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Welcome… (cheering and applause continue) Welcome back to the show. Does this ever get, like, tired?
Just walking around and people cheering for you
when you walk into rooms? -Well, that’s…
-I cheer for her. -You cheer for her?
-I mean, why not? Just, like,
solo standing ovations? -You know.
-Well, it is Halloween night, so I think there’s a lot
of energy in the air. No, no, I-I think you get this. I’ve-I’ve watched videos
of you walking into restaurants together, as a family. I’ve seen you walking in alone.
I’ve seen… There seems to be this feeling where you walk around
the country, and people go… It’s a little bit of like, “Aw!” But it’s also like, “Yay!” Like, that-that’s a cool fee… It’s… I mean,
it’s not the presidency, but it’s a cool
consolation prize, no? Well, that’s true. Yeah, yeah. It-it does, um,
make up for it… a little bit. Um, Chelsea, thank you very much
for being here. You came from trick-or-treating, -like, now.
-I did. Yes. You literally just went
trick-or-treating. -Literally. -But you didn’t…
you didn’t dress up as any… You just took the kids
trick-or-treating. -I just took the kids. Um,
we had a Moana. -NOAH: Right. -Uh, a clock striking midnight
from Cinderella. -NOAH: Okay. -And a pumpkin.
-NOAH: Oh, I like this. -I like this. And… -Yeah.
The pumpkin didn’t choose, ’cause he’s three months old,
but everybody else chose. ‘Cause, like, if you came
to my door on Halloween, I would be like,
“Oh, my God. You l… “You dressed as Chelsea Clinton.
That’s amazing! -How did you…?” -Amazing!
I’ve never really thought that I have, like,
a built-in Halloween costume. -Yes, you have
a built-in Halloween… -Yeah. When people go,
“Chelsea Clinton,” you’re like, -“No. It’s good makeup,
though, right?” -Yeah, hey. Yeah, it’s a good… Um… You know,
sometimes people will say to us, “You know, do you know you look
just like Hillary Clinton?” And I say,
“Yeah, I’ve heard that.” (laughter) Let me, um, say, first of all, congratulations
on a phenomenal book. I didn’t know what to expect.
The Book of Gutsy Women. I didn’t know if it was gonna be
a book about American women, a book about political women,
but it’s just a book about women who have changed
not just their world but the world
in some way, shape or form. What’s interesting
is that you wrote it together. You’ve written many books
separately, but this was your first book
writing together as a mother and daughter. As someone who’s written a book
without my mother, I cannot imagine
what it would be like to write something
with my mother. -How do you… -Is that why
you’re staring so intently? How do you not hate each other
at this point? -What is the process like?
-Uh, it was a lot of fun. It also…
It did take some adjustment, um, because my mother
still writes longhand. -Mm. -Like, like, writes out
the words? -Yes. Yes. Although I said this
at an event, and I could see, uh, like,
a teenager up in the rafters turn to his mother and say,
“What’s longhand?” -It’s like, at least… -No,
’cause there’s a generation -that goes like, “What is that?”
-Yeah, what is that? -Writing the words out with
a pen and no autocorrect. -Yes. No. And, like, no ability
to track changes -or have comment boxes.
-Right. And you’re doing it… -Like, are you doing it
on computer in, like, a… -Yes. -Like 2019.
-So, how do you… (laughter) So, how do you compare
the notes, then? When you… Like, do you bring
the longhand into the digital, or do you, like, give it to her and be like,
“You longhand my work”? Well, so, my mother
would take photographs of, like, each page. -Wow.
-And then text or e-mail me -the photographs of the page.
-Wow. Yeah. So, like, when we were
particularly working on the things
that we wrote together… Like, we write about Rosa Parks
and Claudette Colvin together. -Yes. -So, I would, like,
type my Claudette Colvin essay and sent it to her
as an attachment. Like, a Word document.
And she would take pictures of, like, each individual page
of her Rosa Parks essay and, like, send me,
like, page one. I can feel your frustration
as you’re telling me this story. -I’m still working through it.
-This is… this is nice. -Yeah.
-I can… I can feel that. Um, why did you choose
to write this book together? I mean,
you’ve had many opportunities. You could have written
about anything– your family, politics, your life–
but this is a specific book, and it feels like
for a specific time. Why? Because we really believe
that, uh, in today’s world, uh, the stories of gutsy women– and, literally,
there are many millions of them, but we chose 103,
uh, to write about, uh, because their stories
tell us, yes, about… the struggles that they endured and their persistence to try
to improve their own lives and the lives
of people around them. But I think especially
in today’s world, we need to be reminded
of these kinds of stories. Uh, and they are historic
and contemporary and even a few fictional. And they were women
who inspired me as a little girl and then throughout my life,
and the same with Chelsea. In fact, we started talking about, you know,
inspirational women when she was a little girl. And, so, we want to share
