How can I find and access e-books? (English)

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Hello, my name is Sabrina Glöckner and I will show you how you can find and get access to e-books. Just like when searching for a printed book, enter your search terms in the search field. For example, this could be an author, the book title or, as in this case, a topic. To see only e-books, you can narrow your search using the filters. Please note that in order to use the e-books you must be on the TU Berlin campus network or, as a member of the TU, you will be able to access them from home via VPN. Further information can be found on the e-book page of our homepage. By accessing our electronic media, you accept our terms of use. Choose one of the results. You are now redirected to the publisher’s website. Here you see that the library has purchased the access for this e-book. Most publishers allow you to download book chapters one by one. Now you are looking for another book on your subject. The library owns several versions of this book. You are now redirected to the publishers website. Here you can download either the full book or single chapters. In case you are interested in publications of a specific publisher, you can also search for e-books on the publisher’s website. Often, only selected relevant e-books from a publisher are licensed by the library. In this example, titles which are not licensed are indicated by a yellow padlock symbol. To display only those titles which are licensed by the library, uncheck the box “Include Preview-Only content”. In the result list you will find books and book chapters as well as journal articles. Similar to Knowledge Portal Primo you can limit results by using filters. If you’d like to learn more, please ask us or watch our other videos.

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