How To Get Amazon Kindle Book Reviews

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Hey everybody, what’s going on? It’s Preston
Miller here from and in this video I’m want to show you how you can
get reviews for your Amazon Kindle books. Now I’m sure you know it’s absolutely crucial
that you get reviews for your Amazon Kindle books for them to be successful. And in this
video, I’m going to show you step-by-step how you can get reviews for your own Amazon
Kindle books absolutely free. Here it is, take a look. In this section of the course I’m going to
show you how you can get reviews just like this on your Amazon book that you’re going
to launch. So let’s go ahead and look at this book real quick. What you need to do here is you need to find
a book that is similar to your book, okay. So this is assuming that you have not yet launched
your book ok, you’re just doing some research here, kind of like what I’m doing for my next
book right now. So you need to find a book that’s similar
to your book and the reason for that is because you want to find people who have reviewed
this book that’s similar; and this one is similar to my new book that I am coming up
with, it’s “How to start a profitable authority blog in under one hour” and I’m
thinking that people who are interested in this, would be interested in my new book,
which is about affiliate marketing. So I’m going to contact these reviewers and
see if they will review my book. Ok so you’re probably sitting here wondering going okay,
I can see that this review, for example, is by Donny and, Preston how do I contact this
person? There is no contact info. Well, there is and this is the big huge secret
to Amazon Kindle that nobody knows about. So this section of the course, this is worth
the price of admission just for this secret alone. So I’m going to go down here and I’m
going to show you. So all I have done is I have gone into this
actual book on Amazon. And then I have gone to show on reviews, so I am sorting the reviews
by the top reviews and five star only because you don’t want to contact people will give
really negative reviews and to get them to review your book because that means they are
really hard critics, so you don’t want them to read your book and rip your book apart
and give you a really bad review,so you want to find people who have good reviews. Now this is a good book, okay, this is not
some thrown together Kindle book where it’s just 20 pages or something, this is actually
a full book here. So like this first person here is Lily Eyra, so this doesn’t happen
on all of them, but I’m going to show you; if I right-click and I opened her in a new
tab here, it will show you the profile of the actual reviewer. So I got Lily Eyra and you can see everything
that she has reviewed if we scroll down here. So this is very interesting because you can
see who she is, where she’s from, but if you click the “See more,” right here, if you click
the “See more” button here and check this out, you can send her an e-mail, you can see
her review rank but this is the big secret of Amazon. Now not all of the reviewers, let me go back
for a second, not all of the reviewers will actually have an e-mail. So let me open this other
person here, Aedric. Now look, there is no e-mail on this person. But if the reviewer configures it, then they
can show an e-mail, they don’t have to. So on Lily here, look at her review here, she’s
written a really good review, so I am going to, not send her an e-mail right now, but
I’m going to grab her e-mail address right here. So I would copy this e-mail. And then
what I’m going to do is I am going to go back to this page here for a second and I’m going
to pull this book title here and then I’m going to take her name and her e-mail and
put it into a master Excel sheet. So let me open this Excel sheet I have real
quick right here. So I just started building this for my new book here, so as you can see,
look, I have added her in here and then I’m compiling this list, I have only got a few
people on here right now, but I am compiling this list and I’m going to build up a list
of a couple hundred people and then when I launch my new book, I’ll have the list of
a couple hundred people that even if I have a horrible, just absolutely terrible e-mail
response rate and book review rate, let’s say I send an e-mail to a couple hundred people,
only half of them open it, that’s only a hundred people and less than half of them actually
write a review, that could still be anywhere from twenty, thirty, forty maybe fifty if I’m
really lucky, reviews on my book. Now compared to just launching a book and
trying to do it organically without kick starting it with the process like this, you probably
won’t ever get to that, unfortunately. But look at this, if we go down here, you’re
going to go through each one of these people here on different books that are related to
your topic. Now, let me just tell you real quick, let’s do another one here just so you
guys can see. Let’s go to Diana Murphy and see what this looks like for her. Okay, so she is a repair technician, okay
look, she does have an e-mail so if it says send an e-mail, so what I am going to do is
I’m going to take her name, I’m going to copy it, I’m going to go over here to my Excel
sheet, I’m going to paste it into this Excel sheet. So I do paste special and just the
text, and this is actually the same book here and then I’m going to go back over here, I’m
going to click send an e-mail and it’s going to try to automatically do it on my Mac here,
but I don’t want to do that. I want to just copy this oops I did not mean to click “reviewer rank” I’m sorry ok so send an email. It opens that – I don’t want to do that You could go ahead and send it in the e-mail
like that, I am not ready to send it that’s why I’m doing this. So I’m going to go ahead
and paste this and there we go, I have just grabbed another e-mail. So as you can see, this process, it kind of
takes a while. Actually, I didn’t put Lily in here, let me put her in here real quick.
