How I Would Rewrite Book 2 of The Legend of Korra


Okay. So we’re doing this. I have a bunch of issues with the Legend of
Korra, and a fair amount of my gripes come from Book 2. Honestly, since that season came out, I have
been rewriting it in my head, and after mulling it over for uh 4 years, I want to share how
I would rewrite it. Before I get started, I need to go over a
few things. For this rewrite I will be leaving the rest
of the series as is with a few exceptions. That does not mean that I think there are
no issues with Books 1, 3, and 4…there are, but my focus here is going to be on how Book
2 could have been a more compelling follow up to the first season and a stronger lead
in for the third. I’ll still be trying to use a handful of
the ideas from Book 2 in an effort to keep the plot throughout the series consist and
explore the themes that the season set out to examine in the first place, but keep in
mind that although similar bits and pieces will be in my version, almost all of them
operate in a much, much different way. Also, this is more of a general outline, so
not every point I bring up will be entirely fleshed out. Lastly, I think it is important to say that
I am just a dude on the internet who doesn’t have to worry about budgets, deadlines, target
demographics, or any of the countless hurdles that television writers have to deal with
when making a show. I also have the benefit of hindsight, so I
already know what was received well, and not so well. My point is, I have it easy because all I
am really doing is talking about what I would have liked to see in this season without having
to do any of the actual work of getting it made. With all that out of the way, this is how
I would rewrite Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. The second season didn’t have the best launching
off point, and that can largely be attributed to the way Book 1 ended, so to properly set
up Book 2, I need to change Book 1’s ending. Instead of Korra unlocking the Avatar state
and getting her bending back, it ends with her looking out towards the water, mourning
everything that she’s lost. For all intents and purposes, now, she’s
just be an airbender. And while I’m making changes to Book 1,
I’d also have Harmonic Convergence be mentioned early on in some capacity. It doesn’t really matter how, but it’d
be introduced in a similar way to how Sozin’s comet in The Last Airbender was—as an event
that would cause a major shift in the spiritual energy in the world. Some people are nervous for it, others are
excited, but it’s common knowledge that this astrological alignment is coming soon. This would a) make it feel like it doesn’t
come out of nowhere and b) set the expectations that Harmonic Convergence may bring about
some sort of change, which acts as a better set up for the return of airbenders in Book
3. With those changes made, Book 2 picks up a
few months later. Republic City has changed a lot since we’ve
last seen it. Due to Amon’s assault, the majority of benders
living there no longer have their abilities, so a lot of the infrastructure in the city
that relied on bending has fallen to the wayside, leading a lot of people who held anti-bender
sentiments to realize that they may have jumped the gun on that one. Between losing their primary source of electricity
and having a far less effective police force, tensions in Republic City are high. Furthermore, in Republic City and other major
areas, there have been strange attacks that are rumored to be caused by angry spirits. Blame gets tossed around in all sorts of ways,
and a fair bit of it is directed at Korra, who hasn’t been fulfilling the assumed responsibilities
of the Avatar, as she has hold herself up on Air Temple Island, dedicating the majority
of her time towards mastering airbending. Although she doesn’t admit it to Tenzin
or any of her friends, this is all in an effort to distract herself from her hardships. Despite telling everyone in her life that
she’s fine, she still has not accepted what happened. I imagine there’d be a scene where she’s
standing by the ocean late at night, trying to bend the water, but to no avail, signifying
her reluctance to let go even after all this time. During the time jump, Mako pines for Korra,
but she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. He joins the police to help protect Republic
City, and he rises through the ranks quickly because, with his bending, he’s one of the
more effective police officers. However, he is overworked and feels the weight
of being responsible for everyone else’s problems. Bolin joins him on the force, and Chief Beifong
tries to teach him, and the few other earthbenders remaining in the city, how to metalbend, but
he can’t figure it out. This frustrates him a great deal and feels
like a failure, establishing Bolin’s deep desire to metalbend, strengthening his arc
in Book 3. Asami has been trying to keep her company
afloat after the arrest of her father, but with very little support from former business
partners, it is proving difficult. The group has grown apart a bit as they each
try to adapt to life in a post-revolution world. None of them are comfortable with where they
are in life, and each worries that they will never get what they want. Then Korra starts to have the same dream every
night, similar to the ones she had in Book 1 that followed Aang’s interactions with
Yakone, but instead of dreaming of Aang, it is of a different Avatar, one Korra has never
heard about before. Avatar Wan, the first Avatar. These dreams start cryptic, but soon Korra
realizes that they’re showing her how Wan became the Avatar. Wan’s story is told throughout the entire
season with these dreams, instead of them just being designated to 2 episodes. From these dreams she learns the origins of
each bending discipline: waterbending from the moon, earthbending from the badgermoles,
firebending from the dragons, and airbending from the skybison, sticking closer to the
origins of bending that Avatar: The Last Airbender first established instead of the direction
the Legend of Korra took it. Each source has a spirit associated with it,
and Wan seeks each of them out in order to wield the four elements. Korra realizes that the dreams are trying
to get her to find the original sources of bending, and knowing the tales of how the
Princess of the Northern Water Tribe became the Moon Spirit, Korra heads north, in the
hopes of reconnecting her bending. She tries to go alone, but Tenzin insists
that he be there to act as her spiritual guide, and of course, his family joins them, including
Bumi and Kya. Lin, knowing the importance of Korra’s journey,
