House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing – Hill & Holmes Testimony


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91 thoughts on “House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing – Hill & Holmes Testimony”

  1. Teresa Kelton says:

    I disagree.

  2. CIA says:

    Trump 2020 everybody

  3. Dindoo Nuffin says:

    Schiff is a robot. Creepy.

  4. SolarEklipze says:

    "Epstein didn't kill himself" gottem

  5. J Baldwin says:

    It’s a shame that the Republican’s defence is banking on the hopes that the American people are uneducated and unable, presumptuously too stupid, to understand what has happened here. They are hoping that Americans will not understand the law, the constitution, the due process, or the roles and respective obligations of each participating member.

    It’s overtly gross to see the disregard to the hours of testimony and facts which amount as evidence and pretend as if none of it has happened. I feel insulted that they assume I have not been watching, that I cannot put it together.

    This impeachment inquiry in an inquiry to discover from inside the administration what happened and yet Republicans have asked very few questions excluding a couple of Republicans that hold some respect still such as Steven Castor and debatably Elise Stefanik. I will say in other hearings Will Hurd has asked intelligent questions in previous hearings. However, the bulk of the Republican air time has been insulting betting that we cannot see corruption when it smacks us in the face.

    What further disgusts me is that the Republican Party has placed bets on the right horse (to reference Fiona Hill), that Americans have blindly commented in the defence of the President and the Republican Party and have chosen to completely, whether out of ignorance or naivety, disregard all of the evidence set forth. Their strategy has worked.

    What happened to the Republican Party that represented patriotism and dignity not so long ago? We see this time of arrogance in many different countries now, it’s contagious to not have to use critical thinking skills, take the lazy way out, and speak from pure self-interest.

    Blatantly, our world is going to shit and it’s up to the people around the world watching this to say oh hell no, we are not letting democracy, intelligence, and respect crumple before us. This matters and we will not allow corruption to take power, no matter what form it comes in, left or right.

  6. Lovey K says:

    I listened to the call-ins from random citizens.
    It's obvious many people do not have a clear understanding of the impeachment process or the evidence being presented .

  7. Teresa Kelton says:

    What is wrong with him! She told you that was a debunk conspiracy!

  8. CFTV Data says:

    Best part: Monty's call at 4:15:47

  9. Brad Wall says:

    This is a crap show. It’s clearly visible the Dems are slimy and liars. This has done nothing but divided this nation; which, I might add, is the ultimate goal. It’s pure evil

  10. Enon Emouse says:

    They first had to stop Julian Assange before they launched this bs so he’d be unable to broadcast the truth and undermine the coup d’état

  11. Adam 86 says:

    Adam Schitt is a complete joke. Remember when the turd said he had proof of collusion? How anyone still trusts him is baffling.

  12. Kay Maria says:

    What happened to the A in caught. Cught.

  13. Liana Pehrsson-Berindei says:

    One qustion. One of the witness is accused of embarassing the president of Ukrainia when relating to the conversation with Sondland. Was he not under the oath to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.. no matter how embarassing it might be?

  14. Kit Zoey says:

    Nunes looks guilty as all hell

  15. Daniel Michael Cherrier says:


  16. Kristin Wright says:

    2:43:11 The caller makes a good point about the logical fallacies being employed in the hearings. I think he missed the mark on the GOPs constant use of straw manning and other techniques. His conclusion was they weren't educated enough to make logical arguments. I disagree. I think they are perfectly well educated and know what they are doing. Their fallacies are intended to manipulate the public and create an emotional response. That has been their main method of controlling their base.

  17. Cole Sebastian says:

  18. Catherine Gold says:

    White House should
    let Mulvany, Bolton, Pompeo, and Don McMahan testify to Congress. They had FIRST HAND knowledge 🙄

  19. Catherine Gold says:

    Chris Stewart’ s tie was made out of bed sheets 😂

  20. Tim Earl says:

    I am so happy Mr. Holmes was able to make it through his opening statement without crying.🙄

  21. Catherine Gold says:

    Stefanik is a sow. I’m a woman and I can say it.

  22. Kathleen Flacy says:

    Poo on Wenstrup and his stinking red herring rant; nothing to do with Ms. Hill's testimony.

  23. WhiteonBlack says:

    I honestly thought, just in listening, that Will Hurd was a Democrat. He's a Republican I could vote for: he was polite, didn't have a single emotional outburst, kept to the questions without soundbyte. He performed admirably, and I would like to see his colleagues of the Republican party follow suit. Let the cards fall where they will, but Hurd is a genuine politician, and I respect that he respects others.

