nice room pictures and then we’ve got a dining room shot. I don’t want the dining room shot. I really want to have
the picture of the pond. We’ll go view, room, view, room, and then let’s have a cool
one of the highland cow. Oh this shows you how close you can get to the animals, and then we’ll finish off with a nice little bathroom shot. It’s just easily drop and dragging. Here’s a big tip. Whenever you add new
photos, they automatically appear here, so just make a note that whatever photos you add
will automatically appear here. Make sure that once
you’ve done it, drag it, your favourite six to the
top, which is absolutely key. What I do recommend, as always, and I have written about it a lot of times, is get a new room pictures. You don’t have to get all of them at once, just get a new room photos
and just get a professional to do it, it just makes
life so much easier. You can tell which pictures
I’ve done on my phone, to which one has been
done by a professional. My advice would be just to make sure that when you do get
pictures of your property, get a professional to do it
because you can instantly tell the difference between the ones that professional’s done and the ones that you’ve done on your
iPhone or Samsung phones. Okay. Let me just drag this up a little bit. So that’s how you did the pictures. First and foremost, so once you saw a dot, you hit the refresh button here and it should happen automatically. It starts off and it’s
just a scroll in sidebar, so it’ll just keep moving across. Alright, so that’s pictures. Next up on the list, as you can see here. We talk about it on here, photos and description, and reviews. The next thing that everybody see is apart from your pictures is the review. So someone clicks on to here, they come up with this section. All of your guest feedback
will appear in this section. You wanna be aiming for anything
north of nine, nine plus, will showcase you more in search results. Obviously, from here, people will go in and you can choose your
favourite one for example. I think so, I think chooses the most accurate one
which is always cool. But then people can filter it down on wi-fi, price,
facilities, views, et cetera and you’ve got all of this. The most important thing,
just like TripAdvisor is that when you have reviews on, you need to respond to everyone. It doesn’t matter
whether it’s bad or good, just give a response. This is what the guest is looking for. Especially on these, on these really poor, three to five, one to three star reviews. They are looking for
guests that are responding. You don’t have to do it every single day. I block off an hour a month. I used to do 20 minutes every week but you can do a batch of them. It’s a lot easier doing a batch of them than to do every single time. As you can see here, every single one is getting a response to which
is really, really important because it’s what the
guest is looking for. I think it was 83% of all room bookings comes after checking a
review of the property. People love to see
management in the property looking at what the guest
is saying about them. It’s really, really important. Another important factor
is this description. A guest does get to read it,
and you do get to amend it. It’s all done in the back end. The annoying thing is
that you have to wait for to accept the changes but it’s here. But you do get a chance to write a little bit more about your property. If you don’t, they will
just do the standard, the standard text, but you do get a chance to write, and write a little
bit more about the property. Make sure you get in
in the first sentence, two sentences, what exactly you’re about. Set in the idyllic North York Moors, the Grainary offers
four-star accommodation with beautiful countryside views. The farm is set in a 200
acres of open countryside in Harwood Dale and has its own wildlife and numerous scenic walks. If you fail or if you struggle with this, pick up the phone and
speak to They will assist you on it. Just like anything,
you have to wait for it to be accepted, but this is important. This first bit of text
here is a massive part of why we get so many room bookings. It just matches with the pictures,
matches with the property and obviously when someone
comes on to this page, they know exactly what they’re getting. Next up, let me do an example of a search. I’m gonna do the ninth to the eleventh, I’m gonna do two adults. With, and if you
use it, you will know this, you get to offer standard rate, and you get to offer non-refundable rate. Basically what are the two? The standard rate is what your price that you offer to is. For two nights in one of our double rooms with countryside view, you get it for 86 pound a night which is 172 pounds. They get to cancel any day
three days before arrival, no prepayment, you pay at the property, and they get breakfast included, great. Now the problem is, as
you know and I know, we, you get a lot of
guests who will book this and then not turn up or
they will try and cancel with like four or five days to go, and it is very hard to
get another booking. What give
you the ability to do, and I know (mumbles) you do this and everybody does this as well, is that they get, they allow you, or they let you offer
a non-refundable rate. For the guest, it’s good,
because as you can see, they get in a, I think it’s a five, that’s a five or 10% discount, but for you, the hotelier,
