How to Create a Flip Book


How to Create a Flip Book. Doodles are fun, but turn them into a flipbook
and they spring to life on the page—your flower blooms, your rocketship blasts off,
or, if your doodles are a little on the primitive side, sure: your stick figure walks. You will need A ruler Some loose paper A pen
or pencil Index cards and a rubber band. Step 1. Use the ruler to help you lightly draw a series
of rectangles on loose paper. These will act as guides, or frames, for your
concept. Start with about 48 frames—you can add or
subtract later as needed. Step 2. Conceptualize in your head the scene you’d
like to animate. Then lightly sketch out your animation in
the frames, drawing one frame for each stage of animation. Draw the first and last frames before filling
in the intermediary steps. Step 3. When you’re done with the sketches, it’s
time to make the actual flip book. Carefully draw each frame on the right-hand
side of a different index card. If your animation images are small, draw them
near the top corner. It will help you align your drawings to a
common point of reference. Step 4. Occasionally test how your animation looks
by holding the left side of the stack firmly with your left hand and flipping through the
right side with your right thumb. If you think there’s a jump in the animation,
insert a new card between the awkward frames and draw an intermediate step. Step 5. When you’re satisfied with all your drawings,
loop the rubber band tightly around the left side of the stack. Step 6. Now set the scene in motion with a flick of
your thumb. Try flipping it from back to front—yup,
the scene goes backward! Did you know The German word for a flip book
is daumenkino, which means “thumb cinema.”

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  1. 00ammy00 says:

    why don't they ever tell you how to do the interesting stuff like how to make slow-mo scenes or really fast scenes or panning? everyone knows how to do this basic shit

  2. eh jackie says:

    I like tha faces the dude make funny :O

  3. Electronic2011guy says:

    Acually "Daumenkino" means "Flipbook". Daumen kino means thumb cinema

  4. claykid12345 says:

    I am a kid and can do this…

  5. BlackenedPerspective says:

    @sfrewerd SO ARE WE

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    this video is kinda too much but did make me laugh at 1:48-1:89 pause there

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    @shooterboss well thats a GREAT idea, go make a video about it and leave us alone kk?

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    thats why we got dsi's…ITS EASIER

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    1:49 Jizz in ma pants

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    That guy's face was hilarious!~

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    The subtitles are just hilarious.

  20. TheBebe74 says:

    I have the same.pen

  21. alex beltran says:

    u could just use stickynotes and plus i know how to make one!

  22. idek says:

    can you tell me how please!

  23. BEASTxPROD1GY says:

    Or you could just buy a sticky note pad…

  24. Calamity on Cassette says:

    I use the giant stick notes from vate19….:3 LOL not really i use regualar

  25. Tomek Spawn says:

    0:08 to 0:12 how to you do soo equal the shape and porpotion without looking the layer?

  26. Musique3579 says:

    Here is how to do it easier which my Grandfather taught me. Use a normal small pad of paper and make the 1st pic on the bottom page, then put the next page on top and you can see through it enough to draw your next animation. When finihed, flip in the rerverse show here, but it is not such a big hassel and is alot of fun to do. 🙂

  27. xaralabosful says:

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    they r fun to do at school

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    I did that every day in school

  36. Jaden says:

    And I wasted 200,000 peices of paper

  37. The Anarkist says:

    This is my homework. Time to get an A. Lets Get It!!!!

  38. Ruz Tube says:

    this is my homework too

  39. adee52712 says:

    You cld just buy sticky notes and draw on those.

  40. iflow gaming says:

    you call this rubbish because u cant even make an artwork like this yourself. jeez

  41. AwkwardFellow says:

    Can you use regular paper to wnimate too? No index cards or sticky hotes?

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    wow howcast responded a comment

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    Guys, forget about the first few steps.. all you need is a sticky note pad.

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  53. Sandra Kemp says:

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  59. RubyTistic says:

    I made a DBZ Gohan flip book in like a day in a half no joke. Took me forever to fully color tho 🙁

  60. Bagas Mahardhika says:

    nice tips,great

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    This looks really old as its 5 years

  63. saur1 says:

    No need for index cards: just cut them on normal paper people, congrats, you saved 1.00$ from your wallet, give it to a homeless man! (really, help other people :D)

  64. Peluda Pelo says:

    nos e ingle spero no lo pueden poner en español por lo mismo

  65. Donkey Kong says:

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    I died 😅

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  78. Skelly Lol says:

    Well my mum helps me a little bit

  79. Baskaran Surendran says:

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  81. ItzShiba says:

    You know what we dont need cinemas we just create and draw

    If directors used cameras so many editing but with flipbooks easy

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    Thank you

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  91. John Martin says:

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