assigns Mako to help escort her, Bolin comes along, hoping he might be able to learn a
thing or two about bending from the badgermoles, and Asami sets up a meeting with a very eccentric
and extravagant businessman, Varrick, who has a summer home in the Northern Water Tribe
because why not. So, on a Sato made ship, the New Team Avatar
sets sail for their first stop: the Northern Water Tribe. On the trip, Korra and Asami start to strike
up an actual friendship. They bond not just over their grief, but also
over how no one knows how to treat them anymore. Both have gotten more pity than anything else,
so it is nice for them to talk to someone who offers actual empathy. As they arrive at the Northern Water Tribe,
they are met by Korra’s uncle, Unalaaq, the chieftain of the tribe, and he expresses
his concern about the mistreatment of spirits in the south. He fears that the great cities outside of
the north pole have lost respect for the spirtual world, driving many of them from their rightful
homes in the name of progress and science. With Harmonic Convergence approaching quickly,
he urges Korra to open the Northern Spirit Portal as a sign of good faith to the spirits:
a way to show that humans want to live alongside them. Korra tries, but she isn’t able to open
it. At some point, Bolin meets Eska, who he quickly
falls in and out of love with, and Asami strikes a deal with Varrick who agrees to finance
a new project for her company if he is allowed to document the Avatar’s journey in a mover. So, Korra goes to the Spirit Oasis, and sits
next to the familiar pond where two koi fish swim around each other endlessly. She tries to connect to the Moon Spirit, but
due to Tenzin laying his guidance on a little thick, distractions from Varrick’s film
crew, and Korra’s personal walls, she is unable to. However, Jinora makes a brief connection with
the Moon Spirit, who tells her to bring that Avatar back later that night, alone. They do this, and with Jinora’s aid, Korra
is able to communicate with the Moon Spirit. Yue, through spiritual energy, reconnects
the severed link to Korra’s waterbending, restoring part of her powers. The next day, frustrated that he missed the
moment, Varrick tries to recreate it, enlisting the help of Bolin. A funnier writer than I would come up with
good bits for Varricks remakes. I imagine Korra would have little interest
in wasting her time with reshooting these events, meaning Varrick would have to cast
stunt doubles and stand-ins to try to make a cohesive product. This “remake” continues throughout the
entire adventure as the film crew don’t end up capturing many of the more important
moments as they happen. Varrick’s actual goal is to follow Korra
to various spots with intense spiritual energy so he can purchase nearby land, and commercialize
it, essentially turning these spiritual spots into tourist traps. Mako is suspicious of Varrick and a game of
cat and mouse goes on between them, similarly to how it played out in the actual season. Korra’s dreams continue, and she learns
more about the life of Avatar Wan as she sets out for the earth kingdom and then the fire
nation. She learns of how he separated Raava and Vaatu,
the spirits of light and dark, and then offered himself as a vessel for Raava in order to
stop the world from falling out of balance, allowing him to channel all 4 types of bending. And it is important to note that in in this
version, Vaatu and Raava spirits aren’t, uh, rugs. Back at the North Pole, Unalaaq is genuinely
worried about upsetting the spirits, and with Korra unable to unlock the spirit portal,
he takes matters into his own hands by entering the spirit world through meditation, and going
to Wan Shi Tong’s library, hoping to find information on how the spirit portal could
possibly be opened. In his research, he also learns of Raava and
Vaatu, and that it was Raava’s power that sealed the Spirit Portal in the first place. Hoping Vaatu may have the power to reverse
it, he sets out to find the dark spirit. To do so, he visits one of the only spirits
old enough to know where Vaatu may be: Koh, the face stealer. As a sidenote, it’d be awesome if Koh has
a new face belonging to someone from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Ya know, maybe someone who we don’t hear
much from in The Legend of Korra. Someone famous for carrying a boomerang and
wearing a ponytail… Maybe that’s too dark though. Anyway, Koh tells Unalaaq where to go, and
he sets out to find Vaatu. Meanwhile, Korra explores Omashu and the surrounding
area to learn more about the origins of earthbending, and with Jinora’s aid, communicates with
the spirit that taught Wan and Raava earthbending. Most likely it’d be the spirit of a great
badgermole but maybe it could be the spirit of Oma from the legend told in the Cave of
Two Lovers. Through this meeting, her earthbending is
restored. In the fire nation, Korra meets with Firelord
Zuko who tells her of the Sun Warriors ruins, and with the help of the dragons there, she
is led to the boss-ass dragon spirit that Wan met on his travels thousands of years
ago, restoring her final lost piece. She is ecstatic to have her bending back,
but her dreams continue, as she watches Wan mastering the Avatar State, something she
still has not even been able to do. In the Spirit World, Unalaaq makes the dangerous
trek to Vaatu’s prison, where he finds the spirit chained in place as light pours on
him from every direction, weakening him greatly. Vaatu tells Unalaaq that this was the work
of the first Avatar, and while many believe the Avatar is the bridge between worlds, spirits
have been mistreated for millennia because of the Avatar. Unalaaq frees Vaatu and asks him to open the
portal. Vaatu, unsure whether or not he will be able
to, agrees to try It’s worthwhile to note that Unalaaq is not desperate for power and
he has no desire to throw the world into darkness. He believes in tradition and spiritualism,
and feels that the Avatar and rest of the world has turned its back on these tenants. In this version, he’s also not a member
of the Red Lotus as that felt like a tacked on detail anyway. Unaalaq isn’t evil, he’s just trying to
do what he thinks will save the world. As all of that is going on, Team Avatar tries
to decide what to do next. Tenzin questions his ability as a mentor as
he sees Jinora doing a better job at the things he trained his entire life to be able to do. Through conversations with Bumi and Kya, he
realizes that this is what children are supposed to do: outshine their parents, which is in
some ways relieving but in other ways unsettling as he and his siblings consider if they have
done better than their parents. Also, Varrick’s plan to build resorts near