that is a guaranteed booking, doesn’t matter if they cancel
five days before arrival, 10 days before arrival, in 40 hours, they’re trying to cancel in 40 hours time. When they book that, they fully understand that that is their price and that is what, that is the booking
that they’re gonna have, which is also good because you can take that moneys as soon as possible. As soon as that booking
comes in, you can take that, so that is money in
the bank straight away. iF you’ve got your systems in place and you’ve got your channel
manager set up right, if you’ve got your property
management system set up, if you’ve got your online payment set up, then this is a streamline process. If you’ve got the correct booking engine and it’s one that I’m creating at Boostly, what I’m doing is an automatic tool so as soon as a non-refundable
booking comes in from, the
system will automatically charge that amount to the card. If the card comes back declined, the guest gets the email automatically saying your card detail has been declined, please email or call us directly
to pay within five hours or your room is booking is cancelled. That will all go back
to as well so you don’t break their protocols. It’s all done fine, which is great. I really recommend for your property, adding in a non-refundable rate. Yes, you gotta do a 10% discount, and I know that you’re thinking right now about 25% is going to, but it’s a guaranteed booking, it’s guaranteed money and
if they don’t turn up, you still got the money
and 75% of something is better than 0% of nothing. Especially when you’re gonna
be looking, like I say, to October, November, December, January, February, March. In the summer months, July and August, turn it off, you don’t need it, because you’re gonna get
the bookings regardless and if somebody cancel
three days before arrival in the middle of August
where we are right now, there’s a very good chance
you’re gonna pick up that room booking because it’s August and because people are just
looking to go on holiday and it’s just a lot chance. But in the slowest season or the shoulder season as we call it, definitely
get a non-refundable in. If that’s a bit confusing,
please contact me after and I’m more than happy
to walk you through it. We’ve gone through non-refundable rate. We’ve gone through
pictures and descriptions. Let’s now talk about special offers. Special offers work well if you need to really get heads on beds. If you are more concerned about getting the quality of guests instead of the, just to get the heads on
beds, don’t worry about this, but if you just need to get heads on beds, you need to fill at
property, say you’ve got rooms that you just need to get sold, get in the promotion
section, purely and simply, you can set a rate, a special
offer that will go off to guest, it
will go out on emails, it’ll go out on newsletters,
you can do rooms that are gonna be last
minute, you can do early room bookings, it’s something
that will really help just get the name out there. An example, what we’ve done here, we’ve done early bird
for October, I believe. You set the date up. Let’s add one in now so I can walk through the whole process. You get to name your promotion. You could just call it November. Basically, you can choose from basic deal, last minute, early
booker, deal of the day. Deal of the day, it means that you are, I’ve got a limited availability, sorry, limited visibility because it’s all about getting the deal of the day. Early booker speaks for itself. Last minute speaks for itself. This is a newer one, free nights. Basically stay two nights,
get one night free. I’m never really a big fan of that. I prefer to do these, but
if you were to experiment, you can do, but a good one start with, ’cause it’s gonna be in
November, it’s early booker. You say, how early can guests
book this accommodation. Guests can book the promotion
30 days before check in. Who can see this? You can do it to everyone or you can do it to members and newsletter subscribers. I always like to do a better testing. If I was to do a
promotion, I would do two. I’d do one for everybody,
and one for the members. You just basically double up on it. What I mean double up on
it, once you’ve saved this, go in and set it up again,
but just do the opposite. This will just go out to members
and newsletter subscribers so it’ll go on all emails,
go out to the members of, which is really cool. How long do guests need to
stay to use this promotion? You can do anything from two to seven. In November, we more just concentrate on getting heads on beds, so
let’s just say two nights. How much discount do you wanna give them? If they come and stay two nights, 10% discount is good by me,
just on the standard rate, not on the refundable rate. If I was to do a non-refundable, they’ll be getting a 10% non-refundable, and then another 10% and that’s when it starts to get a little bit crazy. That’s 35%, that’s silly. You can do it just on your standard rate so it matches up with the
non-refundable which is cool. Again, the bit I like is that you can just choose your room, so if
you just wanna get rid of one of the rooms that doesn’t
really sell that much, or it was one of your cheaper rooms, that you can just easily get in and clean and there’s not much cost related, let’s just do a couple of
these just as the example. When can guests stay
