Homework Hotline Book Review: The Mother Daughter Book Club

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“The Mother-Daughter Book Club,” by Heather
Vogel Frederick. “The Mother-Daughter Book Club” takes you on a journey narrated by four
characters: Megan Wong, Emma Hawthorne, Jess Delaney, and Cassidy Sloane. The girls all
have hardships to overcome. Mrs. Delaney has left for New York City to do her dream job
of an actress. She gets the role of one of the main characters. Time stretched and soon
she’s been there for a year. Meanwhile, Becca Chadwick and the rest of the Fab Four (Becca’s
posse) is saying Jess’s parents will split up. Jess is worried. Will her family ever
be the same again? Emma Hawthorne’s family is going through some money problems, but
whenever she wears hand-me-downs, Becca makes fun of them. Later Becca steals Emma’s journal,
which she wrote a poem about her crush in. Becca reads it aloud to the Fab Four, Emma’s
crush, and some of his friends, and Jess her best friend. Emma’s mortified. She’s too afraid
to stand up to Becca. Will it always be this way? Megan is part of the Fab Four. Megan
used to be friends with Emma then her father became rich and Megan ditched Emma. The moms
started a mother-daughter book club and Megan, Emma, Jess and Cassidy are in it. Megan likes
how she can be herself in book club, but those girls do not have the same interests as Megan
does. Becca on the other hand does share Megan’s interests. She likes them both but they do
not like each other. Who should Megan choose? Cassidy has just moved in. She’s the daughter
of a famous former supermodel. She played hockey where she came from but there’s no
girls team where she is now. She tries out for the boys team and she makes it. People
think she’s weird just because she’s a girl that loves hockey. She doesn’t care and befriends
the boys. She realizes she likes the girls in the book club. Will they like her back?

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