How President Donald Trump Is ‘Unmaking The Presidency’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


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100 thoughts on “How President Donald Trump Is ‘Unmaking The Presidency’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. El Masquato says:

    MSNBC: You should be ashamed of your reporting. President Trump has done more for this country than the last four Presidents combined. Shame.

  2. El Masquato says:

    MSNBC: You should be ashamed of your reporting. President Trump has done more for this country than the last four Presidents combined. Shame.

  3. Courtney Lynn says:

    Dump’s administration is truly Our Cartoon President in reality.

  4. Jeff Lectka says:

    Actually he’s outing the corrupt and mostly ineffective government that does little but neglect it’s constituents and enrich itself.

  5. Jamie Mctrippy says:

    Nice in Oklahoma

  6. Just For You says:

    Trump is a king and he's going very strong, doesn't matters what the anti Americans r doing…!

  7. Harold Converse says:

    If you’re that worried about the Donald maybe you should find a proper candidate to take him on instead of wasting taxpayer money on witch-hunts

  8. Saron Basumatary says:

    Trump 2020….!

  9. Arnold Davis says:

    Trump wants to be a dictator

  10. OneDeep says:

    How dims are unmaking western civilization.

  11. Charles Touchette says:

    I am a Canadian traveling through the world. Every country I have been in, people ask me about Trump. That is the easy part, the bad part is that they think all Americans are like Trump and that is very sad. That is why I always carry my Canadian flag. Americans people have to do something about Impotus since you are looking real bad.

  12. Jason Newton says:

    More propaganda save your money . Just stealing your hard earned money and make you think you know something. 🤪

  13. John Lalawethika says:

    How MSNBC is unmaking journalism. There, I fixed the title for you.

  14. Pieter Faber says:

    The USA is an empire that has crested and is now on the downward slope. The US population has swallowed the notion of “US exceptionalism” for years and as a consequence has lost sight of what is normal and rational to the rest of the world. Trump has dramatically increased this decline, but the complicity of a large proportion of the population in this decline needs to be acknowledged.

  15. Zeta Reticulin says:

    Trump=more jobs obama=no jobs bill clinton=blow jobs 😂

  16. Mike Ray says:

    The reality is that Donald Trump is making the Presidency.

  17. Greytro says:

    He vowed to drain the DC swamp and undo Obama's treasonous presidency while bringing back jobs and making the country strong again. That's why 3,084 out of 3,141 county's voted for him. Boooooooo hoooooooo. Trump 2020.

  18. dmwegnerowicz7554 says:

    We must insist on a prayer at the start of the trial. Call down the HOLY SPIRIT! The Holy Bible says a LIE in the presences of the Holy Spirit is punishable by Immediate DEATH!…Wisdom

  19. al jbug says:

    So fake .

  20. Ilea Vazan says:

    The Democratic debates are going great ! Congrats !

  21. Steve Kutz says:

    What an awesome time to be an American… Prosperities are endless 🇺🇸🙏🏼

  22. Don Rit says:

    Morning joes new book:
    Unmaking an intern.

  23. Terry Kane says:

    Xi and Putin are dictators for life. Trump thinks he will have the same. We must get rid of him while our Democracy is still here.

  24. Brad Robert says:

    Democrats are traitors to America.

  25. Bo Libor Kroupa says:

    As long as people are willing to accept the lifelong criminal conman, nothing will change. It's not as if I see millions of Americans protesting in the streets..

  26. Bud Barron says:

    Everyone gets a zit, the US got a big one in tRump.

  27. Holly G says:

    You'd have to be stupid not to see this. We've been dumbed down so drastically that apparently we need a book to point out the OBVIOUS

  28. mark spannar says:

    MSNBC is such trash

  29. V R says:

    Yeah. That political model already exists. It’s called Dictatorship.

  30. jasonkirkk says:

    Morning joe and his wife. What traitors

  31. mxnfx says:

    Trump is destroying America, but its the GOP who is allowing him!

  32. Chris Lupe says:

    Why can't they just drop kick him out of the White House for being so stupid? 🤣

  33. Alec Dwyer says:


  34. QUESTION says:

    Democrats haven't been this mad since republicans freed their slaves.

