How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended


Oh wow she’s floating back all the sudden! Quick someone open the door! But sir! *screams* Oh my! I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Oh no happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps. This Poe Dameron of the republic fleet I have
an urgent communique for General Hux. Destroy that ship. hello? Right away, Sir. Oh poop. We’ve got enemy fighters closing in! uh… I suddenly have to use the bathroom. The chain of command dictates that Admiral
Ackbar will take command. Because… seniority. Excellent! heheh. Sorry Sister. (sigh) I’d rather not do this right now. Yeah me too. Oh my gosh! A little privacy please! Eeww! the image is burned in my brain! he he he he. Okay. We’re here. Let’s land in the tall grass so we don’t get
spotted by some red-neck alien. Oh good idea! This is a covert mission. We don’t have time to waste rescuing horses
or feeling bad for random kids. Right. No matter how sad it makes us. Right. Our friends are literally running for their
lives. It’s all up to us. Alright I know! I said I get it. geez. We’re landing in the grass. And that, dear child, is my origin story! Well that was kind of a detour to the current
situation I’m dealing with but now I understand… Darth Plagueis! Your parents were nothing. They were drunkards. *cries* They sold you for drinking money. I don’t seem to remember my granddaughter
ever being sold for drinking money. What! Who are you? I’m Obi-Wan Kenobi
And this here is my granddaughter. *gasp*
That’s not true! Really!? That’s impossible! Search your feelings
you know it to be true. *squeal* Now. As I was trying to tell you before
These are your first steps. And your true parents are… *Gasp*
Oh no! You’re a grandfather too!? Not this again, Anakin. Every time! I’m so happy for you! I’m so happy too! We’re both so happy! Let’s tell everyone! Do you want to tell everyone!? Of Course! Please don’t. Ben, did you hear the news? Is that… my… Grandfather!??? Hi Ben! Grandfather!!!! What are they doing? Sir, they’re transmitting a message! This is Admiral Ackbar of the republic fleet
with an urgent communique to Commander Hux. Good Lord. Not this again. What do you want? Commander Hux. Do you know what this is? What are you talking about? None of us can see you, Ackbar! Do you know what this is!? What what is? Do you know? What it is? It’s a…. It’s a what?! It’s aaaaa… What are you doing right now?! It’s… A… TRAP!!!!!!!!! AAAAGH!!! Why’d you slice off my hand?! I saved you, dummy. What? What do you think I was trying to do? It’s not about winning… It’s about saving the ones you love. That’s what I was trying to do! Ackbar did the exact same thing earlier. Let’s kiss. What the! NO! This is just sad. Should we let’m go?
uh…. no. Oh DANG! Finn and Rose just died! Finn and who? What did you think was going to happen? That I would take on the First Order with
nothing but a laser sword? Yes! That’s exactly what I thought was going to
happen. That actually does sound pretty awesome. Okay! Let’s do it! This place is dead anyway. But first… Let’s get one for the road. (gulp gulp gulp) Let’s go! Alright alright. We can go. I’m gonna miss you the most. I want every gun we have…
to fire on those two. Do it! That’s impossible! He’s never been seen having thatt force ability
before! Well we have all seen you do that before… so it’s not too crazy to think he can do the same Shut up, Karl! Nobody asked you! Now. No! NO! NOOO! NOOOooooooo! Bring me down to th… AAaggagaaaaaahgggg
Oh Come On! What is with you and lightening all of the
sudden? Hmhmhmhmh Now. As my first act as commander… I wish to tell everyone the plan. We have a secret base on a nearby planet
that we are trying to reach So nobody freak out
or start a mutiny or anything. We actually have a plan to survive. Oh thank God!

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61 thoughts on “How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended”

  1. Emmanuel Christoff Abrazado says:


  2. Samuel DeVilbiss says:

    Rose saved one person to kill like 100 others

  3. 배고픈사람 says:

    Better than real movie.

  4. Juidodin says:

    0:21 shouldn't there be 5 floating or did that pressure just went around Leia?

  5. Liv A says:

    Ani is the light man

  6. Joseph Hernandez says:

    The end lol

  7. Admiral Ackbar says:

    I'TS A TRAP!

  8. Dumbon Music says:

    Her grandpa is actually palpitine

  9. Gamer’s Gamestorm says:

    So Rey is the Granddaughter of the Satine, That is NOT Cannon!

  10. Nouche says:

    Isn't Luke's green saber destroyed?