spiritual locations is revealed, which leads to further conflicts between humans and spirits. Vaatu and Unalaaq attempt to open the spirit
portal, but Vaatu’s powers are not strong enough to do so. Regardless, he begins gathering spirits angered
by the actions of Varrick and other humans, in order to try and break through it by sheer
force. Jinora senses the disturbance, and after communing
with spirits, learns of what is happening. Korra and Jinora enter the spirit world to
see what is going on, and spirit world hijinks happen that play out similarly to the way
they did in the show, ending with Jinora being taken captive by Unalaaq, Vaatu, and rogue
spirits, and using her as leverage to get Korra to open the portal. Korra tries to open it, but it isn’t until
Vaatu assists her that the barrier is lifted. Jinora is overtaken by spirits, and Korra
is kicked back to her body in the material plane, with Jinora stuck in the spirit world. Now out of the Spirit World, Vaatu manipulates
Unalaaq by speaking of all the wrongs humans have done to spirits over the history of the
world, and how places like Republic City cut off the spiritual energy of the world, slowly
killing it. And it is here that Unalaaq makes his tragic
turn into true villainy as he suggest that they “restore” the city to what it once
was by using the power granted to the spirits from Harmonic Convergence. Spirits in tow, they head to Republic City,
and Unalaaq brings Eska and Desna with him. They obey their father, but have severe doubts
about what he is doing. Korra catches wind of Unalaaq’s plan, either
from spirits or from people who see his mystical army travelling south, so Team Avatar heads
there as well. Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi go to the Spirit World
to rescue Jinora, which, again, plays out similarly to how it does in the show, but
uh, without the deus ex machina at the very end of it. When the spirits arrive at the city, Harmonic
Convergence begins, and Vaatu along with the other angry spirits, becomes even more powerful,
and they began reigning havoc down on Republic City, trying to erase it from the earth. Korra and her friends arrive, and fight with
Vaatu, but he is too powerful for them. Focusing most of his efforts on Korra in order
to stamp out the light that tormented him for so long, Vaatu unleashes a barrage of
devastating attacks, and it is here that Korra enters the Avatar state for the first time
in the series. Pulling from the power of the Spirits who
helped her along the journey and from the energy brought about by Harmonic Convergence,
similarly to what Aang does at the end of Book 1 in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Korra
takes on a massive, spiritual form, that, ideally, is cooler looking than just a blue
version of herself, and with all of this power, she battles against Vaatu. During the fight Unalaaq and rogue spirits
continue to attack the city, and Bolin, Mako, and Asami fight against him. At some point Eska and Desna join the fray,
and they try to appeal to their father, who now seems to be beyond saving, so they fight
against him, and are able to take him down. After a destructive battle, Korra vanquishes
Vaatu and the darkness he brought with him. Saving the day. Now able to enter the Avatar state, Korra
finally connect to her past lives, and learns from Aang how to restore bending to those
who lost it. And that is where it’d end. I think these changes would help the series
in a few ways. First off, Korra at the end of season one
gets off too easy. She is met with a major problem, but she doesn’t
actually solve it herself. With these changes, she has to deal with the
consequences of her conflicts. Also, I think this would make her struggles
in Book 4 hit even harder, because even though she battled back from losing the parts of
her that she felt made her special, even though she finally connected to the Avatar state,
even though she should was strong enough to defeat the embodiment of darkness, she still
fails. She overcomes so much adversity just to be
knocked down harder than before, and that would be crushing, and fascinating to see. It also gives Team Avatar a chance to actually
become friends, which is something Book 2 lacked. In this version, they spend time together,
learn to respect one another, and genuinely want to help each other find the bits of themselves
that are missing. It also sets up future arcs in more clear
and distinguished ways. It leaves Tenzin, Bumi and Kya wondering if
they will ever have an impact on the world in the way that their parents did, which leads
well into the resurgence of Airbenders in Book 3. It shows Varrick has a lack of respect for
the spiritual world, setting up his arc with the spirit vines in Book 4. It establishes Bolin as someone who wants
to be a better bender than he is setting him up to learn lavabending, it gives Mako a new
layer of depth as he puts the problems of others on his own shoulders making his attempted
sacrifice feel like the inevitable toll of taking on more than he should, and it gets
the ball rolling sooner with Korra and Asami’s relationship. Lastly, it gives some actual depth to Unalaaq. The way the show plays right now, both Vaatu
and Unalaaq feel like moustache twirling baddies who are evil for the sake of being evil. While it makes sense that the spirit of darkness
is evil, Unalaaq’s motivations never really made sense to me. But by showing Unalaaq’s attempts at trying
to relieve the tension between humans and spirits, he becomes sympathetic and his actions
are more understandable. Obviously, my suggestions here leave room
for a lot of details that would need to be filled in to make it a cohesive show, but
this is the structure I would follow. It would be a callback to that of the original
show, giving viewers a glimpse of the world they first fell in love with all those years
ago. We’d get to see how the world has changed
over the past 80 years, which in regards to especially the Fire Nation, would be very
interesting to see. All-in-all, it would feel like an adventure,
which is something I always thought was lacking from The Legend of Korra. I love thinking about stories, and I know
that this is nothing more than glorified fanfiction, but I do think there is value in breaking
down what works and doesn’t work in a story, and considering how you would approach it
if given the chance. It’s an exercise I think anyone who likes
to write stories should do every once and awhile, as it allows you to focus on finding
interesting story beats with an established cast of characters. Honestly, feel free to do it here with The
Legend of Korra, and let me know what you would have liked to see from Book 2.

