How To Find Your PASSION! – Learn To Study Effectively


there’s this common problem that people
run into when they’re trying to do something that they care about when
they’re trying to go after their dream or their purpose or their passion in
life they find themselves not really enjoying the process not really enjoying
the work and having trouble with really getting lit up and ignited and really
into invested into what they’re doing for some reason they’re just not really
enjoying it you know they had this dream this thought about becoming a pro
football player but whenever they go practice it’s no fun
you know they’re just not really enjoying it they’re playing a game
they’re not having fun why where’s the passion what’s happening why is it
lacking I thought this is what I wanted to do with my life but I don’t really
feel the way that I want to feel I don’t feel that passion I don’t feel that
excitement what’s wrong with me Raphael why is this happening to me
and there’s nothing wrong with you there’s one very simple explanation
because when I started my business I started making videos every day
I wasn’t laid off and passionate and all excited about doing it it was more make
myself do it because I know it’s the right thing and that was more of the
underlying feeling behind the action that I was taking whereas what most
people look for when they’re starting out is this massive passion and it’s
probably not going to happen for you the reason is not that you’re not a good
person or that you don’t have any passion in you it’s because you’re not
good at what you’re doing really take that in if you’re not good at what
you’re doing you’re not going to have fun
do you understand if you go and play a game with some friends and they will
play this game multiple times before they have lots of experience in it they
know exactly what they’re doing and you’re a complete newbie you’ve never
done it in your life you don’t even know what the rules are and they say okay
let’s start you’re gonna have a bad time okay you’re not gonna enjoy yourself
it’s not gonna be a pleasant experience for you because you’re the person that
doesn’t know what they’re doing you’re not familiar with it you don’t have
experience and so you lack skill and when you lack skill you don’t perform to
the level that you see yourself one to perform on so when you’re chasing
your passion and you don’t feel excited and lit up chances are you’re just not
that good at what you’re doing yet when I was making videos and I wasn’t good at
it it was frustrating because I would see the end result and I wasn’t happy
with the outcome because I wasn’t any good at it and so I’d be frustrated at
myself I’d get angry and instead of being happy and excited it was a lot
more self-criticism and really just worried about whether or not I’d ever
get to the level I wanted to be off but I can assure you you will get to the
level you want to be on the only thing that I ask from you is that you continue
to keep going and that’s really the simple way to get all that passion and
excitement get good at what it is that you’re doing and you will have fun doing
it it’s so simple because we think that’s the only way that we’ll ever be
happy in our life is if we find this secret things little passion thing
that’s always eluding us it’s out there somewhere you know it’s something out
there that I need to find and once I start doing it I’ll be happy it’s not
true you might have some bursts of happiness
but it’s not always going to be pure joy and fun and bliss not always but the way
you start enjoying any activity is getting good at because that’s when
quite frankly you start having fun you’re able to produce on the level that
you want you’re able to perform on the level that you want and now it’s fun all
of a sudden what gives right now I’m having fun making a video because I’ve
made hundreds if not thousands of videos so of course I’m having a good time
because I’ve done it over and over and over and over again and I’ve gotten
really good at it now can I get better of course and what happens as I get
better I have more fun do you understand that the more I do it the more I enjoy
it not then I have fun the first time I tried because I promise you if you go
watch my very first video by going on my channel and sorting my videos from
oldest to newest you will see a very unpleasant sight of
me struggling to get my words out struggling to communicate struggling to
actually perform on the level that I still desperately wanted to and you can
see it it’s like there’s this inner battle going on of wanting to be on a
certain level but you can’t skip steps you cannot skip the process nobody’s
above it you’re not above it I’m not above it we all have to work and deserve
the fun and the joy and the passion it’s something you earn it’s something you
unlock it’s not something you’re born with
you don’t pop out and go hey everybody I’m gonna have a great time like you’re
crying do you understand that you come out crying and so don’t trick yourself
into thinking that things are supposed to be fun the first time you try them
even though sometimes they are some experiences are the best the first time
you try them that’s fine but when we’re talking about your passion your purpose
your mission in life it’s okay to not be excited and lit up the first time you
try and even the tenth and a hundred I found myself having more fun right
around the end of the first year of making daily videos do you understand
that over 300 attempts in that’s when I’m starting to actually feel a little
more excited that’s when I’m starting to feel like I’m actually enjoying myself
and up until then a lot of it comes down to let’s go let’s do it again let’s do
it again let’s do it and get constant practice do you understand consistency
consistency will lead to passion consistency will take you to the level
that you want to be on and once you start performing there you’ll be hooked
because once you become an expert at something
you will love it you will absolutely love it you will enjoy every moment but
to get to that level while most people never do because it requires so much
focus and dedication you can’t dabble and everybody’s trying this and that and
this and they wonder why they never find their passion pick something pick
something that means something to you to me this is everything I love doing this
there’s nothing I’d rather do but again when I first started you don’t see a lot
of passion and excitement you see more fear angst you know worry that’s mostly
what was there what was present that’s okay that’s okay when you’re starting
out whatever you’re feeling just let it be there and instead of focusing on the
feeling let’s wait with that let’s focus on doing taking the action and then
you’ll finally get to a point where you’re having fun where you’re enjoying
yourself where you finally feel that passion because you’ve gotten good at
whatever it is

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