how to design a trashy gay romance book cover


all of my new subscribers say *angelic singing* yeet unsubscribe 🙂 hi welcome to the reading
corner.. my channel (lol) it’s Divya G what does the G stand for? The
G stands for god-awful slogan that I started and now I can’t stop just like watching a new show on Netflix #IKeepYouTubeRelatable
or Miley Cyrus. Miley: And we can’t stop WHOA um so I went on my channel and erm fi-fi 50,000 subscribers??
ah yeah Owen Wilson says Wow that’s pretty good I would like to thank my mother for giving birth to me and the YouTube algorithm so my last video
was about it’s a Wattpad fanfic turned into a book best-selling turned into a
movie and you know what it was just a little bit too het for my liking so in
this video because 50,000 subscribers we’re having a little bit of a treat
yeah we’re we’re upping the gay on the on this video by a lot we’re gonna be
designing really trashy looking gay erotic covers. If you’re a new subscriber
uh-huh you’re in for a treat I bring all the B’s you know the banter the the
books the the Bee movie so yeah let’s just like any good projects and like Big Sean
featuring ariana grande said in the gospel and the most underrated Bible
verse to ever exist created in 2015 and his album these hoes be doing research
research research I swear she’s like this piece of hair off in the sink ain’t
come from me first no no we’re gonna go to the most reliable source to ever
exist Bible gateway (amen) oh would you look at that at 300
and 21 friend requests Wow I can’t even count to 321
honestly I know that my Goodreads link is in description below but I literally
never go on Goodreads because I don’t read 🙁 I think the fact that I’ve had this
long ass running joke that I’m a booktuber who doesn’t read it’s not even
funny anymore it’s actually not even a joke how am I gonna sit here calling
myself a booktuber and my reading challenge was one… I have read five books
out of my goal of one… oh wait I’m come on though,,, I’m- if you- I’m overachieving If- okay if my channel had a weather report it would it would be like: extended dry spells
could be the new normal that is historic here is where we are today barely
registering anything (also my 3 brain cells) for the most part seen a lot of drought in recent years
for the last 17 years two decades almost JusT lIke My LoVE lIfE the fact that I’m a booktuber who doesn’t read is is is it’s an oxymoron yeah look like an ox and act like a moron (ha…ha) gay romance find genre thank you yeah you can like- I’m – I’m only twelve
books in I can already see a theme it’s just a bunch of shirtless men 😉 it just
angers me okay like at least try to match like the colors like I can’t tell
with these covers it’s like what is actually serious and what is real I feel
like Peter Mellark right now I’m just going real or not real? Real. Someone was like “yeah Divya you
should do like a day in the life” I would do a day in the life except for the fact that it
would be kind of boring because every day just nothing ever… happens. This is atrocious I
actually I feel I feel sick lOOK at His Hand where is his hand? is it down his pants?
is it just blended away is it just Oh Mr Stark
I’m feeling so good ;o yeah let’s have like a beach background you know the sand can
get up all up in the crevices let’s go to the beach each let’s go get away .Oh
actually the worse it looks the better just don’t even try to stretch it but (it
actually pains me) skinny legend yeah the tree okay and then what else do you
need? Shirtless men we need some type of shirtless -what -. The switch when you look
at this and you look at like oh my god this is literally this is like a
metaphor for me over Christmas holidays you know I come to uni I do a lot of
walking as soon as Christmas comes expanding horizontally but not
vertically . We need to up with the gay on this channel oh okay but okay hear me out
yeah you can’t be sitting there telling me that when you saw Voldemort in a suit
you didn’t look at him and think wow what a dilf ;O you know you tell me you
didn’t look at that shiny smooth gradient egg head and think: I’d love to
lick that. Master Voldemort know I mean I mean I mean yeah this
video is about to be demonetized transformers Robots in Disguise we all
like a bad boy don’t we Not a murderer though. (If you get this v british specific reference from 2013 lmk) I am so tempted to put
like a member of EXO on here oh boy okay no sorry I’m just doing I’m just doing
research actually you know who’s actually allergic to shirts? Jason Derulo. I mean,,,,.I mean I mean okay for now we’ll just stick to you know
January February March April May June Jason Derulo HI 🙂 my battery ran out and then
it just got dark didn’t I was going through puberty but we shall continue
anyway where were we oh yes Jason Derulo (like if you have just witnessed Pavarotti) literally have Cadbury bar
pecs you could grate cheese on these pecs and since we are on this topic of
gayness I’ll tell you a little fun fact a little fun story about myself so when
I was born in Nepal the witches in Nepal cursed me. They left me with a curse
where basically everyone that I’ve ever had a crush on ever is gay. okay first of
all point in case the most prominent gay of them all that I’ve ever had a crush
on Troye Sivan. Conner Franta Dan Howell the
thing is like if I have a crush on someone they’re either gonna be gay or
they gonna be some type of gay somewhere (????????????) Cute boys that I see in the club?
and I think “o lil bit cute” Gay. Sometimes people message me on Instagram or on
Twitter or even in my YouTube comments and I look at the icon and I’m
like “oo a little bit cute” let me let me do a little bit of creepy stalking and Gay. And then the one time it’s not a dude
and I do want them to be gay turns out they’re not even gay um anyway what
was the thing yeah the fact that they’re gay it doesn’t even
matter because it’s not like it’s gonna affect any prospects at all whatsoever
even if they weren’t gay because I hate these little fangirls these twelve year olds
especially with like kpop especially and the fact that they feel so entitled
whenever their favorite is like in a relationship and then they send them
death threats and they’re like “Oh mY gOd I can’t BeLIeVe yOU sToLE My Man” It’s like girl.. these actors these idols they’re sitting
out here in the their own private jet First class tickets and you’re I’m sorry you’re in the
economy seat. You know? STAY IN YOUR SEAT. Some fans acts so childish like y’all need baby monitors
okay y’all need booster seats . Posture. right so like ever since doing computer
science I fully have a nerd neck okay I have NERD
neck and my back I- I’m about to look like the hunchback of notre dam by the time I’m 23 let me show you I sit at the computer like this like like MmM cODing. I don’t like the beach background
actually I feel like it’s just random oh no this is not what I wanted. He’s
into the dark arts you know master of multi roling you know sometimes a
little bit of a saucy snake…. sometimes a master of dark arts .. you know sometimes looking like marinated chicken I can’t decide on a title for this. We
have two options we could have riding solo because it’s Jason Derulo ;o or we
could have something like something Voldemort related you know something he made my wand levitate 😉 we need a
really really bad font. It was at this moment when Divya’s camera battery died and
she didn’t notice but continued to make bad jokes that no one should ever have
to endure. one of the jokes was about being horny and therefore logically to
conclude as a result of this ergo consequently thus hence a triceratops
hah the sand is about to get all up in their
eyes nose and lips I called this one he was a triceratop. Here are the erotic
covers. If the designers don’t try then neither will I . amazing. subscribe. please.
feed me. okay thank you for sticking around. That’s it. Content. Yeet

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