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Hi! Welcome to Better Done Yourself! Today on Better Done Yourself? Salad Dressing! Look at all the salad dressings we’re going to do today! I’ve got a creamy French dressing. I’ve got a real nice salad dressing. It’s sweet and yogurt and creamy for
your fruit salad. I’ve got a Caesar dressing that you can whip up really
fast. no need to go to a fancy restaurant to get your Caesar. I will do a ranch
dressing–everybody loves ranch. Blue cheese dressing with good-quality blue cheese. Green Goddess is nice. It looks real pretty on your salad and then we’ll
wrap the whole thing up with russian dressing. So that’s what we’re doing
today. Stay tuned and learn how to make salad dressing that’s better done yourself. I think salad dressing was probably one of the first things that I
ever made when learning how to cook. When I was tall enough to see up over
the top of the counter and you know check out my mother and see what she was making for supper I’d say “hey can I help?” and she’d hand me the iconic salad cruet and say “here honey! make some salad dressing for tonight” and I
dutifully follow the little lines here. this much vinegar. this much
water. this much olive oil. put in some mustard. put on some sugar. put in my
spices and everything and shake it up and I had my salad dressing. and well it
was okay but we can do a lot better than that.
making salad dressing is super easy you don’t need a fancy salad dressing cruet
from the supermarket. just save your little jars you know sometimes you
might have a salsa jar. save them. rinse the labels off. save the lids.
run them through the dishwasher. these are all just about eight or ten ounces.
each of the salad dressings I’m going to do today are about eight ounces which is
about four servings or if you like, just use your jam jars. these are
eight ounces here and the canning lids are just fine. you can use the plastic
storage lids that they sell that fit on mason jars. so to make any of these
dressings all you really need is well a jar and a little bit of inspiration the
main reason why I make my own salad dressing is because the salad dressings
that you buy well they’re full of sugar and you know me and sugar. the other
thing that’s in them is just bad oil. they make them out of a worst
kinds of oil. they make them at a soybean oil and well you know about soybeans.
they make them out of olive oil of questionable origin. they make them out
of canola oil which isn’t really the best oil to be eating. you’re eating you
know this great salad you’ve made something good for yourself and then you
slather it with some kind of salad dressing made by some giant factory off
somewhere you don’t know about and it’s got all kinds of strange chemicals. I
was at the supermarket just now looking at the salad dressing there’s sodium isolate in them and some weird derivative of MSG and most of them and I just don’t
feel like eating that stuff. you’re eating you know this nice salad you made.
get some good oil into it. get some avocado oil. this is super for salad
dressing. real neutral taste and good for you. you could use you know something
like canola oil–oh god I don’t know what this is– I don’t know what this is made
of certainly not the vegetables on the label. how about NO canola oil. maybe
reach for some olive oil. olive oil is delicious and tastes great with vegetables. Good for you! olive oil! you’re probably thinking I
could use coconut oil. I put coconut oil in everything. everyone’s telling me to
cook with my coconut oil. the problem coconut oil is that it’s solid at room
temperature and if you make salad dressing out of this it’s not going to
work so probably pass on the found the coconut oil for this so promoter these
recipes up you’re going to be using the mayonnaise that we made last week or
just some words you’d see me using oil to be the avocado oil all right for our
first dressing we’re going to do a creamy French dressing French dressing
is basically you’re going to see if most of the things that I do today is you
know a mayonnaise base the thing that when you look at French dressing it’s
that bright orange color paprika and then we’re just going to mix it up with
a will thin out the manners with a little bit of milk will sweeten it with
some honey add a little bit of acid with some lemon juice and then of course salt
and pepper so here let me just throw this together for you really quick we’re
going to do a cup of mayonnaise so we’ll do about a lemons worth of
lemon juice if your lemons are particularly juicy maybe a little less
we’re shooting for two tablespoons of lemon juice we’re going to do 1 teaspoon
of paprika we’re making salad dressing here we’re not baking fine pastry I’m
not going to measure everything I’m not going to get real compulsive about it
too bad a tablespoon of honey like I said we’re going to cut it down a little
bit with a little bit of milk about a tablespoon and then finally seasoning
salt pepper about what quarter of a teaspoon of pepper and 1/2 teaspoon of
salt put on the lid give it a shake dressing number one
creamy French dressing beautiful all right dressing number two let’s do
something fun let’s do something sweet I’m going to make a fruit salad dressing
