How to Buy On Amazon (really easy)


Hi, there guys welcome back to another brand
new episode, and today we gonna be show you, how to shop on amazon. As you can see, now
we are on amazon home page. Once you are here, the first thing you gonna wanna do is, go up
here and click on sign in. Then you can sign in to your amazon account, or if you don’t
have an existing amazon account you can always create one, by click this “I’m a new customer”
button, and follow the on screen instructions. Once you successfully created the account,
you can go back to the sing in page and Sign using your email id and password. Now you
are successfully singed in to your amazon account. So let’s go for our first amazon
shopping. You can found many products on amazon. You can search for a product by going through
the category, example if you are looking for a smart phone, Probably you gonna wanna go
to mobile and table section and here you will find this smartphones, click on it, and we can
see all the available smart phones here. Now the second and my favorite way to search for
a product on amazon is by through the search box, Simply type in your product name or category.
Then click on search. Here is the search result, and this is the product that I’m looking
for. You may found same items in different price tag, in that case, i recommend you to
check the product rating. This product got 4 start rating which is good, actually the
rating is not indicating the product value instead it is indicating the seller trust
worthy. This feature will help you to buy from good rated sellers with confidence, and
you can see this product here is an amazon fullfilled product, which means the Items “Fulfilled
by Amazon” are offered by a third-party seller, but shipped from an Amazon Fulfillment Center. Once you decide which product you wanna buy just, click on it. And it will redirect to the product individual page, and Here you will find the product pictures from different
angles and dimensions, You can choose to view any picture by clicking on it and you can just zoom in or out, and see the picture in more detail, this feature will help you to learn more about your product’s physical appearance. Right next to it you will find, product details, You can read them as well for a better understanding,
for what you can expect form this product, If your product avail in different color you
can select or switch between them from here as well. Let’s choose black. If you scroll
down a little bit, you find be the Product description and specifications. If you go
further downwards, you will be find the product review form customers that already bought
this product, i suggest you to read the comments and reviews, to know what others can say about this
and there experience about this product, and it will give you more confident on your buy.
So that’s all here, So let’s proceed buy, for buying this product, On the right side
you will find these to buttons, I will explain both of them to you in detail. If you want to by only this product on this purchase you can click on the buy now button and I will instantly bring you to the
payment page, Or if you have to buy couple of products at once, You can add this product
to your cart, by clicking on the add to cart button. So let’s click on add to cart because
I wanna Show you how to buy multiple products at once. Now you can search and add to cart
the other products that you wanna buy as well. In my case I already searched for all the
other products, to make thinks a little bit faster. So let’s add these products to the carts one by one. Once you finished adding to cart, You can go to your cart for checkout, You
will find the cart menu on the top right side of your amazon page Just click on it, and as you can see now we
are on your amazon shopping cart. You can see here, all the product that we added to
cart. If you want to buy multiple piece of a same product, You can go to the quantity
tab and select the quantity you want, if you want to remove any product from the cart,
you can always click on the delete button, Or if you are planning to buy one of these
product later, you can just click on the save for later button, and it will be added to
your wish list, Later you can go to your wish list and find and order that product as well.
So let’s proceed buying, Once you are ready, Click on proceed to checkout button. Now it
will ask you the delivery address, enter your address or any address the you want your product
to be delivered, I already add my address, so I can click on deliver to this address button.
Now you will get to this page, just click on continue and finally you will get to the
payment page. Here you can see all the available payment methods, here we have the credit card payment option, Debit card option, and net banking option. and for this time i’m gonna choose
net banking, i found It is more easy and safe to buy online. So let’s choose net banking,
then Choose your bank from here and you can click on continue. Then you will get to this page,
and here you will find the option to use the promo code or gift cards to get discount.
Unfortunately, we don’t have one now, So if you have, you can definitely type in the code
here and click on ok, and the discount will be automatically applied to your purchase.
Now you can click on “place your order and pay” button, once you click on it, you will be
redirect to the Net-banking login page, Just login to your Net-banking account. Now it
will show you some information, such as your order total amount, Verify that and click on continue.
Now enter your transaction password here and click on submit. Now your bank will send you a onetime
otp to your phone, Which is a secret code and do not share it with others, Just enter
it here and click on submit. Now we successfully paid. Here you can see “thank you, your
order has been placed” massage! that means we successfully bought the products. Now all
you wanna do is, sit back and relax and wait for your orders to be arrive, once your orders
reach your delivery location or your location, the courier service will contact you, and in most case,
they will deliver the products at your door step, as your preference. And while that you
can track your order by going to the “your order” page on amazon. Here you can checkout
your order status, if you experience any kind of problem regrade your orders, for example
you may receive a damaged or faulty product, It is very rare to be happen so, but in case
if it happens, you can always call the amazon customer care, And they will definitely fix
your problem as soon as possible. If you found this video is help full, leave it a thumbs up
and If you wanna see more videos like this, get subscribed, and show us the love by sharing the content. This is Amal rafi from geeks tutorial, see you guy on next one. Peace out!

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