How I Read 52 Books in One Year (An Honest Review)


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15 thoughts on “How I Read 52 Books in One Year (An Honest Review)”

  1. MANORA says:


  2. Sefa Emre İlikli says:


    00:48 Reclaiming My Time
    02:29 Don't Call Me Baby
    04:43 The Dimension of Meaning
    07:44 The Result

  3. Hakan Çamlıbel says:

    Çok iyiii, ayrıca I love your drawings, they are so cute <3 <3

  4. Vinith S says:

    Haha nice references and funny comments sprinkled throughout. I like this style of presentation. Got some book suggestions from the video as well, thanks for that.

    You can also try listening to podcasts. Here are some you'll like for sure

    – . (Sam Harris in general is great, you can check out his other stuff)

    I'm sure you can find more to your taste with a little bit of research.

    Primarily followed your channel for the music, but nice to see people who try to better themselves and like to learn.

  5. Simply Caroline says:

    It's always important to try different reading methods and places so we can learn what works best for ourselves.

  6. Mouadh Ayachi says:

    Love.. from Bangladesh..💜

  7. Egesel Bozgeyik says:

    It is really impressive and successful work. Congrats! In last year, i also forced myself to reading more books than old years. I was not successful like you but i hope this year will be better. Thank you to share this amazing job.

  8. TheViandeSechee says:

    The main thing for me in this video is the willingness to change habits and make yourself a better and unique person.
    I have the same work and it's really a fight against yourself to get throught this struggle. Thank you for this very inspirationnal part of yourself that you're showing to us, forgive my english, i'm french (yh that's not an excuse except for french people !)

  9. Omnifonist says:

    I find it completely encouraging. Thanks for letting us know how you manage to be such a successful person. 🙏🏻

  10. Ashley says:

    It was a great video I was feeling a little but unmotivated to do something I wanted to do (reading, gym etc.) but rn I feel motivated thank you!!

  11. Fabian1459 says:

    If you are considering making sometimes that kind of videos, I can agree with that, because you're speaking very interesting and your drawings are suitable to that kind of narration.

  12. Annie Mysweet says:

    awwww, why are you feeling sad?

  13. Kübra Yörümez says:

    It's obvious how much time and work you put in the making of this video, I really enjoyed watching it! Keep going after your goals!
    Basarilar dilerim 🙂

  14. JC says:

    Loved your little drawings! 🙂

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