How much Mathematics do I need for Mathematics Graduate School?


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7 thoughts on “How much Mathematics do I need for Mathematics Graduate School?”

  1. PATRICK says:

    I am going to take ,physics major,any suggestion for me MR SORCERER….

  2. Ruby Merlin Pinto says:

    Hard, A biggg yesss! Fun nevertheless! Thanks for the info!

  3. tarmizi2005 says:

    Hi, good advice. Do you have any videos suggesting on how to read graduate level text math books. Or can you make one ? . My background is pretty much EE, and I really became very interested in the beauty of math during my graduate school (EE). I did some research on using convex optimization applied to signal and image processing. Coming from an EE background, it was very tough for me to read papers and books related to convex analysis and optimization, especially proving the theorems. However, I pretty much learned what I needed for my research purpose and survived the graduate program.

    But I'm curios to know how do mathematicians read a graduate level text/paper. For example, do you read the whole book ? complete all the exercises ? or you use the book just for reference and look it up only when you need to understand certain topics ? Is ti always with pencil and paper when reading ? these are the sort of things I would really like to know.

  4. E K says:

    I'm finishing Modern Algebra this semester. I'm excited about Modern Geometry next semester!

  5. Edward Morales says:

    This is my first semester in graduate school for mathematics. I am taking topology and commutative algebra/category theory right now. In my opinion, you are right, nothing can really prepare us for the increase in difficulty but I am learning so much this semester and I love it.

  6. leonil Ifrah says:

    I am taking a year off from employment to develop my pure math concepts. Since I am a statistics major I need to read some books on my own, though without your tutorial videos and book recommendations I will struggle a lot and I thank greatly for it! I hope the fruits of my labour will at least give me a fighting chance to major on something that I find very elegant.

  7. Tssha MoO2 says:

    Thoughts on taking grad classes while still in undergrad? I was hoping to take analysis 1 and 2 next fall and spring after finishing advanced calc 2 this coming spring, but in your opinion, is it really worth it to do it? Or should I just wait to take them until (hopefully) I get in to grad school?

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