using the discounted rate? I called it November, so I’m gonna do it for the whole of November, and again, if you didn’t wanna do Saturdays, if you don’t include weekends, but to be honest, November at our property does start to die down a bit
so want to get the guys in. Activate promotion. Done. So they will only be able to book this at least 30 days before
the first of November. Between now and the first of October, just to get the heads
on beds, get the booking start coming in, they’ll
be able to book this. Then you’ve got different types of promotions that you can do. That is the promotion. Next, I wanna talk about the, let’s go here, genius programme. Genius has had a lot of attention recently and it’s probably one of the main reasons why my blog got so much traffic when I first promoted it is because the genius programme, up
until the first of August 2017 was just a no-brainer. You could be a part of
the genius programme, which meant that you would have got more visibility in the search results, which is great for a new property or just property that’s
trying to get attention in an area where there’s so
many of properties around. Because what it does is
that to be a genius member, you’ve got to book on regularly. If you as a guest stay a lot of places, you book a lot of times with, you become a genius member, so it’s just like a loyalty programme. When you’re a loyalty
guest, you get to have perks and you get to, as a hotelier, offer these perks to people. In the past, you could
just give them free wi-fi. Everybody does free wi-fi nowadays anyway. You could offer earlier
check in, earlier check out, a welcome drink on arrival,
and you didn’t have to give any money off, but that change
as of the first of August where they, as you can
see here, you’ve got to give a guest 10% discount off the stay to be part of the genius programme. If you’re doing a non-refundable rate and you’re doing a genius programme and you’ve gotta give them commission and you’re doing the special offers, this soon starts to add up and it will just basically cannibalise your profits. It’s something that you really, really, really got to think about. You got to think about what type of guests are you wanting to
attract to your property? Are you wanting to get someone that would more likely go for a genius programme or do you want, just want a guest just to get in, get
out, and just keep that returning but (mumbles). It really is up to you. In my opinion, the
genius programme was good up until they made it
mandatory that you had to give your guest 10% discount. Now, I’ve taken all of
our properties off it, and I’m going more on to this, which I will show you in a second. It’s called the preferred
partner programme. What is a preferred partner programme? It, they only allow a limited
amount of people on it,, but what it means is that it will almost guarantee
you to be in the top 10 of the search results at any
given time, maybe in top 20. But again, in a location
where, and for us, being based out of town, it is essential, because we don’t naturally
come up on those search results for Scarborough because obviously when people search in Scarborough, it’s Scarborough town
centre when they’re doing like a sort of vague search. For us it’s essential because it just draws attention to our village. But for other properties, doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you are new or getting started or just want
to have that extra exposure, the preferred partner programme is something that you need to look at. There are some stipulations. You’ve got to have a certain
amount of a review score. And you’ve got to have been with them for a certain amount of time. They’ve got a little
algorithm that they create. But when you qualify
for it, if you wanna go for the preferred partner programme, you get this forms up here. It stands out, saying this property has agreed to be part of our
preferred partner programme which groups together
properties that stand out because of their excellent service, quality price ratio
with competitive prices. Participation in the
programme requires meeting a specific set of criteria
and takes feedback from previous guests into account. A bit long winded, it
just means it’s looking at your reviews, and it’s looking for how long that you’ve
been with them for. You’ve got to also as well make sure that you have boxed off
over 90% I believe it is of your profile, so that just means you’ve gotta have all your pictures and tags in place which
you can normally see here. Property page score, it’s gotta be over like 90% I believe it is. It’s really easy to get, but
not many people go for it because of just one thing. Basically, to be part of the
preferred partner programme, you need to up your
commission from 15% to 18%. That’s an extra 3%. Some people think, why
would I wanna do that? Yeah, there’s the initial hit, but B, again comparing to the genius programme, comparing to all others, for us, or for the Grainary, the preferred partner
programme was a no-brainer because we are just getting
so much more visibility. Our outlook on at
the property at the Grainary is that the first booking,
yeah we can take that hit on getting that first booker in. For us, 28% or 18% of the
first edition of booking for commission going to, that’s fair because we know
that we will get them back, and when they come back
and stay with us again, through the work that
we do after the stay, through email marketing, social media, through our mail out
