How To Color Fondant make every color with only 5 gel colours


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100 thoughts on “How To Color Fondant make every color with only 5 gel colours”

  1. kateymateymusic1 says:

    That is very fascinating! My husband works in slo motion imaging and he was commenting how much work this video would have been. That’s not always appreciated by viewers but we certainly do xx thanks

  2. Rhia Official says:

    Do a video of how to make pink

  3. Olivia Cassie says:

    Does anyone know where to get cheap fondant either online and/or in NZ? I have looked online and in shops and all of it is pretty expensive. I make my own marshmellow fondant, which tastes good and is cheap(ish) to make, but takes AGES and is super sticky. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it!!

  4. Bernadette Walters says:

    Best damn video I have ever seen. I would love to see one on colouring buttercream as well

  5. ilma lareef says:

    how to achive maroon colour

  6. Adijat Mustapha says:

    This is an insanely well done video.

  7. marie halley says:

    Although I enjoyed this video you made, you should have taken off your ring while doing this.

  8. Aanna says:

    Thank you for this VERY well done video!

  9. Laura Snell-Jones says:

    The amount of people I've seen in food videos who don't remove their rings, and then they're rolling out food/fondant,dough…my old Home EC teachers (not to mention my grandma) would have a fit and probably cut my finger off lol
    Anyway, cheers for this 😀

  10. Belinda Y says:

    really love this video and you explain it very very well!

  11. Zander Albercook says:

    So apparently fondant Works like printer ink?

    Because printer ink you need magenta yellow and cyan and of course black

  12. Abby Faris says:

    Oh my gosh!!! Your stop motions of the fondant mixing together were AMAZING!!! My fiancé works in slow motion, and he was commenting on how great this was!!!

  13. MrSasyB says:

    I've only had problems with the purple, it tends to lose that purple tone and become more blue so I always add a drop of pink

  14. KidOnTheNet says:

    The stop motion was amazing. It must have taken so much work.

  15. Jennifer LaBove says:

    Red blue yellow black white.

  16. Brentt Bumatay says:

    The effort that goes into your videos is astounding. So informative and so well presented. It makes me want to go back into baking 😁

  17. uknowihateyou says:

    I've made just few cakes, only for my family but I've never reached a nice dark colours, because I had only some crappy powder/sugary colorings. After mixing half of the pack of colouring, I was desperate so I grabbed the colour, some vodka and painting brush and simply painted it 😁

  18. jannnellleee says:

    Omg this is so cool!! Pity I’m allergic to artificial food colour haha

  19. Morgan Glines says:

    This video is gorgeously done. Super impressive.

    The one color you didn't mention that I find super, super helpful is champagne. You can add it to just about any other color to make it less vibrant. I tend to like a lot of pastels, but to make them look more Laduree and less "It's a girl!" I find myself adding champagne to a lot of my fondant/icing/gum paste/whatever. It's the easiest way to add depth, richness, and complexity to just about any color. It's also very subtle and very neutral, so it's pretty difficult to really screw up any given color you're working on.

    It's also a very useful color on it's own. I tend to like it when I'm doing anything white on white. If you add just a tiny bit it creates a really nice, subtle contrast, say, for a basket weave with multiple textures, or if you want to add a center to flowers. You get the effect of white on white, but with more depth. It's my favorite, favorite, favorite gel paste color.

  20. Grant Bosacker says:


  21. SAMC: Animator says:

    I love how you used stop-motion to animate the mixing of colored fondant! So fun!

  22. apparentlyrebbecca says:

    Cyan Yellow Magenta and Black: am I a fondant printer?? 😮
    Edit: 9:45 Yes, yes I am.

  23. misc. endeavours says:

    I'm making (hopefully) a marbled effect fondant icing for a cake that needs to be peacock colours and this video is already helping me to avoid mistakes – thank you for explaining things clearly and demonstrating so much : )

  24. Tata Gar says:


  25. KeyStroke says:

    Thank you so much for the video. The animations are absolutely brilliant! I love your show. Don't ever stop!!! The color system is also great as it is what we use in the printing and graphics design business—CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key *black*) and yes, you can make every color except red. Now, if you're using light instead of pigment, you use RGB (Red, green, blue) and you can make every color with those, too. 🙂

  26. Mari__ says:

    Hi! Do you have a video like this but for coloring Royal icing?

  27. Naomi Molina says:


  28. Jen Tuesday says:

    Anyone have a better link for the recipe? Color combos. I’m just getting the home page?

  29. Sean Patrick Gonzalez says:

    Ever heard of gloves?