these stories, and we hope that people can find
some, uh… some message
that will help them. -Right. -Uh, especially,
you know, given the difficulties that a lot of… a lot of people
around the world face right now. It’s interesting, Chelsea,
because you’ve said, you know,
there was a time in your life when you watched your mom
running for president, and there were more women
in space than running for president. -Two.
-Right. And now you-you have
a plethora of women. I mean,
you have six in the race, and you’ve seen
how many women participated in-in the midterms
and won, as well. Do you feel like we’re noticing
a shift in society that’s positively moving us to a place
where there’s equality? Not there yet, but just moving
us in that direction? I think we’re
absolutely making progress. I also really appreciate how
you framed the question, Trevor, because it’s super important
that we don’t get complacent. -NOAH: Mm-hmm.
-And that we also understand still how far we have to go. I mean, even though we had
an unprecedented number of women run for Congress in 2018, we were still less
than a quarter -of all declared candidates.
-NOAH: Wow. So, making progress, but we still have a long ways
to go to get to parity. But as we’ve seen, like,
who runs for office really matters ’cause
it determines who holds office. -NOAH: Right.
-And I’m so thrilled that my children are growing up with the most diverse Congress
in American history. You have chosen 103 women
in this book who all have different stories
of being gutsy, but what would you find
was the common thread that made them who they are? One, I think the sense of,
just, deep purpose. Sometimes something
that they knew from when they were
a little girl. Like, Jane Goodall always knew she wanted to work
with animals. And Sally Ride– you know, the
first American woman in space– um, really became a physicist because she wasn’t
a good-enough tennis player. So she kind of fe–
found her passion later in life. But what is so distinct
about all these women is that they brought others
along with them, sometimes consciously
breaking down barriers and sometimes just really aware
of their example. And I find that really powerful
and gutsy, that it wasn’t just
for themselves– it was for others, too. Hillary, I have to ask you a
question that is–
been plaguing me for a while. How did you kill
Jeffrey Epstein? (laughs) Because you-you… -(applause)
-You’re not in power, but you have all the power. (laughs) I-I really need to understand
how you do what you do. Because you seem to be behind
everything nefarious, and yet you do not use it
to become president. -What is the game plan?
-(laughs) -Well, Trevor…
-(laughter) What is– What–
But, honestly, though, what does it feel like being
the boogeyman of the right? (stammers)
Well… (stammers) It’s-it’s
a constant surprise to me, um, because the things
they say– and now, of course,
it’s on steroids, with, uh, being online– uh, are so ridiculous, uh, beyond any imagination
that I could have, and yet they are so persistent in putting forth these crazy,
uh, ideas and theories. Honestly, I don’t know what
I ever did to get them so upset. Uh, but a lot of them live to come up
with these conspiracy, uh, theories, and, you know, I’ve gotten kind of used to it. It’s been going on
for a number of years. Have you– have you ever thought
of just, like, meeting someone who says, like,
“Hillary, you did this,” and just looking at them
and being, like, -“Yes, I did”?
-(laughs) -I mean, there-there must be
a little… -At some point. -Right, at some point.
-Yeah, at some point. It-it becomes so ludicrous
and it becomes so extreme. Well, I’ve had– I’ve had–
I’ve had encounters like that, -and-and many of my friends have
had because they’ve… -Wow. Yeah. They’ve called up people
to urge them to, like, vote for me
or they’ve knocked on a door, and somebody will say, “Oh,
I couldn’t do that because…” And then they launch into one
of their big conspiracies. And I had one friend,
one very dear friend, who I literally have known
my entire life, and she said she listened
to this ridiculous, uh, conspiracy about me.
And she said, “You know, I’ve known her
since we were in sixth grade, and none of that is true.” And this man looked at her
and said, “But I saw it on the Internet.” But I also think
it’s because it is effective. Like, I’ll never forget
reading an article after the 2016 election
where the reporter interviewed someone who had been
an undecided voter. And he said, you know,
he thought my mom had won
all three debates. She clearly had a greater
command of the subject matter. And yet he just kept reading that she had murdered
more than 50 people. And he said,
somewhat nonchalantly, like, “I don’t think
that she murdered 50. -But, like, what if
she murdered two?” -(laughs) And so you just think– it’s
this, like, constant erosion -of-of truth and sanity.
-Right. But my favorite– and the one that I do
secretly hope might be true– is that my mother apparently
adopted an alien in 1993. -(laughs) -And I’ve
always wanted a sibling. -(laughs)
-So I hope, maybe, -maybe, that one will prove out
at some point. -But, you– but, you know, Trevor,
