Hillary Rodham Clinton & Chelsea Clinton – Co-writing “The Book of Gutsy Women” | The Daily Show


Welcome… (cheering and applause continue) Welcome back to the show. Does this ever get, like, tired?
Just walking around and people cheering for you
when you walk into rooms? -Well, that’s…
-I cheer for her. -You cheer for her?
-I mean, why not? Just, like,
solo standing ovations? -You know.
-Well, it is Halloween night, so I think there’s a lot
of energy in the air. No, no, I-I think you get this. I’ve-I’ve watched videos
of you walking into restaurants together, as a family. I’ve seen you walking in alone.
I’ve seen… There seems to be this feeling where you walk around
the country, and people go… It’s a little bit of like, “Aw!” But it’s also like, “Yay!” Like, that-that’s a cool fee… It’s… I mean,
it’s not the presidency, but it’s a cool
consolation prize, no? Well, that’s true. Yeah, yeah. It-it does, um,
make up for it… a little bit. Um, Chelsea, thank you very much
for being here. You came from trick-or-treating, -like, now.
-I did. Yes. You literally just went
trick-or-treating. -Literally. -But you didn’t…
you didn’t dress up as any… You just took the kids
trick-or-treating. -I just took the kids. Um,
we had a Moana. -NOAH: Right. -Uh, a clock striking midnight
from Cinderella. -NOAH: Okay. -And a pumpkin.
-NOAH: Oh, I like this. -I like this. And… -Yeah.
The pumpkin didn’t choose, ’cause he’s three months old,
but everybody else chose. ‘Cause, like, if you came
to my door on Halloween, I would be like,
“Oh, my God. You l… “You dressed as Chelsea Clinton.
That’s amazing! -How did you…?” -Amazing!
I’ve never really thought that I have, like,
a built-in Halloween costume. -Yes, you have
a built-in Halloween… -Yeah. When people go,
“Chelsea Clinton,” you’re like, -“No. It’s good makeup,
though, right?” -Yeah, hey. Yeah, it’s a good… Um… You know,
sometimes people will say to us, “You know, do you know you look
just like Hillary Clinton?” And I say,
“Yeah, I’ve heard that.” (laughter) Let me, um, say, first of all, congratulations
on a phenomenal book. I didn’t know what to expect.
The Book of Gutsy Women. I didn’t know if it was gonna be
a book about American women, a book about political women,
but it’s just a book about women who have changed
not just their world but the world
in some way, shape or form. What’s interesting
is that you wrote it together. You’ve written many books
separately, but this was your first book
writing together as a mother and daughter. As someone who’s written a book
without my mother, I cannot imagine
what it would be like to write something
with my mother. -How do you… -Is that why
you’re staring so intently? How do you not hate each other
at this point? -What is the process like?
-Uh, it was a lot of fun. It also…
It did take some adjustment, um, because my mother
still writes longhand. -Mm. -Like, like, writes out
the words? -Yes. Yes. Although I said this
at an event, and I could see, uh, like,
a teenager up in the rafters turn to his mother and say,
“What’s longhand?” -It’s like, at least… -No,
’cause there’s a generation -that goes like, “What is that?”
-Yeah, what is that? -Writing the words out with
a pen and no autocorrect. -Yes. No. And, like, no ability
to track changes -or have comment boxes.
-Right. And you’re doing it… -Like, are you doing it
on computer in, like, a… -Yes. -Like 2019.
-So, how do you… (laughter) So, how do you compare
the notes, then? When you… Like, do you bring
the longhand into the digital, or do you, like, give it to her and be like,
“You longhand my work”? Well, so, my mother
would take photographs of, like, each page. -Wow.
-And then text or e-mail me -the photographs of the page.
-Wow. Yeah. So, like, when we were
particularly working on the things
that we wrote together… Like, we write about Rosa Parks
and Claudette Colvin together. -Yes. -So, I would, like,
type my Claudette Colvin essay and sent it to her
as an attachment. Like, a Word document.
And she would take pictures of, like, each individual page
of her Rosa Parks essay and, like, send me,
like, page one. I can feel your frustration
as you’re telling me this story. -I’m still working through it.
-This is… this is nice. -Yeah.
-I can… I can feel that. Um, why did you choose
to write this book together? I mean,
you’ve had many opportunities. You could have written
about anything– your family, politics, your life–
but this is a specific book, and it feels like
for a specific time. Why? Because we really believe
that, uh, in today’s world, uh, the stories of gutsy women– and, literally,
there are many millions of them, but we chose 103,
uh, to write about, uh, because their stories
tell us, yes, about… the struggles that they endured and their persistence to try
to improve their own lives and the lives
of people around them. But I think especially
in today’s world, we need to be reminded
of these kinds of stories. Uh, and they are historic
and contemporary and even a few fictional. And they were women
who inspired me as a little girl and then throughout my life,
and the same with Chelsea. In fact, we started talking about, you know,
inspirational women when she was a little girl. And, so, we want to share
these stories, and we hope that people can find
some, uh… some message
that will help them. -Right. -Uh, especially,
you know, given the difficulties that a lot of… a lot of people
around the world face right now. It’s interesting, Chelsea,
because you’ve said, you know,
there was a time in your life when you watched your mom
running for president, and there were more women
in space than running for president. -Two.
-Right. And now you-you have
a plethora of women. I mean,
you have six in the race, and you’ve seen
how many women participated in-in the midterms
and won, as well. Do you feel like we’re noticing
a shift in society that’s positively moving us to a place
where there’s equality? Not there yet, but just moving
us in that direction? I think we’re
absolutely making progress. I also really appreciate how
you framed the question, Trevor, because it’s super important
that we don’t get complacent. -NOAH: Mm-hmm.
-And that we also understand still how far we have to go. I mean, even though we had
an unprecedented number of women run for Congress in 2018, we were still less
than a quarter -of all declared candidates.
-NOAH: Wow. So, making progress, but we still have a long ways
to go to get to parity. But as we’ve seen, like,
who runs for office really matters ’cause
it determines who holds office. -NOAH: Right.
-And I’m so thrilled that my children are growing up with the most diverse Congress
in American history. You have chosen 103 women
in this book who all have different stories
of being gutsy, but what would you find
was the common thread that made them who they are? One, I think the sense of,
just, deep purpose. Sometimes something
that they knew from when they were
a little girl. Like, Jane Goodall always knew she wanted to work
with animals. And Sally Ride– you know, the
first American woman in space– um, really became a physicist because she wasn’t
a good-enough tennis player. So she kind of fe–
found her passion later in life. But what is so distinct
about all these women is that they brought others
along with them, sometimes consciously
breaking down barriers and sometimes just really aware
of their example. And I find that really powerful
and gutsy, that it wasn’t just
for themselves– it was for others, too.

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