How to Get Bad Smells Out of Books

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Are you one of those book nerds that
actually doesn’t like the way book smell? Eww. Maybe you have a sensitive nose? Or maybe you have recently brought home some books from the used bookstore that have
picked up some unpleasant smells from who knows where. Well then you’re in the right place
because today I’m going to be showing you how to get unwanted smells out of
books. Specifically, I’m talking about used books but sometimes new books
might have acquire strange smells as well. Books from a used bookstore might smell
like wet dogs, or they might smell like smoke, or just anything unpleasant
that I don’t want to be sticking my nose in. I’m using this book as the test
subject today because it is a used copy and when I got it it did have a little bit
of a smell to it and I did all of the following steps to get that smell out of
the book and now it smells awesome. I’m going to be showing you several
different ways to remove smells from a book. Hopefully you won’t have to do
every single one of them to the same book but if one of them doesn’t work you
might have to try more than just one. [music only] The first, most basic way that you can
try to get a smell out of a book is by placing it outside in bright sunlight.
Sunlight is a natural and effective odor remover but this is probably going to
work best on subtle smells. Leave your book out in the sun for several hours
and check if the odor has been removed to the extent you want. [music only] The next method
you can try is by using dryer sheets to remove the smell. Just place your dryer
sheets every few pages within your book. I believe I placed mine about every 10
or 15 pages. You want to make sure you can get them between as many pages as possible
and then you’re going to let your book sit for several hours or even overnight.
You can also enhance the effectiveness of the dryer sheets by putting your book
full of dryer sheets out to sit in the sun again. [music only] [paper crinkling] Now I’m going to go over some messier
methods so you might want to put down some newspaper for these or maybe do
them outside. One thing you can use to get smells out of books is actually
Lysol. Lysol is safe to use on books. I’ve used it many times. [spraying sounds] It dries very
quickly, it will not warp the pages or leave stains, at least not in my
experience. You’re just going to hold the can several inches away from your book
and mist it over the book while you’re flipping through the pages and when
you’re done just fan through the pages again to help it dry quicker. [sound of pages flipping] [music only] Next is the coffee method and for this one you’re going to need a ziplock plastic bag and
coffee grinds. Coffee is another natural odor remover. For this you’re just going
to flip through the pages of your book while scattering the coffee grinds
all throughout it. If you don’t like the smell of coffee you may not want to do
this method because it will leave your book smelling a little bit like coffee.
Once you have them scattered evenly throughout the book you’re going to
place your book into the ziploc bag and seal it up. Again, let this bag sit for
several hours or even overnight and then you’ll just remove the book from the bag
and now comes the fun part of trying to remove all of the coffee from the book.
The best way is to turn it upside down and flip through the pages and give the
spine a couple of good wacks to kind of knock the grinds out of the pages. [thumping sounds] This was a little bit difficult and I did find though that the coffee grinds did
not stain my pages at all. [music only] Another thing you can use to remove
scents is baking soda. Baking soda is really great at getting the smell out of
almost anything so this is going to be probably your
best option for very strong smells. You will also need a plastic bag for
this method and you’re going to start by putting your book in the plastic bag and
then just sprinkling in a small amount of baking soda. You don’t need a lot and I didn’t want
to scatter this one throughout the pages like I had with the coffee grinds
because the baking soda is a lot finer and I thought it would be harder to get
out. Seal your bag up, shake it around a little bit, and again leave it to sit for several hours or
overnight. Once again, when you remove your book from the bag, turn it upside
down and fan through the pages and give it a few taps to remove that baking soda
that might be stuck between the pages. [music only] And if all else fails or you just want
to top off your book with a nice scent, you can also use perfume. Just like with the lysol you’re going to
spray your perfume over the book from several inches away while flipping
through the pages. My perfume did not stain the pages of my book and it
dried very quickly but you want to use very little of it. Now if after doing any of these steps
your book is a little bit misshapen or won’t lay flat again like some
paperbacks are prone to do, just lay it between some heavier books and leave it
there for maybe a day or two until it lays flat once again. Mmm. It smells so
much better now. It smells like coffee and perfume and… like paper again! I hope
you liked this video and that some of these tips have worked for you. If you do
have a stinky book and you have to try any of them please let me know if they
work for you. I hope they help. They worked for me, I hope they do for you too. Thank
you so much for watching. I will see you in the comments. Bye! [music only]

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