it-it’s– You have to laugh at it,
because it’s so crazy. But, on the other hand, we face a serious problem of a lot of these falsehoods
and these crazy stories, uh, taking on lives
of their own. Uh, not about me
but about everybody -and particularly anybody
in the public arena. -Right. And I have been, uh,
very outspoken about the decision by Facebook to allow truly false
political ads to be run. I want to applaud Twitter
for announcing they were not going to let that, -uh, go forward. And I hope,
um… -(cheering and applause) I really hope
Facebook changes their mind. Because more than half
the people in America get their news from Facebook. -And you. I mean, that’s
the combination. -Right. Right. -Yeah. Yeah. -Well, but Fa–
No, but Facebook– but Facebook is-is a real issue. And we are living in a world
where people no longer know what truth is
and don’t even agree on it, -which-which seems to be
a larger issue. -Mm-hmm. You’ve witnessed
the change in politics through many different times. Uh, in fact, we’re
in an interesting period now where the country’s gearing up
for impeachment. -Mm-hmm. -And you are in
an interesting position, where, in your life,
you have been literally a part of every single impeachment
in some way, shape, or form. You had
the Watergate investigations -that you were a part of.
-Mm. Mm-hmm. -You then had your husband,
who was impeached. -Mm. -And now your political opponent
is getting impeached. -Mm-hmm. Do you have
the impeachment touch? -Is this, like, a thing?
-(laughs) You know, um,
I wasn’t part of Andrew Johnson. -But, you know, other-other
than that, um… -Yes. (stammers) It is a-a strange
perspective to have, um, because I was a young lawyer,
uh, investigating Richard Nixon. And I am very pleased
that the House today is proceeding in such
a deliberative manner. Uh, they had that vote,
uh, today about the procedures, because that’s what happened
in 1974. -Mm-hmm. -At first,
the American people looked at, uh, the idea that Nixon
would be impeached -after he won a massive
landslide in 1972. -Right. And they said, “Well, that-that
doesn’t make any sense.” But as the evidence came out– and we were literally working
18 hours a day, compiling evidence,
making, you know, the legal, uh, arguments,
the constitutional arguments– and, finally,
people realized that, yeah, obstruction of justice,
abuse of power, contempt of Congress
are not what we want to turn a blind eye to
in our country. We need checks and balances. It’s one of the reasons why the rule of law is
at the core of our democracy. So, I know the difference, um, -about how the House’s power
is supposed to work… -Uh-huh. ’cause I was part
of seeing it work, uh, I believe, in the right way. One of the people
we profile is Barbara Jordan, who, if you go to YouTube,
you can see her, uh, speech when she voted on the articles
of impeachment in 1974, with her defense
of the Constitution. And so, I’m hoping that now
that this is going to move toward public hearings, where people can see
these witnesses in person, they can be like a juror
themselves trying to decide… -Right -…uh, that, uh,
the American people will, you know, make a very,
uh, careful study of what they’re being told, because the founders
put impeachment in the Constitution
for a reason. Uh, we have a elections,
but in between elections, if there is behavior
that is undermining our country, endangering
our national security, as the allegations here are, uh,
it’s an extraordinary remedy, but one that has to be exercised
in a sober, careful way. It’s interesting,
because America’s in a place where it feels like this process
and procedure will be tested more than ever before because of
how partisan America has become. -Mm-hmm.
-Because of how, you know, toxic politics in America has become. And I-I was interested, Chelsea,
because I’ve noticed, a lot of people have asked you
why you aren’t running for an open seat in Chappaqua. You are a resident
of New York State. There is a seat that is open,
and you have the ability to take that seat,
in many people’s opinion. And you’ve often said, “No,
there’s other young people who could take it,”
and everyone said, “Yes.” But you would definitely,
you know, take that seat, and you would run with it,
and you’ve said you are interested
in changing people’s lives. Do you have a hes… hesitancy to engage in politics because of how your mom has been
treated in her life? No, uh, because I see her get up
every day and still engage. And so, for me, the decision to not even think about
kind of running for the seat that Congresswoman Nita Lowey
will leave, uh, at the end of next year, is more about an affirmation
of what I’m doing now. Um, and I’m thrilled that there are already
so many people who have thrown their hats
into the ring. And I hope that young people
don’t kind of see the toxicity in this moment
and turn away from it. I hope they see it and say,
“I want to change that, “and I want to get back
to a place “of science
and evidence-based decisions “and respect for our democracy and respect
for the rule of law.” So I hope people take it, uh,
perversely, as an opportunity… -Right. -…um,