  35. Tina Fan says:

    CNN should fold up and disappear

  36. Ahlam Ahlam says:

    We want justice peace and freedom

  37. Thomas Brandt says:

    Anything MSDNC just don’t even bother anymore. All fake news propaganda

  38. Alex Hamilton says:

    Contrary to the leftest snowflakes and media Trump has not acted any different than any previous President. Every President prior has used the executive branch to push
    their agenda. The difference today is having one of the major political parties controlled by the far left. They are so far from the center that anything Trump has done seems far right to them.
    The final judges of any President will speak in November's elections every four years. So even with the Impeachment we will see in November if Trump will be the first President re elected
    after being impeached. We will also find out just how more unhinged the democrats will become. 😀

  39. Ganiscol says:

    These traitors want to keep their orange emperor

  40. Cilvar Frey says:

    One person cannot "unmake the presidency". He's just a bag of meat. An arrogant moron, with zero ethics. Nothing more. What could he accomplish on his own? Maybe you should start pointing your finger where it belongs, at ALL the corruption in your government.

    Do Americans really think the US govt. is run by a bunch of choir boys and girls? You're up to your eyeballs in greed and corruption, and yet, you try to claim that ONE man, is undoing an entire institution. Hilarious.

  41. Elizabeth Nash says:

    The thing that REALLY needs changing is the penalties and how to enforce them, for violating the Constitution. Because at present, there have been numerous violations including the Emoluments Clause, refusal to respond to Congressional Subpoenas, taking non-imminent threat military action without Congressional Approval, Lying to the American People, Seeking Aid from a Foreign entity, etc…etc… And we're left with, 'ok, he/they broke the law. So what?' – Laws mean nothing. The Constitution means nothing. The ONLY way to restore meaning is to repair the enforcement aspect of these laws and Amendments.

  42. OneDeep says:

    All analyst and experts on MSNBC are at the bottom end of the bell shaped curve.

  43. Brian Dunn says:

    Hale to the Cult of the Orange Maggot ,!

  44. E H says:

    message for MSNBC zombies

  45. The One says:

    Democrats are the party of slavery and segregation and the KKK.

  46. Darlene James says:

    So Rome Burns as Nero fiddles. If this succeeds, then America is just another bully.

  47. leo lupo says:

    great man . best president .. we are happy we hired him and will do it again

  48. Work Pual says:

    Baiden won't make the presidency, Hiliary won't make presidency, Democratic Party won't make presidency.

  49. Austin Dudley says:

    This entire legal defense is a attempt to cover up Trump's actions. His illegal election help from Russia, emolument illegal practices , lies about the economy which is a reflection of the Obama's term and his lack of diplomatic knowledge. Always has had been misdirecting , manipulating and scheming is Trump nation.

  50. P N says:

    I want to choke Lester Holt for this commercial.

  51. Tennessee Patriot says:

    Didnt hear the law that was broke nor saw it in the Articles. You folk LIE.

  52. K W says:

    The only thing unmaking is the continued death spiral of your ratings and of course Trump 2020 ……. your show is a joke

  53. Steve Dee says:

    It’s unbelievable that America has just let trump go as far has he has gone without pulling him out of office . Stop moaning about him and do something about him.

  54. PeacockPoverty says:

    Key House Democrats have declared that they will call on new key witnesses in President Trump’s impeachment trial if Senate Republicans do not.

    Most Senate Republicans have publicly opposed any effort to seek testimony from key figures including Lev Parnas, a Soviet-born businessman with close ties to Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and John Bolton, Trump’s former national security adviser, who has since changed his tune and offered to testify under subpoena.

    House Democrats, who impeached Trump last month on two charges related to his handling of foreign policy in Ukraine, are signaling that even if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has his way and prevents new witnesses from appearing, they may find a stage in the House, where a number of Democrats are already advocating for their testimony if they’re silenced by the Senate.

  55. Heather King-Smith says:

    No. We will neither tolerate nor “toleride” it.