  24. Patrick KIELEM says:

    6:29:15 WTF!!!???

  25. wooly shadow says:

    Look at those reptilian eyes of chiff.

  26. Kristin Wright says:

    Hey Mr Jordan. You need a babysitter? You incapable of self control? Do you behave this way when women say no?

  27. Edgar Garcia says:

    fukn alabama , that old lady is fukn senile.
    "its all been hearsy"

  28. Catherine Gold says:

    Adam Schiff is a hero.

  29. Stop Dreaming91 says:

    5:03 I'm here for it! Who put you in charge? Lol! You go Dr. Hill! 5:04:35–5:05:10 had to bookmark it

  30. litlwing13 says:

    Sorry, but the callers are morons.

  31. Young Samyy music says:

    listen my beat guys is very good.

  32. Stop Dreaming91 says:

    Exactly 5:54:30, these republicans… They're not looking for answers regarding these impeachment hearings. They have just one job… In that is, to defend the liar-in-chief.

  33. Stop Dreaming91 says:

    Rep. Swalwell with the questions. Come through! 6:28:38 Devin knew where this was going lol.

  34. litlwing13 says:

    Does Jim Jordan not own a jacket? He might want to get one before he is prosecuted for being complicit in a molestation scandal.

  35. John Dough says:

    Here is the deal I am voting for Trump for one single reason. I don’t want the nation tossed in to massive government socialism.

  36. J McD says:

    …..Arrogance…..That's what I call it….Arrogant  Democrats who feel that they have some divine right to pursue their personal and baseless hatreds instead of doing the  job that the citizens voted them into office to attend to, and who pay their generous salaries and retirements evidently to NO avail………….. The Independents have it in their power to put these pouting, whining, petty, useless officeholders OUT of government and force them to get REAL jobs that they can hope will support their useless butts in the luxury to which they have become accustomed…….I sincerely hope the Independents will do their duty……..

  37. litlwing13 says:

    Republican are fucking hypocrites!

  38. T baz says:

    Come on! It is so obvious that Trump is holding dirt over certain Republicans heads. Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell once Trump's most ardent opponents and others are now his most ardent supporters… They are being blackmailed by Trump. Fall in line or I will release all of these incriminating pics and videos of you guys. 😈😈😈

  39. Misty Noland says:

    I like adam Schiff and I like chris Hines and all the other others often not recognized…. and Dr. Hill must be a mother to more than one child bc she is 💯 at making everyone feel loved, understood and sympathizes with the really obvious wrong things people are saying!!!

  40. Horny Potter says:

    Wow. Mr. Holmes is HOT AF. He's so attractive. My eyes are drawn to him.

  41. Mohammed Mudashiru says:

    🤦‍♂️Donald.J.Trump!!! Is a Big, Massive&Huge Time Cause To America🤥!!! This Tramp Guy!!! Has been Caused from Birth!!! Because??? Everything He Touches Dies!!!💀💀💀. That’s Da Truth People.

  42. Mohammed Mudashiru says:

    🤔Dummy”Dumb”Jimmy”Jimmy”Da Jack Arse Jordan!!! Has Lost Da Plot, and become Donald Trump Poppy”Poppet Boy 👦 . From now onwards, Jim Jordan!!! Should be named has??? Jimmy Trump🤩🤣😂, Just Like is Pal!!! Moscow Mitch 😆😆😆

  43. Mohammed Mudashiru says:

    Devil 👿.D.Nunes!!! Will be Accompany Donald Trump To Penitentiary🤞

  44. Mohammed Mudashiru says:

    “Hello”Hello” Rudy.G.Trump!!! You’re On Ya Way To???Penitentiary. Fool.

  45. Mohammed Mudashiru says:

    You know What Rudy Boy??? John Gotti will be Laughing 😂🤣🤩 his Head off in the Grave!!! And He cannot wait to see you Rudy Boy behind Da Jail Bar😂🤣😁

  46. Aroma Legend4 says:

    The uhgggyhyhbfhkoioPoooolhg+The school being wish you were a five tea break my neck neck when the next baby girl have a sofa by the school be sure from the homeowner just called me he she was five she bring Nick make a heart open and then the next day give us up above the school be sure to run it home and you was fine she picked neck neck are hurting my neck neck of the liver levels of other 7ud

  47. Hannihappy Trac says:

    She is so good. Super woman who was beat Republicans Congress. She is my hero. I think we have to kick all Republicans Congress out of office, then US will be great again.