You might be wondering why I am pasting the special, I am pasting the special because
instead of just copy and paste, the font will be huge, so you might want to look at that.
Okay, so here is her e-mail and I’m going to go ahead and paste that. And there we go. Now, be sure you save this document, as you
go along, I’m just, you can do, command s to save or you can just click that little
button right there. So look at this list, this is already building
up pretty quickly. Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably thinking, this seems
like it’s going to take a long while to actually do this. Well, I have a list of hundreds
of people who visit my blog and have signed up, so when I launch a new book, I don’t have
to do this process every time. I still like to do it initially to see what
the reviews are and what everything looks like, before I release it to my audience and
send an e-mail to my hundreds of subscribers and this is a great way to kind of guage
what people think about your book. You’re going to get bad reviews, let me just
go ahead and say that. Of all these people here, just, this initial list, you are going
to get bad reviews on your book, it happens, okay. What you need to do is you need to take
that feedback into consideration. And if it’s actually legitimate, if somebody is not just
saying “Your book sucks”, “It’s horrible”, or “I hated it”, that happens, okay. But if it’s constructive criticism, you need
to look at your book copy and see if maybe something isn’t clear, maybe you need to explain
something a little better, maybe you need to elaborate on some section of the book.
I don’t know what it is, but when I wrote my first book, it got ripped by multiple people.
And that’s kind of why you also want to go back here and make sure you sort this by the
five star reviews. Now you want to make sure, like I said earlier
that you look at books, let me go back here, that have at least a hundred reviews, because
not everybody is going to show their e-mail. So, like for me, I write about online marketing,
so I would go into the Kindle store here, see how it’s sorted with the Kindle
store store? And do “online marketing” and then
I would kinda go through these results. Look, this only has sixteen reviews, that’s not
good, it is not enough for me to pull out people’s e-mail. But then I would scroll down through here
and look, there’s a hundred and seven, I’m going to check that one out and as I keep
going down here, launch, I have already done this one for a previous book so I have that
list saved in my Dropbox. But look, nine hundred and forty nine reviews, there’s some good
e-mails out of there, “Dot Com Secrets”, I would probably check that one out too as
well. Okay, so what you need to do is maybe you’re
doing gardening, let’s do this on another topic, just so you get the idea here. I know
this is a bit redundant, look at this, “gardening mini farming”, two hundred and twelve reviews,
I’d hit that, I’d go in just like this, to this page here, I’d go to the reviews
down here. Oh my goodness, this is getting some really bad reviews here, so I’d go
to see all hundred and twelve customer reviews and then I would sort by top reviews and five
star only and then check this out and go through each one of the reviewers just like I showed
you earlier. Now once you have a list of hundreds of e-mail
addresses, well let me also say if you don’t want to do a process like this, okay and you
want to be really tricky or smart or whatever you want to call it, you can get on like I
said earlier, one of those marketplaces, like fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and pay somebody
to go through the books to find the reviewers. So what you are going to have to do is you’re
still going to have to go in here to Amazon, let me go back here, you’re still going to
have to go through whatever your niche is, like, this is “Gardening”, whatever your
niche is, comb through these and go “Okay look I want you to check out this book. It’s
called ‘Mini Farming, How to Create a Sustainable Organic Garden in Your Backyard’”, copy
this, copy the link address and put that in Excel and then send it to your virtual assistant. You can usually outsource this for $3-$5 an
hour, I mean it’s super cheap. And if you don’t have ten hours to comb through all of
these, you can pay somebody a couple dollars an hour to go through all these and pull out
all of these reviewers. Like I would pick this one, a hundred and eleven. And obviously
if you have one like this one, it’s a good one, two hundred and fifteen. So that’s what
you want to do. So then, you have this list here of hundreds