that we do at Christmas, is that when that guest comes
back and stay next year, and we’ve got a very high
returning rate of guests, that will be 100% ours. There will be no commission
going to anybody. So yeah, we take the hit
on the first booking, but we know that we’ll
get them back again, so for us, invest in
something like, and then going down the routes of looking at the preferred partner programme, looking at non-refundable rates, looking at special offers
to get more visibility just makes so much sense. It may be different for you. You may be only have to feature on maybe one of the products that they offer. It could be preferred partner programme or non-refundable rates
or genius programme. You might not be able to do any. You might just have to just
rely on just your photos and your imagery and responding to reviews to get seen which is fine. But what I’m saying is you gotta look at what’s best for you,
you’ve gotta judge it on what your property
is, you’ve gotta look at your location, you’ve gotta look at the type of guest that are
coming through your door, you’ve gotta look at what
you’re doing after the stay to see if you can get
those guys to come back. If you do these things right,
and if you look at in a different, in a different light, then it can be very, very,
very profitable for you. And a very good marketing. Finally, I just wanna
show you the last thing that you can do to get the
most out of It’s regarding prices. One of the toughest things that I found when I came in to
hospitality was thinking, well what should I be charging? What is the room rate? What’s the go-in room rate? In the past, I was
literally just guessing. I would just go on to here. We’d look at what our rates
were for the last year, and we just up it by a pound, every year. That was it, and that’s
how we did our prices. It worked for a certain amount of time, but a lot of the times, I felt that we just weren’t making
enough money for our rooms. They’ve got this thing,, you can access it by BookingSuite, it’s called RateManager. What it basically does is it lets you know what your room rates should be and it takes the whole area, so if you’re based in
Scarborough, which we are, it takes the whole Scarborough
and it just lets you, it looks at the year ahead and it will tell you exactly what room rate you should be charging
based on the average of everybody else on, and it also takes into
effect special events. If there is a bank holiday coming up or if there is a big music act in town or if it’s summer holidays
or if it’s Christmas, it will tell you to adjust
the rates accordingly. Because it will see what
everybody else is doing and when everybody else’s downtime is. It’s a very clever tool, It knows a lot about a lot of properties. It is just help me figure out
what we should be charging throughout the year, ’cause I like to adjust our rates accordingly. I’m a big believer in not
setting them for gain. I like to adjust and amend as we go. Again, you can find that by
going into the back office and you’ve got RateManager
which is right here. If you’re thinking, what are these? Pulse is an app, so you
can have it on your phone. WebDirect, if you’ve got a crappy website, and you’ve only got a couple of rooms, and you don’t wanna spend
load on a new website, WebDirect is ideal for you. You don’t have to pay full rate. I think it’s like 10% commission, it is 10% commission, sorry, that’s it, if someone books via your website. But, you do get a cool looking
website which works well on mobiles, which works well on desktops, and it’s (mumbles) if you
only got two or three rooms, and you don’t wanna to be spending hundreds and hundreds
on a brand new website, look at WebDirect because
it would work quite well. And Web Booster, you can ignore that. It’s just a bit of fluff and guff to get some more money from We’ve figured, we’ve concentrated and we’ve talked about a lot here. Like I say, if you wanna go
into detail on anything else, you can find on the website Boostly, look at, how
to get the most out of it. If you’ve got any questions,
please let me know. You can contact me at Mark at Boostly, or you can reach me on Facebook or you can just get in to
contact via the website. Go to, click on contact us. Thanks for watching, I
hope this has helped. Go forth, sought your
photos, your descriptions, have a look at what has to offer. End of the day, focus on
which marketing channels are working for you and if
this is bringing in bookings at the moment, double
down and focus on that. Thank you very much.

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    which wasn't posted, but there is review for the night I stayed which was a ridiculous 9.2.

    My main gripe was that there was no heating anywhere in the hotel, even the temperature was never more than 9 degrees while I was there.

    They seem to promote this hotel which is always top of the list and is, according to them, the most popular hotel in town.

    I complained to about it and they have simply ignored me.

    They crawl around the hotel owners because they pay their commission, which is at least 15%, but they forget that there is nothing to stop hotel guests from going directly to the hotel themselves, after getting the details first from, which is what I'm going to be doing from now on.

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