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100 thoughts on “How I Would Rewrite Book 2 of The Legend of Korra”

  1. Razbuten says:

    Hey! After a bit of a wait, here is my take on how I would rewrite Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. It took a little longer to make because a) it ended up being much longer than I first expected and b) we ended up going a much different direction in terms of visuals. Chadunda did all of the animations you see throughout this, so consider checking out his channel and giving him a lotta love.


    Thank you all for the support, and I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Ki-Adi-Mundi says:

    It'd be great if Ko got the original cabbage guy's face but his cabbagey spirit still inhabited it so that he could only say "My cabbages!""

  3. The Official TJK10 says:

    Upon reflection, I suspect the writers “spirit-water whipped” the past lives of the Avatar out of existence (which still makes no sense in canon) as a means to artificially inflate Korra’s importance. As, effectively, that makes her the new “first Avatar”, even though the idea of the cycle being broken before was always presented as an end-all scenario.

  4. Anna D says:

    Things I would have changed as a whole series:
    1. Kora and Mako would still start dating but after Mako broke up with Asami
    2. Korra and mako would still be together (and a good couple) by the end of the show
    3. Bolin wold not have joined kuvira, or realized he was on the ring side sooner
    4. Mako never becomes a cop (and never changes his hair)
    5. Korra never cuts her hair and runs around the earth kingdom all beat up and stuff
    6. Korra doesn’t get her past lives destroyed and there is no weird giant avatar vs evil avatar part (but the thing with the vines can still happen)
    7. (This is just a personal thing but it wouldn’t have been as industrialized as it is in the show)
    8. After that avatar gang helps with all the air benders and stuff Korra, Mako, Bolin, (and since there is air now) Opal all start doing pro bending again as the fire ferrets with asami as their sponsor
    9. Ginora and Kie become more of an official couple (and kie gets his tattoos at the end of the series as well( Mabe there could be a year time skip or something? For the last 2 or 3 episodes?) also they are both 1 or 2 years older? Maybe? Idk
    10. Zaher dose t try and kill Korra
    (Ok I thank that is all my MAJOR pet peeves but over all I’m still alright with the legged of Korra)
    But if I could re animate majority of this sires I would

    Also I really liked the part you had with Korra learning the bending again was cool

    Also also Saka would be ether alive or at least know what happens to him and if he ever married Souki(?) and who are his children??

    Also no (possible) romantic feelings between asami and Korra

    Love it or hate it this was just my opinion 🤷‍♀️

  5. Blake Russell says:

    I would have liked to see Korra regrow the Airbender population by energybending worthy non-benders the element.

  6. Tjen Broun says:

    I think wanting to be better then aang and katara is just not possible
    Like litterly impossibly
    No way to make that happen

  7. Audiodump says:

    The ideal rewrite of season two would be a single page suicide note from Mike and Bryan lamenting the butchering of their original work.

  8. Asian dis Kool says:

    Yep…this is canon now 👍🏻

  9. Jayson Hayes says:

    I don't care how book 2 actually went, this is my canon now

  10. sayonara crossing says:

    I’d imagine she’d try to stop an illegal resource shipping across the sea but can’t, fails, and even drowns, of course getting saved by Tenzin or Lin who tells her to lay low but she doesn’t because she’s the Avatar

  11. Matthew Davis says:

    Love this! I was also really disappointed at the discrepancy between the origins of bending from Last Airbender to Korra. I always thought it was interesting how the bending originators seemed to come in pairs: Tui & La, Ran & Sha, Oma & Shu, etc. Seems like a missed opportunity to weave in some daoist motifs around duality that would have challenged Korea’s often black and white perceptions which got in her way throughout the series. Additionally, the love pairings of those spirits could have signaled the Korrasami relationship arlier as well.

  12. mse63 says:

    There are a lot of good ideas in this, but I also like many more elements of s2 it seems that I'd personally keep or work into my own vision. One of them is Korra being severed from past Avatar spirits. It sets up the theme of Korra's journey as one of beginnings as it starts a whole new Avatar cycle, as well as working at a meta level to get out from under A:tla's shadow. Plus it's a lasting consequence much like the decision to leave the spirit portal open.

  13. Porter says:

    Oh god, Sokkoh would fucking horrify me.

    Let's do it

  14. laok says:

    i like the rug desgain i think its difrent

  15. Optitron98 says:

    I really wish Nick didn’t dick around with the creators and writers as to if they’ll get another season.

  16. Alex Xavier says:

    I like it but i still wish Unalaq had more of a presence. Especially in the middle.

  17. a person says:

    i like most parts of your rewrite (especially actual consequences from amon in republic city, solid plot reasons for team avatar to exist, and depth/believability for unalaq), but i don't think your idea of korra traveling the world to regain her bending fits into her character arc at all. as much as i can't believe i'm saying this, i feel the need to defend the ending of book one in order to properly explain my thoughts. i hated that ending for a LONG time, as most fans still seem to, and i still think it could have been executed better. however, once the show was over and korra's story was complete, i started looking back on it and came to the realization that the restoration of her bending at the end of the first season was actually an irreplaceable step in her journey.

    let me start here. most good characters begin their story with a lie. this lie is something that the character believes wholeheartedly, whether they're aware of it or not, but because it's a lie it holds them back from the growth that they need to become whole. the resolution of the character's arc involves recognizing the lie for what it is and accepting truth in its place.

    korra's lie has two parts: first, that her worth as a human being is entirely dependent on her status as the avatar, and second, that her ability to be the avatar is entirely dependent on her prowess as a bender of all four elements. she believes these things, so consider how incessantly her failings as an airbender would have gnawed at her. if she can't airbend, then her worth as the avatar and by extension as a human being is severely diminished. and THEN consider how devastating it would have been to lose the forms of bending she was actually good at. to her, every part of her that was worth anything was lost when amon took her bending away. i'm inclined to believe the theories that the shot of korra's tear falling over the edge of the cliff was how a """show for kids""" subtly conveyed its lead character contemplating suicide. she's been told her whole life that the world needs the avatar, but she has absolutely nothing to offer them. it might be time for her to accept her failure and pass the torch along to someone who could hold it high.