you cut up some fruit and you want a little bit about some extra something to
put over it this is a nice dressing that you can use to dress your fruit salads
with it’s a mixture of yogurt honey lime juice some cinnamon and optionally if
you like them some poppy seeds just make it pretty but we’ll do we have a cup of
yogurt now half a line again the lines vary in
juiciness so you might need to taste this and adjust two tablespoons of honey half a teaspoon of cinnamon if you’re a
big cinnamon fiend you’re welcome to bump that up a little bit but I’m just
going to start with half a teaspoon and like I said it and got papasian do you
like poppy seeds they make it kind of pretty strap on the lid give it a shake pop seafood salad dressing let’s move on
to number three next up let’s make Caesar salad dressing I’ve seen on you
know you get Caesar salad in a restaurant it seems really elaborate
with the garlic and the mustard and the egg and the just a whole lot going on
there you can actually make just the salad dressing yourself really simply if
you think about it the egg and the mustard and the oil are all in the
mayonnaise that we made so all we need to add to make this is a Caesar salad
dressing instead of just mayonnaise would be some Parmesan cheese
anchovy paste pepper who eight go back what was that anchovy paste enter taste
isn’t so bad it’s little fish impact in oil you big grown-up and try Antony
paste again yeah it was gross when you were a kid you will like this this has a
ton of flavor anchovy paste is not the devil it’s
actually really good in things you know use a lot but you should use it try it
you’ll like it trust me where was I pepper a little bit of garlic and a
little bit more lemon so basically just add the two tablespoons I’m starting
with a quarter of a cup of mayonnaise and two cloves garlic that dreaded
anchovy paste comes sealed so you know it’s okay to eat right it’s sealed I’m
going to do about a tablespoon squeeze our lemon in two tablespoons of lemon juice some
pepper and then finally some Parmesan cheese you can use that stuff that comes
in the shaker box if you want or you can buy some really good Parmesan cheese and
grate it yourself is about two tablespoons of cheese Parmesan cheese is
really good in salad dressing not just this one but also any other savory Caesar salad dressing another easy one
let’s keep going all right next up ranch dressing I do I do a lot of research
when I make these videos and I was looking up salad dressing recipes and
going through my library and looking at what I like to make and what other
people make and every single time in the comments
whenever somebody would post something about salad dressings it would be
gimmick ranch dressing well I’m not a big ranch dressing and you’re about to
so super simple to do ranch dressing we’re going to do equal parts in this
case 1/3 of a cup of yogurt or sour cream milk and mayonnaise and then we’re
just going to add parsley garlic powder and onion powder mix them all together
shake it up and you got your dressing so we’ll do our you can you can use sour
cream you can use I use yogurt I don’t eat a lot of sour cream your mayonnaise there’s a couple milk partly to make it
pretty and for color this is what I’m using all dried spices for this and
herbs I’m using a teaspoon of each one you’re going to want to make this ahead
of time and let this sit for about an hour in the fridge just so the onion
powder in the garlic powder and the dried parsley can rehydrate but
literally a good dose I’m using a teaspoon of each one get them all in
your drawer deck check it up Ranch Dressing simple as that moving
right along alright dressing number five blue cheese blue
cheese is just like the last one is just like the ranch dressing we’re going to
do with but with a little variation of course but we’re going to do a quarter
of a cup each of buttermilk mayonnaise sour cream yogurt and then an ounce and
a half of blue cheese by the best blue cheese you spend your extra allowance on
your blue cheese you’re going to get your money’s worth I’ve seen a lot of
crummy blue crumbly blue cheese is that the supermarket that wasn’t happy this
actually came from the big box store and it’s awesome so ounce and a half of blue
cheese and then Matt had half a lemons worth of lemon juice salt and pepper and
of course a jar so let’s mix everything together got our buttermilk again how
many buttermilk you can just use milk mayo quarter of a cup sour cream or yogurt blue cheese you’re
going to want to crumble literally break it up with your fingers you can have at
it with a fork just get it into a little bit more reasonable pieces this was like
I said a big block and I just broke up an ounce and a half in a measuring cup
I’d say it was probably about these big crumbles if you could probably fill
about a half cup but get all your pieces down to about regular here the biggest
pieces want to find on your salad I guess and load up your jar might need a
bigger drawer for this one that will be great lemon juice with no seeds up on the top don’t forget yourself and
pepper is it it tastes not a lot really not like in the Caesar dressing it’s
just a little hint dressing number five blue cheese awesome
let’s keep going sorry salad dressing number six Green Goddess dressing
