How to create an ebook with FlippingBook

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With FlippingBook, you can create interactive,
lead generating ebooks. Our tool converts static PDFs into HTML5 documents available as direct links
on any device. Here’s how an ebook
looks in a browser. It’s easy on the eyes with our lifelike
page turn effect. Each ebook has a grey skin and FlippingBook branding
by default. But you can set
a unique background and your company logo for instantly
recognizable content. Plus, add informative videos
anywhere on the page to further engage and
educate your clients. It’s also possible to
collect leads right within your ebook with our built-in
lead capture form. You can then track
how exactly each lead interacts
with the content. Captivating ebooks
created with FlippingBook empower both marketing
and sales! So, why not give
FlippingBook a try? Sign up for free on our website

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