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Subject What is how to find life purpose first? We need to understand what is life purpose life purpose means your reason for your existence Everyone has their central motivating ideas aim of life. So what is your central motivating aim of your life? We need to find that What is your central motivating? I deserve a life So finding your life purpose means finding your God design destiny. So there are two destinies It’s one destiny is one destiny created by you second Destiny is created by God. So finding a life purpose means finding God is interesting So why we are getting up early in the morning or why you are getting it up in the morning Your reason for getting up in the morning is your life purpose? Your reason for existence your reason for making impact on the world is a life purpose So there are two plans one plan is your plan your plan So you have planned your life based on based on your vision your thinking your Circumstances your Karma’s so we have planned our life according to our plan So for example, we planned our life for next 40 years So this is the stupidest things to plan our life for next 40 years based on our plan This year I will get married Then I will have children’s then they will go to school then they will go to college They will settle somewhere so you have planned your life for next 40 years but there is something one more plan, which is Divine plan So you have your plan according to Eurovision there is second class It’s a divine plan. Divine plan is God’s plan for you? Sometimes your plan is different and God plan is different So resonating with the God’s divine plan resonating with the divine destiny Is a finding your life purpose life purpose was nothing but finding your divine plan What is your divine divine plan? It might be different from your plan. Your plan is something different divine plan is something different so God you want perform some duties in this world God you want to Do some Dharma in this world so that is divine plan first you need to understand what is divine plan Finding a divine plan resonating with the divine plan means finding your life purpose So I am going to explain how to exactly find your life tapas in three easy steps let’s Go ahead First make a circle and Find your gifts So what are the gifts you have so what’d you do? Well, what’d you do well What are your inherent gifts generous gifts So what you stand out to find out your gifts and talents So first find out your one gift any talents everyone has their gifts Everyone has their talents you are born with certain gifts. You are born with some certain talents You need to find that gifts and talents. So this is the first step to find out your life purpose make a second circle And find out, what is your Passion So what you love What you love? What motivates you So what motivates you what you love to find out your passion and third make us one more circle – what salts people’s problem? So first In first step, you find out your gifts your talents. So what you do what you are inherent keeps what you could add Second find your passion. So what motivates you what Loves you So this is the second circle third circle which solves the people’s problems to solving people’s problem is important so gift passion and People’s problems there has to be aligned and this area is your life Stoppers All three are alive your gift passion and bits all co-prophet people’s problem for example my inherent skip sign Teaching is my inner end skips. So I love teaching I want to contribute in people’s life. I want to Motivate them. I want to take their journey ahead So that is my passion. I love Third area is solving people’s problems All three has to align your gift and talents passion and solving people’s problems If your gift and talent is not solving people’s problems. There is no use of that gifts So you need to dig on you need to search what is actually your real gifts and talents So give some talent passion what you love and which solves people’s problem And this gray area is your life of us? See how to work in this area finding a life purpose means this is a God designed destiny God is indistinct. God one to Make impact through this area to finding your life propels Making impact in others people life is very important. If you work on your life purpose everything you will have Happy relationship You will have good health Petra Heldt and the finances really improved We have many problems in our life. Why? Simply because we are not working on one life purpose If we start working on life purpose, definitely we will have everything in our life I hope in this video I tried to explain what is the life purpose and how to find your life purpose in three easy steps I hope you like this video click that like button Also, you can give comments in comment section and please don’t forget to subscribe my channel. Thank you very much

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    Thank you very much Sir…. for this video… mind-blowing…. learned a lot..

  2. sunil kumar says:

    Totally stupid..
    The person is self confused…

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