  48. Mohammed Mudashiru says:

    Jim Da Jack Arse Jordan is a big time huge&massive Plunker!!! This Pathetic Jack Arse Idiot, thinks he is something important??? Message for you Jimmy Da Dumb!!! You’re going down in history as Donald Trump Dumb, Stupid Poppet🤥

  49. Mohammed Mudashiru says:

    🤦‍♂️All this Bunch Of Republicans are Full Of Bull S A!!! And they will all go down in History as Pathetic Liars, Shameless, Idiotic and Disgraceful American Leaders!!!🤦‍♂️What Da Big F….k are we watching and Listening To!!! They are Bunch Of Rogues and Bandits🤥

  50. Mohammed Mudashiru says:

    🤦‍♂️OMG!!! Jimmy Da Jack Arse Trump Jordan🤥 This Guy is Devil 👿 King 🤴 Of Twister 🌪!!! 🤦‍♂️

  51. MrVipitis says:

    Jim Jordan is the worst. Ambassador Taylor mentioned more than once that a staffer of his (Mr. Holmes) overheard Sonderland and Trump in a restaurant.

  52. Davianne's Dish says:

    If you are watching the hearing (and comprehending the hearing) — you'll want to watch this, and I'm sure you'll agree!!

  53. Kelley H says:

    Mansplaining?! This is a strong woman. Rep Sean Maloney is the person insulting women with that stupid comment!

  54. Teresa Kelton says:

    He did it. Republican clown asskisser!

  55. Teresa Kelton says:

    You are not healthy!

  56. Teresa Kelton says:

    You do it know that!🔥

  57. Teresa Kelton says:

    He is!

  58. Teresa Kelton says:

    I agree totally!

  59. Teresa Kelton says:

    Clown you tried to get dirt on the Joe Biden you should be disqualified!

  60. Teresa Kelton says:

    It is not a a hoax. It has been proven by the FBI and CIA!

  61. Teresa Kelton says:

    You do not known if it’s he or she!

  62. KKB TOP TEN T.V says:

    Check out for better

  63. Bob Will says:

    Russia did not create the divide in our politics . The media has put the divide in u.s politics.

  64. Black Queen says:

    Republican has forgotten why they are there and it's not for the Democrats. Justifying Trump wrong doesn't make it right.

  65. Andrea Dgeorge says:


  66. Black Queen says:

    It's funny how republican what you to trust them, but is lying to cover up Trump crimes🤔

  67. Cheryl says:

    The President makes Foreign Policy and National Security Policy.

  68. Carl Stawicki says:

    The witnesses come across as 1000% more intelligent and well-spoken than our elected officials.

  69. Lazarus Seven says:

    Phone 2 800-564-8818
    Phone 3 757-519-9300
    Fax 1 757-321-2504
    Fax 2 866-296-0635
    call now stop Trump

  70. B.T. says:

    Hunter, Joe and Shifty in the Senate is gonna be big fun!

  71. Jay Chenault says:

    Nunes' face during Swalwell's testimony really made this whole thing worth it for me. I would love to see the entire clip of just him.

  72. Anna Koetters says:

    JIM JORDAN isn’t even on the house intelligence committee they put him on temporarily just for these hearings because he is LOUD and an asshole who will do anything to defend Trump and the GOP.

  73. Chris Harding says:

    What I'm having a hard time understanding is how anyone supports the Democrats on the quest to impeach President Trump over absolutely nothing.
    What the American public wants to know about is what the hell happened in 2016 with the presidential election. What was Joe Biden's quid pro quo about involving firing a prosecutor in exchange for their money aka our tax dollars… What the hell was this fake Dossier about that was presented to the FISA court and found to be completely false.

    This Impeachment hearing is only stalling us getting the actual criminals in prison where they belong. Trump did nothing wrong and you people need to pull your heads out of your asses and see what is actually going on here. The American public that supports impeaching Trump clearly doesn't belong in politics or on any jury. Do your duty as an American and support your innocent President and demonize the politicians that are hiding behind a phony impeachment hearing. This truly is the Democrats last ditch effort to hide what went on in 2016 as well as attempt to win the 2020 election…

  74. Anna Koetters says:

    I am horrified watching Devin Nunes continually mock the very committee he is a ranking member of..