Green Goddess dressing is awesome it’s got a ton of fresh basil scallion garlic
your old friend the anchovy paste a third of a cup of mayonnaise and a third
of a cup of sour cream or yogurt and then hitta lemon juice just to round it
out when we make this we’re going to have to use some bigger tools so let’s
make a little room here all right let’s load up our blender jar we’re going to
start with the Mayo we’re not going to add the sour cream until the end because
we’re really going to beat the daylights out of it with this blender with this
Vitamix and sour cream doesn’t take very well to
that kind of blending so we’re going to add that at the very end it’s just a
rough chop on everything take the roots off and then we do a whole green onion got probably now six brings a basal here
little bat up and remember don’t put the garlic cloves in there unchopped
remember that whole story about Alison and the and how parched garlic is you
really need to chop garlic first you want to chop your garlic you want to let
a little bit of oxidation take place with this garlic so you really want to
chop anytime you use garlic don’t use garlic whole make sure you just give it
a real quick chop and then put it in the Pajar half a juice of lemon entropy
paste just okay a teaspoon this time and that’s it
well how about some salt pepper would be good about it quarter teaspoon 1/2
teaspoon what we’re trying to do is basically
just juice that basil and the the scallion so we just want to get that
down to nothing just nice smooth dressing up with the herbs in there once you’re down to just about nothing go ahead and stir in the dairy product and I’m not going to do this hard at all just barely anything grab your jar and we’ve got green
goddess dressing dressing number six on our countdown all right one more folks
russian dressing we’re going to do a russian dressing for a final thing to
make your russian dressing you’re going to do I’ve got a half a cup of
mayonnaise in my jar and then from there we’re going to do a quarter of a cup of
sweet pickle relish two tablespoons of ketchup a tablespoon of fresh lemon
juice a tablespoon of horseradish a tablespoon of very finely minced white
onion and then about a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce after that what you
do just 1/2 a teaspoon of salt and then about a quarter teaspoon of black pepper
so you know that drill here folks add everything to your jar strap on the lid you give it a good
shape and you have russian dressing if you want it to be a little redder then
just go ahead and add a little bit more ketchup interesting thing about russian
dressing if you have maybe twice as much ketchup at a boil egg to it you’d have
Thousand Island dressing so to recap we’ve got there our creamy
French dressing the one with the paprika in it our fruit salad dressing with the
honey and yogurt and lime juice we made Caesar dressing a real quick way
to make it with our mayonnaise and then ranch dressing because everybody loves
ranch dressing blue cheese with good blue cheese in it we did Green Goddess
dressing and then finally our last one was the Russian dressing so there you go
seven salad dressings all homemade and they’re better done yourself we know
it’s in and we’ve got nice too high quality oil and then we’ve got nice
fresh ingredients I think you’ll find they’re all delicious what’s your
favorite kind of salad dressing we made comment below and don’t forget to
subscribe thanks for watching everybody what you’re still watching you haven’t
had enough and all right tell you what you I know what you want you want to see
the salad crew it I’ll do it all right here we go
so that they had a salad crew at the little markings are on the side but
basically if you’re just going to use another jam jar the ratio is to the 1/2
oil to one vinegar you might want to even dilute the I remember on the the
jar here the crew it they do just a little bit of water for
of the volume of vinegar I was never too impressed with that learn how to make
your own apple cider vinegar click the video but dutifully fill the oil and
vinegar up to the the markings as shown on the bottle like I said two to one
this is my original recipe from 1972 so bear with me that’s two tablespoons of
sugar some Italian seasoning out of the little jar I still have my jar from when
I was 10 that tablespoon or two of that and then
at an early affinity for celery seeds can use celery salt just cut out on the
salt when you get to that some garlic powder just touch a little bit of onion
powder I use celery seed so I need to add some salt and then a good black
pepper this is one vinegar oil and vinegar well what do they say or and
water don’t mix well not a oil and vinegar
the trick is an emulsifier what’s a good emulsifier homemade mustard you can use
store-bought mustard not much just half a teaspoon so it
really takes everything in your crew it’s strep on the cap let this cinema just at room temperature
for about an hour to let the spices on the herbs reconstitute butter than that
you’ve got my same oil vinegar recipe I’ve been making for 50 years so enjoy
you guys thanks for watching you don’t have to put the sugar in it alright fine you

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