for what must be different, and then be part of the change
of doing that. You know, because it hasn’t… You know,
it hasn’t always been like that. We’ve had partis… partisanship
from the very beginning. But there’s also been a lot
of effort to find common ground. So, back
to the Nixon impeachment, when the articles
of impeachment were voted on, members of, uh,
the Republican party in the Congress voted
for one, uh, or more of them. So, there has been, uh,
many times… We write about, uh,
Margaret Chase Smith, a Republican woman Senator
from Maine, who was the first member
of her party to stand up to Joseph McCarthy
in the early 1950s. So, we’ve had, not only people, but a consensus around -what it is we’re trying
to protect and cherish. -Mm-hmm. And so, I can hope that maybe
there’ll be enough people who make their decision, not on, you know,
protecting the president, but protecting the country,
uh, either way they end up. It’s interesting,
because many of the woman you’ve written about in the book
also share one common trait, and that is, the obstacles
they had to overcome often included being accused
of things or being scrutinized in a way that was not similar
to the men around them, to their male counterparts. How would you respond
to a Trump supporter if they took the time
to listen to you and said, “Hillary,
I don’t think it’s fair “that Trump is gonna be
impeached “for getting information
from Ukraine “when your team engaged
in Russian information “through, uh, you know, the
co… the-the team that worked on that side
on the Steele dossier”? How do you respond
to that person when they say… -Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. -…”You
engaged in foreign information “on a political rival,
Trump did the same. -What is the difference?”
-There’s a huge difference. Um, you know,
if you look at the power that the president holds, the president is in a position to use American leverage
and credibility to achieve the goals
of our nation. So I could imagine. No,
I could imagine a conversation where a president would say to the president of Ukraine, “You’re new at the job. “One of the things that has
held you back is corruption. “We want to help you
fight corruption, “but we want evidence
that you are really dedicated -to fighting corruption.”
-Right. If that’s all
that had been said, there’s nothing wrong with that. As secretary of state, I used
to go and visit leaders and say, “You know,
one of your biggest problems is “you’ve got rampant corruption. “It’s in your family,
it’s in your people around you. You’ve got to deal with it.” But that’s not what happened. And we now have not only
the whistleblower -and the alleged
incomplete transcript. -Mm-hmm. We now have a lot of witnesses
who are all saying, “This was about helping
the president himself.” He is acting as the president. -He’s not a political candidate.
-Right. He is not a private citizen. He’s the president,
and he said… Now works for the United States. He works
for the United States, and we don’t want
to squander our credibility. So, if other countries see this,
as they clearly are, that this president really
could care less about Ukraine, could care less whether
it becomes a stable country, could care less
whether it’s able to defend itself
against Russia… All he wants
is for them to manufacture some kind
of damaging information about the person he thinks is
his likely opponent, Joe Biden. So, there’s a huge difference. I mean, people can gather,
you know, information in, you know,
all kinds of different ways, but when you combine it
with that quid pro quo that existed, uh,
in that conversation, which has now been verified
repeatedly -Mm-hmm.
-by people who were in the room, people who were under pressure
to deprive the Ukrainians of military aid so they
could defend themselves… (laughs): There’s an active war
going on in Eastern Ukraine. The Russians
and their proxies are… still killing Ukrainians,
and so… what this president
has basically done is say: “I don’t care,
I don’t care about any of that, I just need some dirt, and I
don’t care if you make it up.” You know,
“In order to get military aid, you’ve got to give me something
on Joe Biden and his son.” It really does seem like
Trump has taken, uh, an unconventional approach,
to say the least, in international affairs. He’s been very explicit
in saying, “It’s America first
and that’s all I care about.” Syria has been
an interesting case, and-and as a former secretary,
you have the ability to speak to this
with an in-depth knowledge. Trump said,
“I pulled the troops out because it’s time for America
to leave these endless wars.” Everyone spoke out against Trump
for doing this. But it was one of your former
ambassadors, Robert Ford, who said at one point that
the alliance with the Kurds was never meant to be permanent, it was just meant to be
a temporary coming together, because both sides wanted
to beat ISIS, and they weren’t allies
of all time. What do you think is
the more correct approach, then? Look, I-I don’t think his real
philosophy is “America first.” I think it’s “Trump first.” And he judges everything
as to how it will help him. And perhaps