    that's where aang comes in. as the manifestation of a thousand generations of wisdom, i firmly believe that aang KNEW korra was not emotionally mature enough to face a challenge like that. remember, this was the first serious adversity she had ever faced. suicidal thoughts or not, she simply wasn't ready for it. not yet.

    so he spared her, and as he did so, he said one line in particular that i think rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. i know it did for me. "when we reach our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change," he said, and yet it's clear from the beginning of book two that korra hadn't actually changed at all. she got her bending back–hooray! now she's a complete avatar right?–and then the story picks up with her being as arrogant, rash, and headstrong as ever. as a viewer, i was initially very frustrated with this. did she learn ANYTHING in book one? has she grown at ALL?

    honestly…not really. and that's the point.

    korra unlocked airbending, restored her connection to the other elements, and gained the ability to enter the avatar state, and yet…nothing is meaningfully different for her. she still sees other people doing a better job at bringing balance to the world than she feels she ever could, and thus still struggles to see her own worth. the realization that bending hasn't solved any of her problems is a CRUCIAL step towards her eventually recognizing and confronting what truly limits her.

    perhaps you can see what i'm getting at by now. an entire season spent with korra in pursuit of that which could not help her (your "find the spirits of bending" idea) would have been wasted time. worse, korra being able to defeat vaatu only after regaining all of her bending and finally entering the avatar state would have reinforced korra's lie that mastery of the avatar's physical abilities IS what creates her worth. as confusing as the (lack of) explanation for giant blue spirit korra was, at least being able to defeat vaatu despite losing her connection to the avatar spirit moved korra towards the resolution of her character arc instead of away from it.

    so although much of this show is flawed, i don't think korra's inner journey across the first half of the story needs a major rewrite as you have done here. i would make one small change instead. at the end of book one, aang watches korra enter the avatar state, sees her joy, and yet with an oddly sad smile leaves her with these parting words: "in the days ahead, korra, remember–we can rise from our lowest point only when we are open to change." korra is left to contemplate those words, perhaps confused by them at the time, but the seed is planted that will eventually flower in book four. it's the beginning of a chapter, not the end of one, because by restoring korra's bending, aang did not overcome her problems for her. he threw her a lifeline. he opened the door so that she could eventually overcome them herself.

  18. CSolarstorm says:

    I like about half of this. A lot of people are stuck on the whole idea that Korra retconned the origin of bending. It always seemed clear to me that the lion turtles GAVE humans the ability to bend, and the animals TAUGHT them how to do it, just like Wan learned from the spirits. After all, it's not like a person who can't bend can just learn it from a badgermole; the ability is still genetic. What I like best about this rewrite is this version Unalaq. All of this potential is basically there, but taking out the "evil" part makes it better.

  19. Liam Fosdike says:

    8:02 Yes the most important change of all

  20. Imperios says:

    B-but my evil rug…

  21. Imperios says:

    In case there will ever be a Korra live-action series…

  22. Kat le kit kat says:


    Okay uhm.. I would've actually loved this show if it was this good

  23. 赤Red says:

    Whaaaaat actual character development

  24. Cameron Durrantcameron says:

    How I would rewrite book 2?

    Unulaq dies while NOT on the avatar state and the world is FOREVER affected by the presence of a reincarnating Dark Avatar WHO ACTUALLY HAS DEPTH AND PERSONALITY DESPITE HIS/HER ASSOCIATION WITH VAATU!!!

  25. Kenji87 says:

    While Korra was nowhere near as great as the perfecction that was Avatar, it did have some good moments. I just wasn't a fan of the direction they went in this season.

  26. godot says:

    Vaatu and Raava shouldn't exist tbh. Same goes for spirit portals

  27. Rukey Burg says:

    12:40 that sound was funny

  28. Steven Tarsitano says:

    i liked season 2 of korra. why does everyone hate it?

  29. Sioray says:

    Yes please

  30. Alexander Soudry says:

    I disagree that Vatu should be evil. I would have liked him to be amoral like Koh was.

  31. Deku Doriya says:

    If Koh had Sokka's face he'd feel so much more terrifying than he already is. If I had to pick one thing in this video to canonize it would be this

  32. Deku Doriya says:

    This probably sounds fanfictiony but I wish Vaatu ended up fusing with Unalaq in this rewritten version, but not in the same way as the original version. Since harmonic convergence was reached, I could see Vaatu wanting to intertwine himself with a human soul like Raava did. Then not only is there the threat of Vaatu returning in 10,000 years looming over them but also the idea that Vaatu may return as a Dark Avatar of sorts. Of course, by then he would have no bending, and the show would be set so far in the future it'd be out of our comprehension, but I like the idea of Vaatu and Unalaq's reincarnation mastering the four elements like Raava and Wan did thousands of years ago while at the same time trying not to get caught.

  33. Jacob Saksen says:

    i just rewatched the whole series and god i wish this was how book 2 actually was

  34. Liam Pezzano says:

    Frankly, hot take;

    My rankings:
    Season 1, 2, 4, 3.

    Season 3 was easily the worst, and I would make a lot of changes to all of them, but it is confounding to hear people constantly kick 2, and praise 3.

    Season 3 is a 10th grader’s idea of politics.

  35. SJM92 says:

    One thing that I was disappointed with book 2 was they introduce the "dark avatar" and all it is just Unalaq receiving a power-up while still just being a waterbender, which I feel is such a wasted opportunity. Why not have an actual avatar vs avatar in the sense of 4-element vs 4-elements?
    I often thought of changing book 2 and your changes were very similar to what I thought about with a few exceptions.

