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Nowadays it is very challenging to focus on Studying for Students Students are searching on Google, YouTube and other social platforms “How to focus on Study” We have brought for you five Effective Tips those will work 100% for you to focus on Study If you are very weak at Study, Make him your Best Friend who is very Brilliant Ask each other questions regarding what you read in Class As your Best friend is brilliant, He will answer all of your questions very easily Continue this process, keep up Hope, Day will come you will answer all of the questions of your friend Firmly be competitive from that time onwards very soon that day will come, you will march ahead of your friend Competition works like Brahmastra to focus on Study in Student life Always remember this line Students not able to focus on the study properly because they don’t start the day rightly Start your day correctly Complete your morning Routine, Be fresh and have a walk at least one km from Home Take benefit of Natural Fresh Air in the morning Here you should do a procedure During morning walk when you touch your target, apart hands and think that.. This Nature is very Powerful, it does its work automatically and there is no pressure on Nature I am also receiving natural energy from Nature, I am fresh and worry less, No outside pressure on me I am getting encouraged myself, I am to utilize this morale in Study After that come back Because of this Procedure, you will find yourself energetic and motivated throughout the Day Always remember this Quote and write on a Paper and stick it in your study room Before going to School/Study, Give Salutation to Parents, elders and God You will feel that everyone’s support is with you, You will get mental strength and this strength could be utilized in Study Take part in extracurricular activities of your school/college and prove what you can do Your ability and teacher’s hope will increase as well It will not allow you to sit unnecessarily The hope of Teacher & Parents would compel you to study, you will study and go ahead Go through it at home what you read in Class, Before commencement of next Chapter look it once again If you do this, You are not going to forget those anymore, Interest to study would also be boosted Sure…Apply these Five Tips in your Life This is the experience of many people who have done something special Remember this Code if you want to study well and become a Leader To know about this Code and to focus more on Study, watch this video, link is given in description Subscribe to this Channel if you like this video and also share with your friends See you again in the next Video

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