he impulsively decided that bringing our troops home, uh, was good for him
politically, -Mm-hmm. -and that seems to be
how he is justifying it. But let’s assume we had,
uh, a president who, uh, was interested
in achieving that goal in a defensible way. Here’s what could have happened. He could very well have said
to the people who know something about Syria, the Kurds,
the Turks and others, and said, you know,
“We need to start a process, uh, in order to figure out
how we can protect the Kurds”– who have been our allies. Maybe not for all time, but
they sure have been sacrificing on behalf of our objective to drive the Islamic State
out of Syria. And we know they’re holding
tens of thousands of prisoners, -Right.
-uh, for us. So let’s not leave them,
uh, to their fates. Let’s figure out
how we work with the Turks, who are worried
about their border. Let’s see how we work
with the Kurds. Let’s use the leverage we have,
because we still have troops that are special forces who
are working alongside the Kurds, and let’s figure out how
we’re gonna make this happen, instead of just waking up
and walking to the South Lawn of the White House and say, “We’re bringing
all our troops home, and I’ve talked
to President Erdogan.” And since we don’t know
what he says on these calls, for all we know it could be,
“Hey, uh, you know, “President Erdogan,
we’re gonna take our troops out. What do you have on Joe Biden?” -We don’t know.
-Right. And that’s what’s so frightening
about what’s happening, -because he has an affinity
for dictators. -Mm-hmm. Uh, he’s clearly misjudged,
uh, the North Koreans. Uh, Kim Jong-un
has been firing missiles and obviously not behaving
the way that a meeting with the president
should have led him to. He clearly does Putin’s bidding. I mean, Putin could not be
happier to have the Ukrainians -Right. -caught up in this
while he continues to, you know, eat away at their country
and their sovereignty. The Russians have
a huge amount of influence now in the Middle East,
because… they’re right there in, uh,
Syria alongside the Iranians and propping up
the Assad government. So there’s a lot
of moving pieces on this complex chessboard, and I’ve been
in a White House Situation Room where the president
was demanding information, not acting on impulse, -Right. -where we were running
through different scenarios, where we had to be
constantly testing our opinions against others in order to give
the president the best advice. That is not happening
in this White House. It is, unfortunately, uh… unpredictable
about what he will do next. So therefore, other countries, particularly ones
adversarial to us, are going around the world
saying, “You can’t… -you can’t count on America
anymore,” you know? -Right. “Count on us. We’ll sell you
arms, not the Americans. “We’ll make deals with you,
not the Americans. We’ll have investments in your
country, not the Americans.” And it’s a tragedy,
because, um, I think we were
really well positioned at the end
of the Obama administration to keep building
on our leadership, and I think that’s been,
uh, squandered under this president. Let me ask you one question
before we wrap it up. The Book of Gutsy Women
talks about women who have done something amazing
throughout time. One thing that we can’t deny
has changed throughout time has been politics
and the way we see the world. I’ve always been fascinated
as to your relationship. You know, you are… you are
your mother’s daughter, yes, but you are younger than her–
are there ever political ideas or, you know,
conversations you have where you don’t agree or you’ve
changed how you see an idea because of your age difference? -Yes. (laughs)
-Yes. Absolutely. I think, um,
most notably on gay marriage and equal marriage rights, uh, which is something
that we talked about… -extensively…
-Wow. um, throughout… years, and I’m really grateful
and proud of my mom for her shift to being
just a dogged, determined, not only supporter but advocate
for equal marriage rights. So you were, like, in the house,
and you were like, “Mom… you got to get gay rights going.
Come on.” It’s almost, like, a weird fight
to be having with your mom. I’m not… ‘Cause, like, I was
like, “I want to go to a party,” and you were like, “Mom,
gay people need to get married!” -“Go to your room, young lady!”
-(laughter) That’s pretty wild. I mean… -Well, Chelsea was…
-Yes, but hopefully, in a nicer tone? But Chelsea was, you know,
really one of the strong, uh… voices on behalf of, uh,
gay marriage here in New York. Um, she, you know,
gave lots of speeches. She was part
of a group of leaders -Mm-hmm.
-that were advocating for it. And, you know, I really respect
and-and listen to her about all kinds of things,
and this was something that, uh,
made a lot of sense to me, especially because she had
such passion about it. Well, I’ll tell you this,
it is a Book of Gutsy Women written by two of the gutsiest. -Thank you so much for being
on the show. -Thank you, Trevor. -Thank you.
-Wonderful having you here. -The Book of Gutsy Women
is available now. -(cheering) Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton
and Chelsea Clinton, everybody.