  30. Lillian2167 says:

    I love fondant icing. :''D please tell me you ate all these afterwards or used them on some cakes. :''D

  31. FrancesBaconandEggs says:

    Are these gel colors stable in heat? I make macarons a lot and the usual frosting gel food colorings fade and get brownish.

  32. jccjccjoanne says:

    Colour Theory with fondant. AMAZING.

  33. Laura Lizbinski says:

    This video is so informative!!!!!

  34. Pruthvi Patel says:

    Your voice is so sooting when you explain evrything that it feeels like when my mother teaches me how to cook. I just loved the rainbow of all the fondant colors and how you used animations to liven up the video which otherwise might have felt a bit boring. Thanks for the advice!😃♥️

  35. Chibis Aguirre says:

    She's like the Bob Ross of fondant xD

  36. Vatsal Narang says:

    Hi Ann, I tried colouring my fondant using this quantity, I used 1/8 tsp of black gel colour(wilton brand) for 50 g of fondant, but my fondant turned very light grey, I had to add a full tablespoon of colour to get a nice black, I'm sure this problem has arised due to the quality of fondant. Could you suggest me some brands available on Amazon that sell good quality fondant..

  37. Jessie says:

    Would using food safe gloves also work instead of the plastic bag or would the color transfer to the gloves?

  38. Jace Meyer says:

    I love your channel BUT jeez you're definitely NOT PLASTIC-FREE and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Have u ever thought about reducing plastic usage?

  39. Miss Thing says:

    So much effort goes into these videos!! They’re amazing

  40. Aparajita Sengupta says:

    Such an amazing video!! Am floored😍😍

  41. Klara Belle says:

    I've struggled with this for what feels like forever😭. Finally measurements that I understand and guess what, SUCCESS! ❤️

  42. Mlp cookieArtist says:

    You get red by mixing a little yellow to magenta, atleast in paint

  43. Manw Cat says:

    I just love how much effort you put on this video, especially on that stop-motion part.

  44. Llama Sugar says:

    I LOVE this! As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of gadgets for the sake of gadgetry. I’m definitely a minimalist in the kitchen. This is great!
    📽 The stop-motion action is amazing!!

  45. Li says:

    How long did all that stop motion take??

  46. zoe lawrence says:

    Any thoughts on how to mix without using (disposable) plastic?

  47. Gray Jasons says:


  48. littlebitofchaos says:

    I use the americolor gels. I have tried many over the years and have found they come out the best.

  49. pearl kyi says:


  50. pearl kyi says:


  51. pearl kyi says:

    red cup

  52. ELENA RAPOSO says:

    my royal icing dries from a deep to a pastel faded color super annoying.

  53. Thieving Khajiit says:

    What if I added Evanescence

  54. Angelica Mateo says:

    amazing video what creativity with your filming technique so much fun to watch. great tips.

  55. Loli says:

    I like how one color is color and the other one is colour

  56. Red Panda lover says:

    If you know the color wheel, making colors from primary colors is a piece of cake

  57. Janani Siva says:

    His is awesome!

  58. JR S says:

    Now this is an impressive video. I am Subscribing just because of that.

  59. graco the lizard says:

    Hi random person
    It was my birthday yesterday
    I don’t want anything from you
    Its not like you care
    It’s not like anyone really cares

  60. natasha says:

    The little fondant animations are mesmerizing, i could watch that for ages lol

  61. Amaryllisia Drago says:

    Or you know.. you could just wear gloves. 🤔

  62. Michelle Kim says:

    This is such a beautiful video 🙏

  63. Nikki Lynne says:

    Can you do this with clay?

  64. Tim Frey says:

    I learned about this in watercolor mixing, colors blend completely differently depending on their leaning in the color wheel, the reason that even primary colors don't always create their secondary mixes is because all primaries lean cool or warm. all reds are either orangish red or purplish red, all blues are greenish blue or purplish blue, and all uellows are greenish yellow or orangish yellow, and it's hard to find a "true" one that doesn't lean one way or the other. so if you have a purplish blue and a purplish red, they'll make purple, but if you have a greenish blue and an orangish red, like here since cyan is a very greenish blue and you have a very orangish red, it's like mixing orange and green, essentially all three primaries, and it goes brown. Now if you had an indigo blue, and a purplish red instead of orangish red, you could mix plain red with your blue, you have to use magenta because the red is too orange to ever mix with any tone of blue. if you had primaries that were more true you can definitely just use red, blue and yellow like normal, my gel colors have a very vibrant true red that doesn't lean too warm or cool but if I had to say, probably a pinch on the cool side, so it mixes great with my blues for purple, but it also seems to work great with the yellows. I would not like to have such an orange red that I have to make new colors to mix my colors, ouch. Of course they were expensive too, from Michael's, and the red also has no bitter taste which I'm really thankful for.