  56. barry Powell says:

    💩 instead of news

  57. John Yeager says:

    Communism here we come🤬🤢🤮☠️👺👹

  58. Eve K says:

    Who is breathing loudly throughout this segment?

  59. Thomas Tamir says:

    The only witnesses in this scam were picked by comrade Schif.

  60. RJ West says:

    the word you're groping for is Fuhrer-Princip ie Nazi fascism.

  61. Weltall Kind says:

    Hello from Germany. Have a good Nigth and a good Day. 👑Queen Double Family Boy

  62. Thomas Tamir says:

    Just more crank and jerk bait to promote a fictional book.

  63. Gintas Indreika says:

    Trump's website is

  64. Wendy Pastore says:

    Isn’t the word for that demagogue.

  65. Fuzzo Frizzbeebot says:

    The DNC big pharma and the perfect eugenic suicide drug Oxycontin was simply Bill Gates Big Tech Big Pharma phase one addictive drug gun's of sufficient caliber. Some might be highly uncomfortable with the Pelosi extra cheesy propaganda Mussolini definition of eugenically socialised medicine. Yes yes people pollution and the green big pharma clean machine. The perfect socialised medicine suicide drug and the perfect socialised delivery system. Yes the crystal Nazi fountain of fancy party big pharma. The big plan socialised medicine pusherman. Time to get wise big lies.

  66. BMrider75 says:

    Understatement of the decade here from Benjamin Wittes : "Trump is not a political theoretist.! "
    The unhinged lying narcissist is totally wrapped up in himself, intellectually 'gut-driven', and incapable of abstract thought or preparation.
    This is why he is so dangerous, and MUST be removed.

  67. Brian M says:

    single handed .. Trump will destroy the USA

  68. Herman Auer says:

    Bye, bye, Trump… good riddance. Worst POTUS ever!

  69. CaL 76 says:

    MSNBC is so out of touch with America that a 2016 repeat is imminent.

  70. David Techau says:


  71. Godwhy says:

    The best president.

  72. Alice White says:

    All the more reason "We the People" need to "take back our government" to end this political heist by our officials who are only interested in the mighty dollar!

  73. Fuzzo Frizzbeebot says:

    The DNC the Nazi crystal party fountain, the ability to celebrate while others struggle and suffer, in big pharma addiction, the silence, content as lamb's, for the perfect big pharma suicide drug slaughter. What say that's all folks? Let's all float our oxycontin boats, like trusting sheeple people, it's all OK what say ? whatever floats yer boat, that's all doc feel good folks. I see it plainly in the crazy, old batty, Nancy Pelosi extra cheesy propaganda Mussolini big pharma eye's. The Church of pedo huggy bear Rome is the church of the high class Nazi Crystal fountain, overflowing into the streets of just enough just enough to feudalism eat. The high society joy in the futile suffering of the lower masses, the world as scene through Nancy's sparkling crystal wine glass now that's class. Yes master say's old Nancy gal.

  74. Deanna Delmar says:

    Just another way of destroying “democracy” and declaring he is THE DICTATOR OF THE WHOLE BIGLY WORLD. Of course he must be worshipped and all monies must benefit him. The MOSCOW MITCH is so proud.

  75. Saron Basumatary says:

    Take a short Break …enjoy !

  76. Its True says:

    Remove the bedbugs Trump from the White House !!!!!

    Trump is Enemy of USA and Human beings!!!

  77. Andreas Sumerauer says:

    This is finally a bright analysis of what the Trump presidency as all about. I have long been asking myself why Trumps donors would find that outcome desireable. My only guess is that these guys are peeing their pants because of chinas rise on the world stage. There has been an active discussion on the right for some years now on the merits of the chinese state capitalism.

    As has been stated Trumpism is a consistent and valid proposal on how the presidency might be changed. I can not imagine any of the big Trump donors to believe in Trump as a person. Still I am very much afraid these guys want the authoritarian system he is building because they (IMO quite falsely) belive that this is the only way to take on the authoritarian chinese system. Imagine an equally ruthless but more intelligent demagog on the throne that Trump and his followers have been erecting during the past three years.