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  16. Caroline Petter says:

    why anybody would even want hear what she have to say ? Havent she done enought yet ?
    your unconditional love for the neocons is disapointing, Noah !

  17. donn illuminous says:

    After what bill Clinton did in the white house I would be ashamed to expose my face in front of a camera. Specially if I was his daughter.

  18. Armstrong Kim says:

    I don't know why, but I just don't like Hillary. As much as we love to make fun of trump ,it's important to recognize that the agents investigating the email scandal have committed “suicide” one after another, while those investigating Russia scandal are alive and well, and they're still shitting on trump like us.

  19. Carolyn Nigro says:

    If Mrs Clinton is finding the applause tedious …. I'd be more than happy to fling my feces at her.

  20. Steve Watt says:

    Hilary investigated Nixon, now he's dead. Coincidence? (sorry, it's a joke, don't run with it, it's just a joke, it ain't true!!)

  21. rvhawkeye says:

    Trump 2020

  22. Trump's Neck Vagina says:

    Its bad enough I have to see the guy she helped elect to be president, why do I still have to see Hillary. Didn't you just have her on?

  23. alice gray marks says:

    HRC's grooming and styling is gorgeous. Taking notes!

  24. Dac Toppin says:

    Why show this again they clearly say it's Halloween time

  25. nachowarrior1 says:

    Really respect Clinton, like you gotta admit it’s very impressive to still be out of prison after killing all those people.

  26. petros baliouskas says:

    What a JOKE. Talking about conspiracy theories while she accused Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset two days before. Also: "the boogyman of the Right" LOL Trevor. She is a right-winger herself, no wonder why 45% voted for Bernie

  27. Anthony Ezell says:

    Fuck the Clintons

  28. Steven Owens says:

    Could the Clintons plz just go away!.

  29. ceco encho says:

    Does anyone listen to her speech at Goldman Sachs? Or see the "Clinton Europa Centre"/" Clinton Europazentrale" in the northern Berlin suburb Hoppegarten? When you hear the word corruption came out of her mouth….wowww

  30. Spring Manju says:


  31. Pragya Bhardwaj says:

    Hillary Clinton :: The biggest crook there ever was !!!
    Comes back with her fake fake laugh … Could not win the most electable election in American History … Despite all the rigging and all the help from the deep state
    She should be in Jail …. For the crimes committed from Libya to Haiti

  32. Bruce Houston says:

    Hillary have this evil and fake smile.

  33. Ziprass says:

    What’s with all the re-uploads.

  34. Blue Eyes says:

    Really, Trevor Noah? Could you kiss 😚 the Clinton’s a*s anymore??? It was disgusting to watch!!! 🤢🤮

  35. Ringersoll says:

    Cowards. Why don’t you ask Felicity Huffman how Hillary got her thoroughly mediocre daughter into Stanford.

  36. Private Private says:

    Ew, I hate her. You should be hiding your face from the public in shame for having caused the victory of Trump. You should have let Bernie go instead of bribing the Democratic party. Go away, we don't need you.

  37. Fabian T says:

    Hillary needs to go away and take trump with her. They would make the perfect couple!

  38. Michael Tudyk says:

    Oh it's halloween night?

  39. Babul Ali says:

    Hillary's a fucking criminal. Honestly if you look up what she has caused over the years, you'd see how much of a sociopath the bitch is. I hate both Trump and Clinton as politicians, but trump is the lesser evil of the two.

  40. Rose Mary says:

    Hillary Clinton has such a great sense of humor.

  41. David Eller says:

    Vince foster,seth rich? Jeffery epstein,you know bill knows him plus alot of other people committing sucide or accidents around these political elitists.Who has this many people die after being around them?

  42. meFirst 1 says:

    Where your pedophile husband at??

