How To Find & Remove Duplicate Songs From iTunes Library – Quick & Easy!


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24 thoughts on “How To Find & Remove Duplicate Songs From iTunes Library – Quick & Easy!”

  1. Tha Real DJ Smooth says:

    Great tip, thanks!!!

  2. Adrian Torres says:

    I needed this thanks!

  3. Mac Joseph says:

    Dude just use Dupe guru! Waaaaay faster!!yea it scans all your files on your hard drive and finds exact duplicates and allows you to delete them with out doing it manually. Fast and easy!

  4. Aapo Nissi says:

    Im too scared to do this

  5. Xavi Diaz says:

    Can you Do that in Rekordbox

  6. DJ Nostalgia says:

    Great tip, thanks… Quick question – is there a good way to decide which copy of a file to delete and which to keep?

  7. DJ Casanova says:

    After more than 10 years of iTunes, I finally dumped it. It’s serato only, from now on!!!

  8. Angel Manuel Perez says:

    This video kind of makes me wonder if Tuneup Media is still alive.

  9. Benjamin De Graaf says:

    Curious how were you able to select the tracks so fast I just looked at my iTune and have thousands and thousands of duplicates

  10. Caleb Grayson says:

    using BeaTunes i found over 11,000 duplicates. too many to delete with iTunes and BeaTunes makes it just as laborious to delete. Gemini Duplicate remover took out 1,000, but can’t find a way to get them all. i have them backed up so i’m not worried about deleting the wrong ones.

  11. Mix Master G says:

    While the basics are correct there is one big flaw with this procedure. Duplicates you remove that are part of a playlist will lose that (duplicate) track entry from that playlist.

    iTunes shows you a duplicate of Thriller by Michael Jackson
    One version is part of the playlist "Disco"
    the other version is part of the playlist "80s top"

    If you remove a duplicate in the blind as shown in the video. You don't know which one of the 2 playlists will lose Thriller.

    The correct procedure (and this is still very simplified) is to check which playlists the duplicate track you are about to delete is member off. You can check it by right clicking or control clicking the duplicate track. All the member playlists are shown under the pulldown menu item "show in playlists"
    First add the "duplicate that will remain" to those playlist(s) and then remove the duplicate entries.

    The dialog "remove from harddisk" only appears when iTunes also manages the storage of your media files, which is not recommended for Traktor or Rekordbox users.

    I've created an AppleScript that automatically takes care of the adding the "master" track to all the playlists the duplicates are part off. If there is enough demand I'll be happy to release it as part of one of my existing workflow apps. In it's current form my storage structure is hard coded in it, but that can be easily modified.

    The subject of duplicate tracks for DJs is very important tho hard to tackle.

  12. gabriela arosemena says:

    Worst advice ever. I don't have time to delete 1000 items.

  13. Bubba John says:

    Useful but click SAME ALBUM.

  14. Bubba John says:

    Useful for a couple of hundred dupes but some people have many thousands. Try Tunesweeper.

  15. Capisce _ says:

    Thanks so much! :))

  16. ed mendoza says:

    Thanks for the help! 🙂

  17. FreestylerAlbert says:

    are you kidding me I need to remove the duplicates one by one????

  18. TRAC ATAK says:

    what if it doesnt give me the show duplicates option does it have to be a specific version thanks

  19. Charles Martin says:

    Hey Mr.______. Thanks so much for the video. The only video that actually solved my problem. Although it was a pain in my rear end selecting all those files one by one, it still made a lot of sense. I never knew apple put an option to find out duplicate tracks.

  20. Tamir Yardenne says:


  21. Ron King says:

    Except I see ion the video that after you deleted the songs there were still 2 entries, with one of them having a download cloud. I am having this problem, I suddenly found thousands of duplicates in iTunes; I deleted one copy and then I had one with all of the history, play counts, etc and one with the download cloud. Both play when i click them. I tried to delete the one with the cloud and iTunes asks if I want to hide the purchase. I tried that and those songs were removed from sharing and ended up being deleted from my phone. I've unhidden them but not all of them are available on my phone now. Any idea whats going on? Thanks.

  22. Jason Pizzolato says:

    This showed me how to get 'em all in one place, man. It does help. Seems like there'd be an easy way to delete every other track once you've got 'em all there, though, but I guess not.

  23. ntnsty says:

    Nope. It doesn't say "Delete". It says "Do you want to hide . . . ". Sigh

  24. Pamela Smith says:

    Hi, this is great, but my songs won't stay clicked (turned Blue)when I click the next song it unclicks the last one. IS THERE ANY SOLUTION TO THIS?. I am completely new to iTunes and I am finding it very clunky to use. Hope you can help as it is very tedious deleting 500 songs one at a time. Thank You.

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