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– There are some things in life that you cannot cook in the microwave. And there are some things in school that you can’t do either. Watch this video. (edgy rock music) Hey what’s up? This is Kantis Simmons,
academic success expert and leading authority
on student achievement, and today, I want to help you build some strong study habits. Now before I do so, I want
to tell you this quick story. A few weeks ago, my mom, she cooked me a chicken pot pie. She brought it to me, I ate it, and man, that chicken
pot pie was so awesome. It was so awesome that the next few days, I was absolutely fiending
chicken pot pies. So I went to the local grocery store and I purchased me maybe
about five chicken pot pies. I took the first pot pie, I opened it up, I put a few holes in the crust, stuck it in the microwave for
maybe four to five minutes, pulled the chicken pot pie out, ate the chicken pot pie. And then I noticed that
the chicken pot pie, it didn’t taste as good as
my mom’s chicken pot pie. So the next day came around, I did the exact same thing. I said well, I didn’t cook it long enough. So I pull the chicken pot pie out, put a few more holes in the crust, put the chicken pot pie in the oven. And I put it on five
minutes and 30 seconds. Pulled the chicken pot pie out, ate it, and then I noticed again, it still doesn’t taste like
my mom’s chicken pot pie. So I called my mom and I was like Mama Mama Mama, I’m cooking
chicken pot pies over here and I noticed that my chicken pot pie doesn’t taste like your chicken pot pie. And she said well son, what are you doing? I said Mom I’m simply
taking the chicken pot pie out of the box, putting a few holes in it, sticking it in the microwave and eating the chicken pot
pie after it cools down. She said son, you’re
putting the chicken pot pie in the microwave? She said, baby I don’t do that. I don’t put any chicken
pot pie in the microwave. I put it in the oven. She said son, there are some things that are not microwavable. (crickets) (slo mo) There are some things
that are not microwavable. As a student, whether you’re
a middle school student, high school student, college
student, returning student, or maybe you’re taking
some classes online, when it comes to these
school books and studying, it’s not microwavable. You know, we do live in a society where everything is fast. We have Twitter, Facebook,
Instagram, Pinterest, we can text message
somebody, email somebody, and things happen very fast. But here’s the thing, when you’re studying for your subjects, when you really want to
achieve academic excellence, you have to take some time, where studying those
subjects are concerned. And what I want to do, I want to give you four
things that you can do to build and to strengthen
your study habits. Number one, I want you to begin to write out a specific
goal for your study time. Let’s say that you’re sitting
down to study chemistry for about two hours. What’s the goal for that two hours span when you’re studying chemistry? Go ahead and write down the specific goal. For example, I will
learn the periodic table or the elements of the periodic table over these next two hours. If you’re studying
mathematics or doing calculus, write down a specific goal, I will understand the Pythagorean Theorem within these next two hours. Step number one or habit number one is begin to write a specific
goal for your study time. Number two, I want you to establish a specific place to study. And only study in that specific place. Let’s think for a second. When you sit down or
you lay down in the bed, your body knows to go to sleep. When you sit down at the kitchen table, your body knows it’s time to eat. When you even sit down and
watch television on the sofa, your body knows to
enjoy the entertainment. And truth be told, when
you go to the bathroom, your body knows exactly what to do, right? So the same way your body’s programmed for the kitchen, the bedroom,
the bathroom, the sofa, go ahead and program your body to have a specific place to study. When you sit in that
place, your entire being knows it’s time to study
and it’s time to focus. Here’s step number three, I want you to set a specific time to study a specific
subject every single day. Yes, every single day, set a specific time to
study a specific subject and do it every single day. If you’re studying
chemistry or math or English and literature, what time of day are you studying that subject? And do you do it every single day? This rolls over to habit number four or study tip number four, which is to study your
more challenging subjects, when you’re most energetic. You know, a lot of
times students will wait to study those harder
classes late in the evening, probably around the time
period they’re lethargic. But if you find yourself having challenges in certain classes, make sure you start
studying those subjects when you’re most energetic. Maybe you’re a morning person, maybe you’re an afternoon person, maybe you’re a late
night person like myself. Whenever you feel your superpowers, that’s the time period for you to study. So there are four study tips that you can start to implement right now. Number one, set a specific
goal for your study time. Write it out, write out the goal for that study time. Number two, establish a set place to study and the only thing you do
in that place is study. Number three, set a specific
time every single day to study a specific subject. And then number four, make sure you study your
more challenging subjects when you’re most energetic. Hopefully that was helpful for you. If it was, I would love for
you to leave me a comment and let me know what you
thought about this video. Also, if you have any other
challenges academically or with school that you want
me to shoot a video about and give you some of my advice, just leave me a comment
and I will do that as well. And you know what? There is only one game in life. There is only thing in life, one thing in school that you can do, and that’s to play your A-game. (edgy rock music)

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