How to Conduct a Great Book Club Discussion

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How to Conduct a Great Book Club Discussion. If you have the honor of moderating your book
club’s meeting, find out how to make it memorable. You will need Curiosity Brainstorming ability
A list of questions and enthusiasm. Step 1. Investigate possible topics. Ask yourself what interests you, for instance,
theme, character development, or imagery. Step 2. Brainstorm ideas that spring from your interests
in the book – and ask fellow club members to send their questions to you before the
meeting. Step 3. Pick between five and 10 questions. You now have your list. If there is not much interest in a question,
move on to the next one. Enjoy the conversation. Step 4. Show enthusiasm. If you’re interested in what you’re talking
about, it’ll be infectious – which will result in a dynamic sharing of ideas. Did you know Did you know? When Oprah Winfrey selected Anna Karenina
for her book club, its publisher ordered 800,000 more copies.

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