    Looking at the big american tech companies and how they already bow down to foreign authoritarian regimes gives me no hope on how they will behave in your country once the american political system has been shifted away from democracy.
    In short: You guys are seriosly f***ed. (and since the USA is still the most powerful nation the rest of the world as well.)

  78. Its True says:

    Trump is Evil hi is Enemy of God!!!

    Trump is bedbugs!

  79. Its True says:

    Dictator Trump hate USA and love Russia Even he Married Russian woman and call her Daughter name Russian Ivanka Trump!!!


  80. AngNanayMoAko says:

    President Trump is accused of "Abuse of Power" and I read the Article of Impeachment sent by the DEMOCRATS but I can not find the answer of my questions. My questions are: 1. Who did President Trump abuse using his power? (What page in the Article?) 2. When did he abuse the victim using his power? (What page in the article?) 3. Where did he abuse the victim using his power? (what page in the article?) 4. What happen to the person abused by Pres. Trump using his power? (what page in the article?)

  81. Carlos Fernandez says:

    Send over my company check Michael. Do it now while in Colombia. 300 Million Dollars as agreed by @realDonaldTrump @CIA @NSAGov 3 4 @POTUS
    @USEmbassyBogota he changed his mind, tried to electrocute me, fixed world series to prove me wrong @PowerballUSA was pmt method @bet365 NJ

  82. Saron Basumatary says:

    Take short Break..enjoy this video and go to sleep:

  83. Tony Bell says:

    Here is the reality:

  84. The Fibler says:

    Once he's gone the world will forget that he ever existed. He will go back to obscurity and jail, right where he belongs.

  85. Terry Townley says:

    Our government was created to be by the people for the people AMERICANS not FOREIGN COUNTRY'S trump should have been disqualified from running as soon as he said on the campaign trail hey Russia if your listening I hope your able to find the 30 thousand emails of Hilary's this shouldn't have never been allowed to happen because he's still doing it ,wonder what else he's done that we don't know about yet?

  86. Andrew Parker says:

    That highlights one possible positive to take away from Trump's presidency; he reveals the loopholes and problems with the powers of the presidency, as he pushes limits that other presidents did not. This offers information on which those powers can and should be constrained going forward.

  87. Frankie Clayton says:

    He and the republicans won't turn over evidence don't won't witness what are they hiding

  88. Haha MissMiss says:

    Wrong wrong wrong…😆 he is UNMASKING the US and ripping the wool that has been pull over the world's eyes.

  89. The Fibler says:

    His place in history:

    Lost first election by 3 million votes.
    The first President to lose a Presidential campaign to a WOMAN.
    Only 3rd President to be impeached
    Only President to lose 2 elections, the 2nd by a margin larger than the first.
    On the list of one-term Presidents.

    It will be in the history books. He can't blow that off by calling it FAKE NEWS.

  90. Margo Romero says:

    The Presidency will become a dictatorship if Trump has his way. #VoteOutGOP2020

  91. Great Music Good feel says:

    Trumps a lo life with no morals.

  92. Idylchatter says:

    The fact that witnesses can be withheld is a testament to how effed up the rules actually are.

  93. Colin Herbertson says:

    Imagine living in a country whose highest elected official was a reality tv star with a history of business failures, accusations of sexual assault, tax investigations, thousands of lawsuits and who built himself on inherited money and who may have dodged the draft?
    Imagine that America!
    And wonder how a president can represent the people when elected with 3 million less votes than his opponent.

  94. 19holly66 says:

    Ho,ho Morning Joe thinks he knows more than all of the rest of us know

  95. danashane says:

    Jeeeezus, Wittes' droning lesson is almost as sleep-inducing as those of John Meachum

  96. George Diaz says:

    Trump 2020 baby read it and weep ladies and gentlemen!!!

  97. Saron Basumatary says:

    HA HA HA HA…I really enjoy this video …..whenever I am bored…I watch this video ..It makes my day! …

  98. Akela DeWolf says:

    Your magical prophesies are meaningless, of course ))

  99. MAGA COUNTRY says:

    I can’t wait for the sequel. The Clinton crime family fail to implement the new world order.

  100. Gallo Pelao says:

    President Trump is the best president ever.

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