  43. Ali Gator Thangnou Samte says:

    Please do a video on Narendra Modi.. He is a clown😂

  44. S M Rehab Uddin says:

    This used to be my fav show until he got Hilary into it! Hate that female

  45. Jeff Evanson says:

    The only thing more phoney than these two having courage was Billy's wedding vows. Ask her how she feels about the dead children and slave trade in Syria. That is her true legacy.

  46. The Handsome Supreme Lord Emperor Donald J Trump says:

    When the old bag Hillary was born, the doctor slapped her mother.

  47. Ricardo Mcclinton says:

    WHY WHYYYYY? you lost to Donald J. Fucking TRUMP!!!! How can you show your face??? Go away

  48. RageWar49 says:

    50 million dollars!? Who do you think you kidnapped Chelsea Clinton?

  49. COLLEGE DUDE says:

    Haloween night???

  50. Eric Bass says:

    Thanks for reminding us that you had this piece of shit on your show

  51. C Smith says:

    A gutsy woman would have done something other than leverage her career through her husband even when that required or at least made her decide to participate in facilitating that rise by helping cover for all that slicking Willy did in the women he abused his power and position to have–even the ones who did say yes. Using state troopers intended to protect the governor to help him fruck around was NOT ok and also is an abuse of power. A gutsy woman does not operate with the principle that all women should be believed–unless they're accusing her husband, and she doesn't change the campaign website to edit out that part when people start pointing out the obvious irony. A gutsier woman would not have continued defending what at the very least was willful blindness and inaction, that scandal-ridden aspect of the Clinton legacy, and the clear sexual harassment involved in the Lewinsky affair before quickly shifting the conversation to accusations against Trump, which is what she did when she was interviewed in 2018 after all her electioneering was done. Based solely on his own statements put into all of Ivana Trump's books, I do believe we have a rapist and abuser of women living in the White House right now; I'm just not so foolish or naive enough to think he's the first one–or that Clinton was the first one. The sad reality is that you can be a rapist and still be the best candidate offered at any given time. This book will not change that as long as there is such hypocrisy in the women who do get access to real power, and being the kind of person who would try to make money from this subject matter and put herself among the company of those featured between the covers even as an author is the kind of move that gets Hillary Clinton rightfully pointed out as a boogeywoman. One does not have to come up with ridiculous conspiracy theories about her when she has done so much to provide evidence of real misdeeds with her own words and actions. So, when Hillary Clinton deals with working against the interests and advancement of women in her own legacy, then Hillary Clinton can talk to me about gutsy women. Otherwise, she should shut the heck up on this topic.

  52. Lyn Lee says:

    Uh huh. The information thats coming put now about the 16mill that was laundered into the bidens acct from the Ukraine is why the democrats are really upset!
    The truth is going to be found out, and just like Hillary said " we are all gonna hang".
    When she was so sure she had it in the bag.
    And she just admitted to being involved in the dossier b.s. if u didnt catch that, go back and listen.
    She says the difference is that the President did it. No the difference is she "PAID" for opposition research, in other words "fabrication.
    This is sedition

  53. Lyn Lee says:

    Every dime of the 7Billion that was stolen from the Ukraine will be found to have been funneled to Americans in our government!
    Corruption corruption corruption!

  54. Lyn Lee says:

    You destroyed countries u warmongering heifer! U got no say what so ever!
    U had your chance to do the right thing, but u sold out!!!!

  55. Erhardt says:

    Adults talking … so nice 👍

  56. RealTalk says:

    Only an idiot would vote for someone because they pee sitting down.

  57. Mark Spence says:

    Trust me when I say that 99.99% of Americans do not give a flying god damn mofo shit about Hillary Clinton, much less her kid, and 100% hate her husband. What were you thinking?

  58. Nathan Fielure says:

    I'm here just to downvote these swamp things.

  59. Jonas of Persia says:

    And they chose Trump over this woman? I know she's not perfect or anything but at the very least she has some braincells.

  60. paper rocks says:

    Murders and liars

  61. Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández says:

    Kelsy Klein

  62. Earth Call says:

    CLINTON NEWS NETWORK NOW OWNS TREVOR… we've seen this before

  63. Peter Hedlöf says:

    Epic! No birthday party for Prince Andrew this year.

  64. Micah D says:

    Soft as hell. Try having courage sometime, Trevor.

