How to change skin in Minecraft PE only on kindle fire hd(n


This video didn’t fully get to upload so after it pauses, wait and
don’t quit out of the app or turn off device. something will pop
up and follow its instructions.

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25 thoughts on “How to change skin in Minecraft PE only on kindle fire hd(n”

  1. VGEuphony says:

    skin stealer sucks, dont use it

  2. FacepalmUpgraded says:

    srsly this sucks

  3. Trefiger says:

    @Minecraftzinger can I play online with u on kindle

  4. Trefiger says:

    I work for me

  5. Trefiger says:

    @Minecraftzinger answer my question we can play on update

  6. Minecraftzinger says:

    sorry the second half didn't get posted, there was something wrong with my camera

  7. Minecraftzinger says:

    just click on "minecraft PE" button and uninstall. if you dont want to buy it again, go to to replace application them, do the steps in the video

  8. Minecraftzinger says:

    @superyoshi3211 just uninstall minecraft pe and install again 🙂 dont worry it re installs free. thanks for asking for help nicely. i appreciate it

  9. Minecraftzinger says:

    i am soon gonna post new vid fi

  10. Minecraftzinger says:

    i' m SOon posting vid on getting texture packs on mcpe! but my camera space is full:(

  11. Minecraftzinger says:

    @LegitAintIt15 are you using kindle fire or hd?

  12. Minecraftzinger says:

    Hey guys, i found a better way to get skins! First, download this app called 1mobile from and search "pockettool" no space. Then, download pockettool. next, go to and search your favorite skin. After, press download and click on the click on the image for a long time and press save image. Almost done! finally, open pockettool and press "install downloaded content" then press on BOTH images for a long time and press install. then go back and press "Use took kit"-

  13. Minecraftzinger says:

    -then, click on use skins/textures and click on the flat image for a long time and press use . that's it! just press on the top right hand corner and wait. you must uninstall. it's safe dont worry becuase it saves it into the cloud library. thanks, if u have any questions, feel free to ask!

  14. Minecraftzinger says:

    @el3MON8R okay i just made the video, you can go ahead and watch it. hope it helps u. it's a much better version! enjoy! 🙂

  15. Minecraftzinger says:

    @Weston Lewis instead of posting the other half, i posted a better version. for current version, right after you press. apply skin, wait until it pops up to the page where it says uninstall application. . dont worry, it uninstalls safely and saves to cloud storage so u can install it again for free and it should work. enjoy :))

  16. Minecraftzinger says:

    @ do you download minecraft pocket edition from amazon appstore or 4shared or something? it probably wont work because you have the one from amazon appstore. i would delete the one u got from appstore(it will save your worlds) and get thr one from 4shared. make sure not to get the wrong one. retry the steps and try again. if it . doesnt work when u deleted the one from amazon appstore, you can always find it in the cloud library. hope this helped u. let me know if it works:)

  17. Minecraftzinger says:

    This method is old, try my new method from my new video for applying skins! So much more to pick from ! visit my Facebook. page to learn how to fix the unauthorized request issue.

  18. Minecraftzinger says:

    @Ben Gray your worlds will be saved 🙂

  19. Minecraftzinger says:

    if it doesnt work just watch my other remake on this

  20. Minecraftzinger says:

    sorry guys they probably removed the app 🙁 and yeah if you said the video got cutoof, u r right

  21. Minecraftzinger says:

    I didnt, I uploaded it before him. And I didnt watch any youtube vids before i discovered this myself

  22. Minecraftzinger says:

    It's not there anymore cuz it's in 1mobile. And sorry cuz i didnt check the vid if it was cut off.

  23. Minecraftzinger says:

    @Tyler Hattabaugh delete the demo and repeat the process then reinstall the demo. That should make it work 🙂

  24. Minecraftzinger says:

    If t doesnt work, how come it worked for me?

  25. Minecraftzinger says:

    I'm not rooted and I'm not 7, I'm in Middle School, okay…

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