  11. Nouche says:

    So Ackbar tells everyone the plan, Poe hears about it, then tells Finn about the transports and DJ (hacker guy) hears it, tells the First Order, and they all get decimated. Love it.

  12. Adrian Hanford says:

    Poe: “Finn and rose just died!” Literally everyone: “Finn and who?”

  13. Gamer’s Gamestorm says:

    Am I the only one that loves the I’m a father jokes!

  14. Bruh 420 says:

    When her grandpa is really palpitine

  15. AMB BlackBee says:

    In the beginning I couldn’t read what was on her hand

  16. ArcanaA38 says:

    2:40 yay

  17. Shockdownlegacy says:

    Oh my

  18. Napoleonic Games says:

    Rey kenobi>>>>>>> Rey skywalker

  19. Dick Bag says:


  20. Mr. Breki says:

    3:22 General Hux has red hair

  21. Mr_Giant van veen says:

    Hey obi wan is telling lies

  22. Stevarooni says:

    "Finn and whoooooo ?

  23. Elijah Hodges says:

    The non-copyright Star Wars music is priceless.

  24. AlterBridgeSurfa says:

    It's amazing how this HISHE is a lot better than the actual movie. Fixed so many plot holes.

  25. Dd Bb says:

    Shut up carl

  26. Digant chowdhary says:

    Obi Wan: She is my granddaughter.
    Palpatine: Wait, she is MY granddaughter!

    Can anyone tell me who is Rey's grandmother.

  27. Black Viper says:

    At least Hishe used the green light Saber for Luke unlike Disney

  28. Alfonso Payan says:

    Obi should’ve been the grandfather 😪

  29. Alfonso Payan says:

    I fanboyed so much when bb8 and r2 gave out the lightsaber and we got to see Luke’s old green lightsaber
    Almost shed a tear of happiness and nostalgia 😢

  30. Hazeroni says:

    Obi wan is way too jedi to have kids

  31. Scarlet Guardian says:

    HE’S DARTH PLAGUEIS Y’ALL! ( my favourite part😂)

  32. Picropideng says:

    Still more canon than the fan fiction it's based on.

  33. Alexandre Souza says:

    Wish it would have ended


    This episode…

  34. Happy Personality says:

    Sorry Annie, it’s Palpatine not Obi Wan 😢

  35. Steven c Gutierrez says:

    Definitely better that the original movie.

  36. randomshittutorials says:

    This video is a goldmine

  37. Alan Leone-Bridges says:

    Snoke: Rey, has anyone ever told you the tragedy of me

  38. Oliver Lindberg says:


  39. Martin Lauritzen says:

    4:00 The scene where Finn and Rose are by the cannon is so accurate. My exact thoughts during watching

  40. Offwxrld says:

    IT'S A TRAP!

  41. Edward Lee says:

    This is way better than the actual movie

  42. The Kylo Ren says:

    I always thought that Snoke shipped them lol

  43. Dimitri Garibay says:

    This one hasn’t aged well

  44. anothaninjaguy says:

    Gotta admit that was a pretty epic ending, also I'm surprised HISHE didn't make it a funny friendly game of baseball with Luke and Rey

  45. Rob the gamer nerd says:

    6:11 the best scene

  46. Livebearer Fancier says:

    Definitely better than what we got.

  47. Alex Gerbinshnat says:

    The last part was epic.

  48. Alex Gerbinshnat says:

    Also, why is Kylo ren so thiccc?

  49. Ori_Bro76 says:

    This is really how it should have ended so us fans will be happy andmark hamil will be happy butbit wasn't happend😔

  50. Steven Olson says:

    Disney really F'd this up in the most spectacular way anyone could ever imagine.

  51. Sri Alekhya Nanduri says:

    Definitely better movie than the actual movie!!!

  52. Hairy Central Yeet says:

    Kill rose!

  53. J A says:

    This turd should have ended right after the opening scroll

  54. atheia kid says:

    Rose's forced kiss on Finn still makes me gag.

  55. TJ Ferrenbach says:

    Would’ve been way better as Kenobis grand daughter

  56. Yussef Jeber says:

    Oh dear lord, this was so satisfactory…

  57. Crystal Esquibel storytimes says:

    It's sad. We know the story now about Ray

  58. Aurom's Gaming says:

    This was simple and was much much much better than the real movie

  59. Yuval Biron says:

    In 3:00 when Anakin says “my Ben” that sound like “my son” in Hebrew lol

  60. Jola Verin says:

    2:03 I really didn't except to this 😂😂

  61. DarthDevorin says:

    When you realize Ghost Yoda can save the galaxy by himself.

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