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One way of finding a booking agent in the
music business is a thing called Google. By searching out booking agents is one way
of finding what you are looking for and writing to them. When you write to them, you have to illustrate,
in the numbers or in the links in your email, that you are not new to this, you do have
a following, you do have a buzz. And you can show that through your ReverbNation
page, through your Facebook page, your Twitter, that people are following you, that people
are interested in you, and they are downloading your music. Another way of clinching a deal with a booking
agent is to invite them to your show. When they come down and they see the following
and they see the response, they can say, “Alright. I could do something with this.” Now, a lot of times you are going to work
for free, initially, just so that they can use their main artist. Let’s say, for instance, that I am a booking
agent, and I have Rick Ross. I want to make Rick Ross show good, not with
other people that are going to compete with him, because they are well known as well. Sometimes I want to create some opening acts
and give them an opportunity. I won’t have to pay them or not pay them much. But, I give them an opportunity to make a
name for themselves, but I also allow my artist to be highlighted without being in competition
with them. The last thing to know about finding a booking
agent is it is sometimes a process. People think that the first time you write
to somebody and they do not write back to you or do not respond to your email they give
up. A lot of what booking agents want to see is
consistency. They want to see you have been on particular
shows and that you may reach out that one time. They may see your email, they might not respond
or they might respond. They might say, “Well, we’re not looking
for anybody right now.” Then you show up two weeks later, a month
later, three months later, and when they see you constantly on it, and every time they
got an email or message from you they see, like, “Okay. This person is going, stepping up now and
they have this large a following.” And they see that evolution, then they are
more than likely to buy into you. But if you had given up too early, then that
was almost like the first test that you failed. Finding a booking agent is pretty easy. There are a ton of them that are out there
just by Googling the name of their organization. You can find the name of these organizations
and email addresses and just start reaching out to them. One other thing, in addition to directly reaching
out to booking agents, is you can also find promoters: people who promote shows. A friend of mine, recently, he opened up for
Rick Ross. What he did was that he just found a promoter
and told the promoter, “Hey, I got a buzz. People know me and I would love to open up
for the artist. I will do it for free, but if you have a budget,
I will take that, too.” He got paid to open up for Rick Ross and now
all of Rick Ross fans got exposed to him. So what he did is he invited the booking agent
that he really wanted to come to that show to see him open up for Rick Ross and that
is how he clinched the deal. Those are some things you can do to find a
booking agent in today’s music business

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