    1. in the wan flashback make it clear that Raava used the previous harmonic convergence to bond with Vaatu and thats how she was able to hold on to him for thousands of years…… it also goes into the plot hole of why Wan thought the harmonic convergence would do anything when he touched it

    2. make it more obvious that Vaatu is just using Unalaq to get more power….. in Vaatu's first appearance it is made pretty clear that he thinks humans are lesser than spirits "I lived 10,000 lifetimes before the first of your kind crawled from the mud!" so it doesn't make much sense that Vaatu would choose to be a powerup for a human

    3. take advantage of Vaatu's ability to corrupt good spirits and have him corrupt the spirits of water, earth, fire, and air…. and then when Unalaq thinks hes going to bond with Vaatu, the spirit instead pins him down as the corrupted spirits of the elements bond with him… forcibly giving him the powers of other elements and then Vaatu joins in last, serving as the source of power and the primary mind of the fusion…… and while this is happening unalaq's body mutates kind of like how the monkey spirit mutated that human in the Wan flashback.

    4. And this kind of humanoid demon-like creature is the "dark avatar" that korra must fight. And it is an awesome 4-element avatar state vs 4-element avatar state….. which would have been an awesome fight I think

    5. Korra tries to exorcise the spirits out of Unalaq using energy bending but this backfires causing Vaatu to rip raava out of Korra essentially striping her of her avatar powers …… this I think is necessary because it shows the danger of energybending introudced in TLA where ' it can corrupt and destroy you' it also gives a more reasonable explanation for how Vaatu is able to rip Raava out rather than just because.

    6. Tenzin helps Korra realize that the avatar and Raava are one being that can never really be separated….. just like Raava and Vaatu are one, the avatar and Raava are one…… Korra uses this to tap into the remaining energy of raava within her…. she energy bends and defeats the dark avatar removing the spirits from Unalaq….. but she still cant bend the elements…. that power remains with Vaatu wh absorbed it when he corrupted the other spirits…. so Korra uses the final moments of the harmonic convergence to not only fuse with Raava but fuse with Vaatu….. so now they are kind of a trinity with Vaatu giving Korra the elements, Raava giving her the avatar state and energy bending, and Korra as the human vessel.

    Final thoughts I think the fusion of all three is necessary because it seemed like to me that each harmonic convergence came with a new 'protector' the first one (that we know about) gave us Raava….. or at least Raava subduing Vaatu by fusing with him, the second one gave us the avatar, and the third one should give us this new kind of avatar who is a ying-yang balance of light and dark
    and maybe future books would be Korra dealing with her new powers and this 'dark spirit' inside of her that she must control

    At least that's how I would have done Book 2 😉

  36. james gilmore says:

    So you want to double down on the kites and ditch the civil war

  37. Kepral says:

    This is such an easy edit that improves it so much, especially the way it makes the spirits of light and darkness not feel so contrary to the avatar universe. And seeing Yue? It would have been so good like this.

  38. The-Nina-Beans says:

    Man… this is way better then what we got.

    I take this over the school yard bully destroying a family heirloom arc.

    The family heirloom being the Avatar’s connection to their past lives.

  39. OrchidAlloy says:

    I feel like any rewrite of Season 2 should still contain some key elements about the story they wanted to tell. Namely, the loss of the Avatar's past lives.
    I don't even know how one could make that work, really

  40. Alika Galassia says:

    This would be a good change!

  41. Robens Monteau says:

    The reason why I don't really like Korra's character and would watch the last airbender….. well….

    Aang in a 12 year old body, had to deal with an entire nation hell bent on his destruction. Had to master the elements before the commit came. Legit introduce to war when he got out of the iceberg. Aang had a lot to fix in the world he was in, but fixed it to the best of his ability.

    While Aang dealt with all this, Korra soul fear is that one day, she won't get to be the avatar anymore…..

  42. FlamingBallista says:

    I really liked your plan except for 1 thing, Just toss out the Lesbian relationship between Korra & Asami idea & then you got a hit!

  43. Spencer MacDougall says:

    Was vatwo the sprit of evil,or darkness? Cause vatwo being the sprit of darkness and chaos would be a cool thing cause those aren't necessarily "evil",just as light and order (rava) is not necessarily "good". Yes rava is shown to be good in the show and vatwo does bad things,but order and light/ darkness&chaos do not always mean good/evil. Examples: Robin Hood. he steals which is illegal and could be considered "dark" and he gives to the poor (which could be viewed as chaotic). Or the Pope in Shield Hero. He is the Pope which most would count as good/being a vessel of gods "light" and he trys to bring "order" to the land,by (spoilers) trying to kill our heros who are changing how people view the world and its leaders.

    TL;DR: light and order is not always good and darkness and chaos is not always evil. edits for spelling and grammer

  44. Saineb Ali says:

    Yes, that’s perfect 👏🏽

  45. Jem says:

    Book 1, 3 and 4 had pretty good themes and (most of the time) good resolutions. I agree that book 2 really, yknow, f*ed up. But I then I remembered that the writers had released Book 1 before having it confirmed that there'd be another 4 books, so they wrapped it up much neater than they would have if they'd known they were continuing the story. Book 2 was them scrambling to come back down from their 'finished' mini-series, which was what LOK was initially pitched as. This, however. This fixes it all! This is exactly what I would have wanted, and you're right, it fixes other issues in the later seasons, and makes everything more holistic. Thank you!

  46. Wind Wind says:

    Fuck Raava and Vaatu! They don't belong in this show.

  47. Andyr Rafael says:

    Ko with Sokka's face? Hell to the no.

  48. Creed Reaper says:

    I agree with your version and I actually prefer your vision however I would still add in the dark avatar I did like that part of book 2

  49. Rexy 1776 says:

    Honestly I enjoy LOK Books 1, 3 and 4 to varying degrees unlike most but I cannot stand Book 2 it is absolute ass and the worst book in Avatar universe

  50. Esej Snake says:

    I liked early Unalaq so much. He did some of the most beautiful magic in the series. Ever. I thought he should've really been Korra's mentor and that he was a wasted opportunity.