  65. Jaime Gandarilla says:

    But I'm not a quinceañera in 2009

  66. YouKnowDrako ! says:

    I hope you washed your hands

  67. Kurtis Kroon says:

    Just thought you might like to know this video is coming as recommended for “Makeup – topic”

    Apparently, the powers that be at YouTube think your color range should be an eyeshadow palette … {chuckle}

  68. Sheila Guerenstein says:

    Amazing video, I’ve really been enjoying all of yours so much!! I was wondering if you could do a video testing out “natural” food coloring (how to make it and how it would interact when making candy or coloring chocolate)..would love to learn how to use natural food color in cooking 🙂

  69. Honey SweetHeart says:

    It’s like a value study, but instead of painting 🎨, it’s food coloring

  70. Ovidiu-Alexandru Cristu says:

    so much dedication and a lot of work to offer this information.

  71. Galaxy gamer says:

    The real name of fondant was : edible clay:3

  72. Galaxy gamer says:

    By the way those are some awesome stop motions.

  73. Mishumydog says:

    The stop motion on this video is amazing! Good job 🙂

  74. Hera the Angel Coyote says:

    What about forest green

  75. Kai Dawkins says:

    4:27 the middle one looks like a cherry tomato

  76. ilikeceral3 says:

    How do you make fondant that doesn’t taste like glue?

  77. fariha tazry says:

    How to make Teal colour fondant?
    please let me know @howtocookthat

  78. fariha tazry says:

    How to make Teal colour fondant?
    please let me know

  79. lindieinred says:

    You made a CYMK color model out of fondant. That’s cool!

  80. Hannah Reynolds says:

    I hate iced cakes, but was fascinated by this. A brilliantly made, and informative video – thank you.

    [Ed] I don't think I'd ever be able to cut that Winnie the Pooh cake, it was a masterpiece!

  81. PinguPrice says:

    The stop animation you did for the fondant animations was a lot of work and it was very satisfying to watch 😀

  82. Angelica Mateo says:

    Okay, this is my favourite how-to video of all time.

  83. 123 أم مازن says:

    great.. thats what i was looking for👍thank u

  84. Hamideh Orra says:

    Awesome video! Thank you!

  85. Asha Wickam says:


  86. Comment Unchecked says:

    I've never heard of flavouring fondant before… Interesting video

  87. Spookay T'is Me says:

    Is there any reason that I can't use powderless by gloves, sprayed with oil, instead of putting it in a ziplock bag?

  88. TIGER NINJA says:

    She did this all wrong ur r supposed to take off ur ring

  89. Giulia Coene says:

    Hey, can someone please explain to me why she can't just use rubber gloves instead? I have literally been wondering about this for so long. You could mix the fondant more easily and faster and maybe even reuse them??

  90. angelbaby99 says:

    The Wilton purple faded to blue after being in direct sunlight once but artificial lights didn't do anything to it also that was also butter cream not fondant I don't know if that would make a difference

  91. Barb Hawkins says:

    I did a pink cake about a month ago, put it in our breakroom on the table in front of a window and it was almost white by lunchtime. I used Wilton.

  92. dammitmars says:

    thank you for having captions!!

  93. Mr AlligatorMouthMan says:

    Australia’s cold weather is 60°F

  94. cinnabunnyy says:

    This is great, I will apply this when creating my own acrylic powder shades

  95. M J says:

    Thank you for this great informative video!

  96. Roman Maximos says:


  97. Partha Naved says:

    5:46 Thise look like lipstick 😀😀

  98. Bianca B says:

    So, primary colours are cyanne, yellow and magenta.They make red, blue , orange, purple and green.That's why the printer uses them too.You can create any other colour with this three.

  99. K I U says:

    Hi Ann,
    the red color being different and fading is the same with colors for printing media (papers, magazines, posters etc.)
    When I was young I studied graphic design and the printer guy learned me a few tricks.
    On print there are tiny dots (called Raster) and the print media are angled in different degrees – cyan is 15, magenta is 75, yellow 0 and black is 45 degrees angled. If you want a vibrant red color, the magenta plate should be switched with the cyan (the angled degrees). It may seem like it doesn't work, but it actually does. Most supermarket adds are printed like this, because we tend to prefer meat that looks red.

  100. maria perez says:

    Hello how would you be able to achieve midnight blue

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