  75. Anna Koetters says:

    Schiff’s closing statements KILLLLLLLLL I love him

  76. Raimy Wright says:

    Dumb republican Jim Jordan got destroyed by Schiff at 5:30:00

  77. build anything says:

    I bet all the people testifying in this are involved in the case Biden involved in trumps looking into man this is son funny Schiff

  78. build anything says:

    Schiff show

  79. abc68099 says:

    Nunes is a bore. Uhhh, I think Trump and extremist Repo's are the one's that have caused polarization in this country! Newt Gingrich worked to make it this way a long time ago. Get rid of this president! He is causing so much trouble. Trump is the one that hurls repeated phrases!

  80. Doug Rickards says:

    What a waste of time and money. Fuck the democrats. Quit voting for these clowns.

  81. et al says:

    …just when you thought the world was as weird as it could get….Hasn’t that Shitzee (et al) been REMOVED from power and charged for literally sabotaging our President with false statements in Congress!!?? Isn’t that called treason!? (Hint: YES)
    BTW, why does Shitzee have to use hand gestures to get his point across, reminds me of certain primate behavior but I already know he’s more of a donkey (ie. Equus asinus)!

  82. HoEoLoPo says:

    Holmes must have overheard the call with his Secret Squirrel left ear……

  83. ajc bng says:

    Donald Trump is an American tragedy.

  84. Rhonda Clark says:

    One of these men was with Epstein. And Obama. The Clintons. Who raped and murdered children , That’s why they wanted Trump impeached to shut him up and we want them to be held for high treason and for the murder and rape of children fold out the democratic party if you have children or love anyone in your life

  85. REFER For PRIZES says:

    "Anytime we get a President that actually puts forth great effort into doing great things for our country America poops all over it". Trump works for us the people and has done a whole lot so that we the little guys can have a financial break. He immediately stopped Obama's punishment fees for not having the mandatory health plans so we the LIL guys can enjoy a better refund. Safe keeping our Borders to reduce crime rate "which to any SANE AMERICAN" would find Acceptable but "NO NOT THE UNEDUCATED UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE WE HAVE TODAY"! RENTAL EXPENSES & REQUIREMENTS WERE LEFT SO HIGH BY PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION THAT THE RATE OF HOMELESS PEOPLE IS ASTRONOMICAL! TRUMP HAS BEEN WORKING TO FIND SOLUTIONS TO BETTER THE LIVES OF THE LESS FORTUNATE and THIS IS HOW Y'ALL REPAY HIM? LET'S BE VERY CLEAR, OBAMA BLEEDED THE HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY WHILE CHEESING IN YOUR FACE!!!

  86. D R2 says:

    #devinnunes is f*cked… he's about to cry here, literally. reap what you sow

  87. Lara Lara says:

    Q: Who did give to Russian newest military technology and help to build Skolkovo?
    A: BHO, HRC
    Is there the goal: give both sides weapons and stirring the war?

  88. Shahzad Naqvi says:


  89. Carama Gambino says:

    Absolutely baffling no one has ever done any investigating on any of Hillary or Bill’s corruption. NOT ONE TIME!!!!!! There is a murder last a mile long from Mena airport To the Muhat compounds in Portugal. Federal agents have had to go on medical leave after reviewing her and Huma Aberdeen eating a fucking baby there’s 33,000 emails were all about sex trafficking and pedophilia and Satanic rituals that nothing to do with the election and that’s why Julian Assange is dead. All the investigative reporters that I know can’t even touch it because they know they’ll wind up dead like Seth rich like the little girl out of Mexico the senator in Georgia I could go on and all that you people don’t even know anything about the Epstein is very much alive. They hate President Trump because one of the very first things he did was sign that sex trafficking bill. Remember people he used to be one of them he knows all about the shit that’s going on he was invited to the secret societies and special clubs. They can’t stand President Trump because he knows exactly what the deep state is all about it when it got down to the babies in the city and it rituals in the adrenal chrome that’s when he said I can’t do this. He’s just trying to really make America great again he really really is trying to get all the evil out of this country I swear to God he is please people do your research start with the mother of darkness castle and why President Trump talked about the thousand lights he’s leaving everybody hints everywhere

  90. Carama Gambino says:

    “House intelligence committee” How frightening It is these people were actually able to get a job

  91. Bri Lar says:

    Let the Europeans spend 3 + billion $$ on Ukraine. It is in Europe not the Americas.

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