  65. S. Rathgeber says:

    Isnt it obvious why she is the Boogie (wo)man of the right? The worst Hillary seems to be the better the real monster in the WH looks. I would not be surprised JF Stephanie Grisham found the secret diary of Hillary where she committes all the crimes.

  66. Angela Anna says:

    6:15 how did you kill Jeffery Epstein? OMG 😲 HAHAHAHAHA

  67. Tuna Cat says:

    Why would you have these people on? They are a disgrace.

  68. Keita Colton says:

    OOOOOOH  Trevor… can you!????

  69. Jon says:

    The daily show has been bought. Trevor sold his soul.

  70. timbo1115 says:

    Fuck the clintons. Bunch of lying, cheating pieces of shit. Can’t wait til Hilary is dead

  71. Mook Gang says:

    this daily show is getting worse by day.

  72. Andi amo says:

    Trevor Noah is such a puppet to the Deep State that he actually thought this was a good idea.

    Holy shit. Dude is fucking compromised.

  73. Andi amo says:

    The Daily Shill with Trevor Noah

  74. Andi amo says:

  75. Andi amo says:

    Look everyone, it's Harvey Weinstein's BFF, Robert Byrd's protege, and Bill Clinton's wife…..

    Let's all scream like brainwashed morons!!!!

  76. Christopher Farkas says:

    Why is this dated incorrectly and advertised as new?

  77. Donna E says:

    But… trump is not bringing the troops home, he's selling our troops to defend oil with their lives..

  78. Stephanie Mujan says:

    Politcrooks made to be politicrooks, book of shit. Women hate you.

  79. Dan Alan says:


  80. dadedododadada that's all i want to say to you says:

    Couldn't care less, dear hillary, couldn't, unless she thinks that trump gives a damn

  81. Navin Ganesh Sanichar says:

    Wait…arent you my teacher?! Go Mailman!

  82. G Sterling says:

    The  impeachment show has sucked the oxygen from the Dem. campaign for President.  Boring unpatched debate.  Warren is a tiresome scold.  Saunders is a throwback 60’s radical.  Biden is  yesterdays news, tired, , and speaks in idioms.   Buttigieg at 37 years old and a mayor of a medium sized city in Indiana  and Gabbard  a congresswoman from Hawaii are the most dynamic.

  83. Thabile Zungu says:

    I really admire you Hillary Clinton, you are a strong woman and unmoved by the opinions of others…

  84. Elpari Mo says:

    You and your gusts easily easily close your eyes on what is going on in Iran !!!!!

  85. Nom Nom says:

    Hillary should run for 2020 just to punk off russian treasonist.

  86. Babylon Rocker says:

    Fuck Trump, and fuck the Clintons equally.

  87. General JellyRoll says:

    Get out of politics. Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.

  88. Fluoride CO says:

    Are they robots

  89. back in the day says:

    Thank you so much Trevor! What an incredible conversation with two incredible Women!!!

  90. Neil White says:


  91. I changed Coaching says:

    What happened to the Epstein joke?

  92. Luis Rivera says:

    Lets have no government for a month or 2 and keep cops on the streets still even tho i dont like cops some are ok

  93. Irene Diaz Reyes says:

    I cannot understand why Trevor Noah even considered bringing these two persons on his show. The Clintons–all of them–historically, have been war mongers and to achieve their ends, they will stoop to any depth. I have been watching politics my 80-something years and I now consider them (the Clintons) as being at the vilest depths of lying and deception. Hillary, especially, I consider the most reprehensible, spiteful, unethical, despicable, vindictive excuse for a human being. For most of my life, I had been a registered Democrat. It took Hillary Clinton to make me become totally disgusted with the Democrats, and with her especially. That is why I left the Democratic party and do not expect to ever rejoin them. They are the opposite side of the coin on which the Republicans are the other. Shame, shame, shame for having them on.

  94. Andi amo says:

    S/O to this drunk racist for giving us Trump.

  95. Uriel Guzman says:

    Changed the world to something better, these two?🤣

  96. Jobic Chakalisa says:

    little hillary is cute and smart

  97. I M says:

    She was linked with Epstein, right?

  98. jcspider says:

    An intelligent, logical, sane person. Gee, we could have had one as POTUS……..

  99. M Z says:

    I don’t know what hurt more the awareness that Trevor Noah is completely scripted or that everyone just laughed over the fact Hillary is literally a murderous war criminal and don’t get me started on Haiti.

    Edit: Hillary screwed Bernie so karma hit her right back bernie2020

  100. J K says:

    Love their relationship. Love Chelsea

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