How to book PDA online – Tutorial – Driving Test Bookings in Perth Western Australia


This is just a short tutorial video on
how to book the driving assessment in Perth Western Australia so the direct
link for this particular website will be attached in the description of the video
once you’ve opened this window just enter your drivers license permit
number and the next column would be license permit expiry date just make
sure you insert hyphens between the digits because the system will not
proceed if there’s no hyphens between for example 26/02/2021 clearly the next thing is your first name surname if you’ve got
multiple names just make sure how they’ve got it in
their system just have a look at your learner’s permit and often people from
South America would have three or four names so you wouldn’t make any spaces
between the names and if it doesn’t work just try it again okay so we’ve got a
new window search availability if you’ve got your entitlement paid it’s gonna let
you choose the licensing center Cannington, Joondalup, Kelmscott, Mandurah, Midland, Mirrabooka, Rockingham, West Perth and Willagee, so these are the
metropolitan licensing centre you would click on regional up above if you are
interested in attending your driving test at some of the regional centres. And now we’ve got some dates Okay we’ve got as early as a
thirteenth of the 3rd, 5th of the 7th, sixth of the seventh, okay so okay we’ll grab
the sixth of the seventh down to the bottom right of your page, click
confirm, don’t accidentally click logout because it’s not gonna book the
pre-selected date. Now it gives you an option to send yourself an email. When
you turn up for your driving assessment just make sure you have your
confirmation either on your mobile phone or printed confirmation in case something
goes wrong, and this is pretty much it. So thank you for watching! Book driving
assessments wisely make sure you’ve got plenty of notice of you intend to change
or cancel.

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2 thoughts on “How to book PDA online – Tutorial – Driving Test Bookings in Perth Western Australia”

  1. Driving School WA says:

    If the system doesn't allow you to book online, it may be for various reasons. Including but not limited to unpaid fines, medical conditions, expired documents etc. Ring 131 156 Monday-Friday between 8AM and 5PM. Expect delays! The usual waiting time is 25 minutes.

  2. Jason Mason says:

    Thank you

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