and hundreds and hundreds of e-mail addresses and the reviewer name here. So obviously,
Whistler’s Mom, that is not a person’s real name, but Grady Harp, that is a real name,
or Brandee A or Diana Murphy. Some of these aren’t real, like Umfleet. So then what I do, or what I actually did
and what the pros do here, this is part of the secret here, is you do not want to send
a huge e-mail blast to all of these people. Because number one, they haven’t opted in
to your list or anything like that, so you could get in trouble legally doing that. Now I’m not a lawyer, okay, I’m a marketer,
but that’s definitely not good practice, you’ve got the Can’t Spam Act, you’ve got some
other issues, I would not recommend doing that. What you need to do is send each one
of these e-mails individually okay. And I know that sucks, I know some of you are kind
of annoyed, but what you need to do is you need to personalize this, okay. So I just used my Gmail account, okay, because
people think it might be a blast to them. Because even in Mail Chimp or Get Response
or any e-mail marketing service, you can customize the e-mail template with their first name.
So you could say like “Hi Lily” and sent to this address, you know, insert her first
name this e-mail. You could do the same thing and blast everybody, but you don’t want to
do that. What you want to do is say something like
“Hi Lily, I really enjoyed your review on “How to start a profitable authority blog
in under one hour”. I’ve got a new book coming out and it’s about a similar topic,
it’s called they said that and the other, inserted topic here, or your title, and I
would really appreciate your honest review on it.” Now not all of these people are actually going
to review your book, but you will be surprised at the responses you get. I have met some
interesting people sending out e-mails like this, who kind of want to know more about
me and what I’m doing and who are you, what kind of… We’ll start a conversation. I have got into Twitter conversations with
people, I’ve gotten subscribers to my blog preston’ from people that I had
cold e-mailed like this and they would respond back and some people, you will be very amused
by their responses. One guy told me he would not read my book,
unless I would send him a physical copy of the book for free. Now I’m going to be doing
actual copies of my next book, but I am just not quite there yet, so I had to tell him
look, I am sorry, I’ll give you a free digital copy but that this time I can’t send you a
copy. I didn’t know how to format it properly on Create Space and all that. So, this is what you need to do, you need
to go in, this is very simple; go in, research your niche, find books that have, I would
say at least a hundred reviews, okay and go in and pull the e-mail, name and book of the
reviewer and then send them an actual e-mail. So I don’t think I need to go into Gmail or
an e-mail client and show you how to type up that e-mail, but try to personalize it.
For this person right here I would say, “Hey Lily, I really enjoyed your review on Amazon
of ‘How to start a profitable authority blog’.” I would send it to this e-mail
address and I would say, “Hey, my new book is coming out, it’s about affiliate marketing,
it’s about how I make hundreds of dollars a month as an affiliate and I would really
appreciate your feedback.” Now when I launch my next book, I’ll probably
have physical copies, so I would say something to the effect of “I can ship you a physical
copy of the book for five dollars. If you cover the shipping for five bucks you can
get a free copy of …you know, your feedback.” So that is kind of the basics, this is like
the trade secrets of Amazon and how people get reviews. I’m going to talk about some
other strategies in the final section of the course on how to make three to five thousand
a month. But this is an essential part of your Kindle book marketing, okay. So that’s it
for this section, okay. Hey everybody, thank you so much for watching
this video, I hope you learned a lot and really enjoyed it. If you want to learn more about
how to launch your own book on Amazon Kindle, I have created a step-by-step course that
will show you exactly how to do every part of the process, from actually writing your
book to actually uploading it, formatting it, getting your covers and everything created
on Amazon. This is the only course that shows you exactly
how to do it from start to finish. If you’re interested in it, you can click the link in
the description below and I’ll give you 25% off my course and I hope to see you soon. Thanks.

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