How to build a DIY pallet bookshelf


Hi I am Craig Phillips and in this video I
am going to show you how to build your own book shelf. And the tools you are going to
need are cordless drills, jigsaw, sander, set square, tape measure, a circular saw,
but if you haven’t got one a hand saw is fine, screws and glue. Now these are the standard
lengths of the slats pff a pallet so I am going to use four of them and these are going
to be the back section of my shelf like this. And then I am going to be fitting a fifth
one across the front there which is going to hold the books in. This is going to be
about 300mm which is the average size of an A4 book in there. And then we have got these
big thick kind of three by two skids that usually go in between the pallets where the
forklift of course gets in. What I am going to do is create a nice little shape on here
so that it gives a better design to both sides of the shelf. So if I put that into position,
a bit higher up. Place that one on top. Make a little mark here, and then what I want to
do is trace it across there so take that down and get my straight edge. That is the cut
that I want to make, and it will go on the side there and keep it nice and square on
the front for this piece to be mounted on to hold the books in place. Now there is a
couple of ways we can cut this. One is we could of course use a hand saw starting from
that way, cut our way down to there and then cut away there. A quicker and easier way is
using a circular saw if you have one. I have got my marked piece of timber ready to cut,
I have got it firmly clamped down on to two work benches, I am going to use my circular
saw and don’t forget your safety specs. And that is the angle that I require, I made a
mark here earlier. I am just going to cut that with the hand saw and a mark here and
here. I am going to cut that and then I have got my side bracket. So this is the first
mark I made earlier when we were creating our shape. We have put another pallet slat
along side it which is going to be the front section holding the books into place. This
is the area where we want to cut. Square it up using a set square and cut it using your
hand saw. Perfect, and that is one side of the bracket and it is going to be fitted to
here. And then the front section along the front. All we need to do now is repeat that
for the opposite side. You can take your side section, place it on top of your original
cut, and we should have a perfect piece to match. All we need to do now is mark it here
and here with your pencil, and then you can cut that. Now we have got our two side sections
cut to shape, we place them in to position. Of course the front one is going to be fixed
on to here, then we will get a final piece for the bottom to fix there of course to hold
the books in to place. And then we can use our pencil to create a nice little shape along
the back of it that we can cut out with the jigsaw. Now this is the top back section.
I am going to create my shape, no w double check it is one meter, but a mark there on
500mm which is the centre. And then freehand I am going to try to draw a nice little shape
there. I am thinking keeping it proud in the centre because we will want to drill a little
hole in there to be able to screw it to the wall. And then a nice little soft curved edge
taking it back up to that edge there. Probably only coming down around 20 or 30mm and then
slowly softly taking it back up to there. Once you have marked that shape up with your
pencil you ca get your jigsaw and do your cut. I am going to clamp this on here, keep
it nice and steady while I cut it, and I will have to move this two or three times to actually
do the cut right the way through. Two clamps and two work benches should hold it nice and
firm. Ok, that is the shape all cut now. Now remember you have done this freehand so you
might not get it right first time, but that is looking kind of what I wanted for the back
section. There we go. Just place it into position before you fix it together, double check that
you are happy with the shape of that and if you are we can now sand down all the individual
pieces, glue, drill and screw these pieces together. And of course if you don’t have
a belt sander you can use a sanding block. My side piece that I cut the nice shape, I
am going to place that down on to the workbench here because we want to screw these sections
into the back of it. Place them on, offer it into position. OK, now they are resting
in position I am just going to drill some pilot holes in here. OK, once the pilot holes
are done slide them off the one side, put a nice line of glue along here. You can worry
about getting that edge square in a moment but first of all make it nice and flush to
the top end. Two screws should be ample in each pallet slat. Hold it into position, there
we go. We are driving in 40mm screws, perfect. And then the next one. Again, nice and flush
on this edge. Do the same on the opposite side, plenty of glue on there. Start off with
the top piece of the cut shape. Placing them in to position, offer it up making sure to
offer it up to this end and also that end there. Now you have got the one side already
fixed in, the bottom one is fixed there, we can pull these nice and tight, get a fixing
in the top and that way we know they are all nice and secure ready to drill them down and
screw them in place. Right then, now we lift this up and we can see we have the back section
in place and we have got that lovely shape that we cut earlier, we have got the side
sections sloping down, the next stage is to have this piece on the front. Same again,
offer it up, make sure it is nice and flush to the edges, apply a small amount of glue
to both sides, again just two screws is ample in both sides. Now I have turned the book
shelf upside down, wedged it into my work bench to fix the bottom slats into position.
Just offer them up, if you are happy with them I am going to drill some pilot holes
again in the timber to stop it splitting. Two in each end. And also a couple along the
front there again so we can screw it into the face. Making sure that he is nice and
flush along here before you screw them down. Now the last slat to fit on here you might
find it is a little bit too wide and you are going to have to cut a small piece off the
back. So that is why we fixed this one on first so it is nice and solid. And then I
take my pencil and just draw the line right under the underside here. And the
we just need to cut this off. Offer it up, see if it nice and smooth. Apply some more
glue. So that is how quick and easy it is to build your bookshelf out of reclaimed pallet
pieces. If you want more pallet projects, please visit the website

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    Mort de rire, franchement c'est du travail de branquignolle

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    I was wondering where Craig was the other day. I wondered why he wasn't doing something like this and then he pops up in my suggestions. Subscribed!

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    Nice bookshelf.

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    did you forget your hearing protection craig….turn out nice..thanks for sharing

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    it's a great video and also the others.. the thing he takes the time by showing and talking through the work that he doesvery helpful thank you.. could you in the future do a kitchen with pallets ? I just wanted to do one for my small beach/ country house .. so it would have that rustic look

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    Rougher than a dogs guts

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    Instructions unclear. Dick is stuck in fan

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    Not pallet wood though.. again. just wood cut to Pallet Dimensions..when working with Pallet wood it is important to remember that one pallet can use two or three different types of wood from different stages of their life cycle and so you are never workin with easy perfect and well sanded wood.

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