  51. Zina B says:

    Korra being separated rom her past lives really bothers me… It felt like the authors of the show wanted the audience to stop comparing it with ATLA, and it did not felt right at all. I've watched ATLOK several times, but I always skip the episode where vaatu beats raava up and where we see all of the past avatars disappearing. Not only am I upset by the idea of Aang being erased from existence, as we can't access his spirit anymore (Tenzin didn't meet his father's spirit but the representation of his dad he had in his mind) but I don't think it's organic in the story at all! I like your version much better and it makes more sense to me.

    Also I was today old when I realised that Avatar Wan, could be heard as Avatar one as he is the first Avatar ever 🤯

  52. TheTitanSmash :3 says:

    This is probably going to get buried, but don't you think that revisiting the bending sources would be boring to watch? I mean, even if it's with a new crew and the story is different, Korra is essentially just going to learn what we already had known from ATLA. Just a thought.

  53. Laura Velazquez says:

    Thank you for this. Even if it's not canon, Korra has been redeemed in my eyes.

  54. jpjansa says:

    I've watched 5 minutes and can we just make THIS the official cannon and remake the entire series? Please!!!!

  55. Tizzie’s Tea says:


  56. Michael John Aragon says:

    I didn’t like varik when he got introduced… he plays no significant role for the series in my opinion. He’s the jar jar binks to the avatar world

  57. Dorkoraptor says:

    I like everything, only thing I'd do differently is I would actually have Vaatu and Unalaq merge to form a dark Avatar. I think it would make for an interesting sharp curve in the flow of the plot, they can still be defeated just together at the same time.

  58. remi9Xer says:

    The one think I hate about these rewrites

    I can only imagine them in my mind because It’s only wishful thinking

  59. Hope Diamond Sasa-GAY-o says:

    I like this version but it has so many little plot holes tbh.

  60. Abdul Rehman says:

    I was rlly pissed & sad when all the past lives were gone & that the avatar cycle began a new. Like I'm still baffled to think that the past lives don't exist anymore, they can't come & see or help Korra or any other avatar. They're just wiped off the face of the Earth completely.

  61. Ender Sorceress says:

    not gonna lieee… it slightly bugs me that Water Bending origins doesnt come from a cute lil animal

  62. Ender Sorceress says:

    Maybe not Sokka with the face stealer…but Suki? that could be a reason why Sokka doesnt have any known kids..and why the adult version looks sad in the eyes

  63. Aniq Afiq says:

    Would it be dark if Koh have Cabbage guy's face? Or one if the Freedom Fighter

  64. Classix says:

    Part 2 of 4

  65. Chloe Pechlaner says:

    Its less that (in the case of the moon, dragons, badgermoles and sky bison) that korra contradicts ATLA lore and more like deus ex lionturtle completely fucked up ATLA's lore.

  66. iKennyz says:

    I beleive the first half of season 2 was amazing. The civil war was a good set up for an amazing season, but they messed it up. If I were to rewrite it, I would keep the civil war.

  67. Mikko Argonza says:

    But… Ravaa and Vaatu had nice character designs 🙁

  68. Anonymous Fellow says:

    “On the trip, Korra and Asami set up an Actual Friendship.”
    THANK you!!! That’s all I asked if korrasami was supposed to be endgame!

    (I GET that they couldn’t be flirtatious because of censorship. But they weren’t even friends! Their only connection was being Mako’s rebounds/the one he cheated with! And that’s shitty.)

    …instead…it came across as “well we can’t have a SINGLE Avatar!!! Who haven’t we had her go on a date with?”
    “…hmmm. Well we haven’t put any work into their friendship. But enough lgtb fans won’t care because they’re desperate for breadcrumbs. Censorship? Last 2 minutes of the show will do. Oh, and throw in a bi-curious joke since we’ve been approved to make this NOT a miniseries (because production is a LOT longer than the months gaps inbetween air dates.)”

    …ahem. Thank you for turning this into an actual compelling series. I’m calling this canon now.

  69. Anonymous Fellow says:

    “In this version, it’s important to note that Vatu and Raava aren’t…rugs.”

    …uhhh…my brain went Flat Worms. Like, really LoK? You’re modeling the spirits of balance after parasites?!

  70. Ri Marie Lancaster says:

    We needed more Zuko in legend of Korra

  71. Reuben Gamezxd says:

    I would rewrite the part when KORRA severed the connection of all the previous avatars I dont want to see aang gone!

  72. Reuben Gamezxd says:


  73. GuyNATION says:

    Just fuck Raava and don't kill all the other Avatars, easy.

  74. Creative Writer says:

    There's just one problem…
    The lion turtles are in the original series, although there's only one and at the end
    The lion turtle taught Aang how to remove bending; that would be connected to the origins of bending introduced
    The original sources of bending in the original series were really the animals that taught how to properly use bending
    The lion turtles gave the bending itself, but didn't teach it
    The origins from Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Kora do actually match up together pretty well when you recognize that

  75. Teag Brohman GDC says:

    I could already picture it:

    Varrick: hey you… ya ever dressed in drag before?

    (Bolin looks at Varrick in confusion)

  76. Alexander Hannaman says:

    i like this version beter and this could build a fifth season

  77. Ben Davis says:

    Yes! just yes! Now if only we can built a time machine and show the creators.

  78. xUmbranx says:

    Book 2 was my personal fave

  79. Linnet Gee says:

    I like book 2 with the civil between the north and south, also the family drama, Bowlin in Movers but having Korra journey to different places, learning the origins of each bending and slowly regaining would have give Korra a better spiritual and character grown.

  80. butsik finkel says:

    What's the moan at 3:27

  81. ツGambit says:

    Oh and Aang and all the past avatars didn’t die

  82. Matthew Ragas says:

    Yea book 2 of the legend of Korra is the second worst thing to ever happen to the Avatar franchise. It never made any sense to me that they would have the story go in the direction in which she loses the connection to the rest of the avatars. That to me was really dumb and really did not need to be in the show. The main thing I didn't like about the show in general is that it felt like it was just deconstructing all of the natural laws of the world that were established in the original series in order to signify that it was a different show. But that's the worst thing about it. It's like the legend of Korra was made to deconstruct the ideals of the last airbender in or to set up another story that actually was different, rather than just the opposite.

  83. Bul Fam says:

    Wan Shi Tong would never let Unalaq into his library because after Aang, he hated humans.

  84. Cole Buckon says:

    I like what you’ve done here, though I do have a few small changes. First, I think the Southern portal should still be a thing. Perhaps Korea and Vaatu need to work together by each opening one of the portals. I also liked the idea of Unaloq as a Dark Avatar. It fits with his adjusted motivation, makes sense for Vaatu (he was beaten by the Avatar before, and he knows the power of a bender host), plus it would force Korea to learn some final lesson about her spiritual side, since the Avatar state would be the only way to overcome the Dark Avatar. (Unaloq, given his own character traits, would have mastered it immediately.)

    Also, while I know this strays a little too close to the line between “cultural influence” and “stereotyping”, does anyone else see the LoK Fire Nation as being seeped in the Avatar versions of kawaii and otaku culture? Varrick seems like someone who would invent anime just to capitalize on that.

  85. Tayter tot says:

    Just kill off Korra and have a new avatar. Yay…no more korra.

  86. Isabella February says:

    This version of book two did improve and progress the story along. But it’s somewhat similar to book three of legend of korra for example how they took a trip to discover new airbenders. It was interesting to see a different route story could have gone. I’ve would have loved to see the face stealing spirit or the moon spirit being contracted for guidance and it would have been great to see more of past avatars explored through the series.

  87. Thot Destroyer says:

    I feel like that the person who should be on the face stealer should be Azula or bumi, or the Cabbage guy

  88. b e says:

    The face Ko stole should've been Zhao. That would've made his cameo more meaningful IMO.

  89. Ever Flores says:

    Considering Avatar Wan's episode is the best in the whole series (including, ATLA), I believe the origin of bending is better in the show than in your version.

  90. Sebastian García Smed says:

    Co the face stealer should have the cabbage mans face. I got no idea how they would have it make sense, but it would be amazing if they could.

  91. brassman95 says:

    Great Video! Only wish I had found it sooner! Just a couple of ideas:

    Maybe instead of Korra learning how to restore bending, it's something that happens at the end of harmonic convergence, just like the resurgence of airbending. This way everyone suddenly getting the ability to airbend wouldn't feel as random as it did in Book 3, but it would feel like a true spiritual re-balancing. It could also add another way in which Korra could feel that she failed to fulfill a responsibility that she assumed (a great theme you touched on in your Korra: Beautiful Mess Video): she feels that the Avatar & Avatar State would have been the only way to restore Amon's victim's bending, and yet it is actually just spiritual stuff that is beyond her control that ends up actually giving everyone's bending back. She can receive some recognition in her part for stopping the Spirit's, but it would not be the same thing as everyone shafting her after literally giving them the ability to bend back (which made the people of Republic City seem really ungrateful in the series). This change would also bump everyone receiving their airbending to the end of Book 2, which could give Tenzin, Kya, & Bumi all some hope at surpassing their parents by leading the revival of the Air Nation, in addition to providing a solid lead in to the adventures to come in Book 3.

    Also your story doesn't do too much with Lin, but I guess Book 2 didn't either. It could be interesting seeing her struggle without earthbending and attempt to keep order in the city. Maybe it could provide some foreshadowing about more of the Beifong related plot points in Book 3.

  92. Umeriw Aeoket says:

    Yes that would have been good different, not offense to the team behind korra but book 2 was kinda depressing and when they killed All the avatars off was really depressing

  93. AmidstTheLight85 says:

    I'm a LoK fan, but I admit I enjoyed your rewrite. This would make for better story telling. I subbed.

  94. Jamaal Fridge says:

    I really like your rewrite, but I find it to be a bit of a retread of ATLA. That said, seeing the Fire Nation in particular would've been satisfying, and learning more about the new Fire Lord and the life of Zuko would've given me a lot of closure. Also I wish the show would've opened the door for a reincarnation of a Dark Avatar. It practically would've demanded it. And the scarier forms of bending (suffocation, combustion, blood-bending, etc.) would've really taken center stage. Nevertheless, I think your rewrite is better than the original run. But I think the issue with the original LOK is that the writers didn't have the freedom to write a large epic story that spanned multiple seasons. So I think everything was touch-and-go, leaving us with 4 disconnected seasons.

  95. Simply Saitama says:


  96. Arez Dracul says:

    Ledgend of Kora part 2 is a travesty.
    Destroying all the other Avatars was the worst in my opinion, I like your version better

  97. Ben Worth says:

    Infinitely better than what the show gave us.

  98. Little Lily says:

    I didn't dislike book 2 as much, I only really disliked how Korra lost her connection to the previous avatars at the end of the book. But after watching this I realized how much better the second book can be.
    When you first explained how she doesn't get her bending back I thought it'd be like there would be no way of her restoring it…but when you started saying she goes to different nations for that I got all excited and thought that this is the best way to go with the series

  99. Zeutrus Bd says:

    I recommend anyone watching this to check out Kay and skittles' vid on book 1 and 2. It's really good!

  100. sabata2 says:

    *sigh*, I stopped watching Korra because of Book 2 (and the ending of Book 1).
    This would have allowed me to continue watching into books 3 and 4.

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