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Greetings, and welcome to Earthling Cinema.
I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is A Clockwork Orange, directed by
famed auteur Stanley Q-Bert and starring Terence Stamp lookalike Malcolm-Jamal Warner. The film centers on Alex, a typical teenager
who does typical teenager things, like drinking milk to build strong bones and using crowbars
to break strong bones. His family life is stable, so it’s unclear where his aggression
comes from. Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline. Saturday night and they in the spot. But rather than
pop over to the soda fountain, Alex and his lackeys figure why not stage an impromptu
home invasion? That puts Alex in a singing mood, but soon the lackeys start pushing to
do guest vocals, so Alex has to cut them from the label. Without missing a beat, they betray
him and he gets sent to the biggest house of all: jail. Hey man, no use crying over
spilled lactation fluid, as the saying goes. Later, the mayor of England comes to the prison
looking for test subjects for the Lenscrafters rehabilitation technique, so Alex says sign
me up, Scotty. Scotty? Who’s Scotty? Karen, who’s Scotty? Anyway, Scotty forces him to
watch a nonstop cycle of detestable images, like war and multicam sitcoms. To add insult
to injury, they put drops in his eyes to make him cry like a wuss. The technique works,
rendering Alex allergic to boobs, and they send him on his merry way. Only his way turns out to be decidedly less
merry than previously reported. His parents have traded in for a newer model, so Alex
has no choice but to apply for membership in the homeless guild. Unfortunately, the
review board has other ideas. So does the fuzz. Alex stumbles his way to the nearest
house, where he uses his last ounce of strength to get beat up by gravity. Alex wakes up in the hospital to find that
he’s got that twinkle back in his eyehole. The mayor of England apologizes for the whole
Lenscrafters debacle and promises Alex a cushy job in exchange for being a team player. Hooray,
the system works! A Clockwork Orange explores the idea that
free will defines the human experience. Earthlings may have been hopelessly misguided on every
conceivable level, but at least it was by choice. The film’s title, “A clockwork orange,” refers
to the absence of free will — something organic made to work mechanically. This is a metaphor
for Alex, a human being who is psychologically conditioned until he becomes an automaton.
Or as I call it, Monday morning. Alex is robbed of choice every time he’s turned
into a tool for someone else’s agenda. The Lenscrafters technique reduces him to a political
asset by shady government bigwigs. The writer and his dissident friends seek to use him
as a pawn to promote their criticism of said large wigs. Then the government turns around
and bribes him in an attempt to undo all the damage they caused in the first place. What
a tool. The cyclical nature of clockwork is woven
into the narrative itself by some sort of celluloid spider. The film is essentially
split in half: everyone Alex harms in the beginning — the drunk, his old gang, the
writer — returns to exact revenge after his so-called rehabilitation. But despite all
these coincidences, Alex doesn’t learn from his misdeeds. There is no real progress made
by the end of the film, other than progress the viewer makes through his DVR queue. Humans
were stuck in a constant cycle between good, evil, freedom, oppression- like clockwork.
Or congress. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Another motif is the obscene merger of violence
and high brow cultural refinement, like the way Beethoven straight up murdered his ninth
symphony. Throughout the film, classical music plays during violent acts, almost as if it
doesn’t care. Furthermore, several works of art are perverted by graphic imagery that
I should probably tell you is NSFW except it’s too late, you’re already looking at it.
Perhaps this high/low switcheroo serves as an indication that culture is no guarantee
of moral elevation. Or perhaps it’s something much more sinister: that violence can be an
act of creation. Indeed, Alex sees himself as something of
an artist or performer, in the vein of a Carrot Top or a Jared Leto. Thanks to his showmanship,
he is the only character that approaches relatability in the entire film, despite his horrendous
acts. His surname, De Large, is essentially a porno pseudonym. Personally, I would have
gone with Lorenzo von Dongle. The fast motion of Alex’s “menage” suggests that the sexual
act is not erotic, but more of a snooty performance art piece. Alex’s violence toward his lackeys
unfurls in slow motion, giving it a kind of balletic quality. The final shot of Alex having
sex in the snow once again utilizes slow motion, indicating a return to his previous violent,
snow-angel-making self. Was his entire journey all for naught? Of course, all loose ends would be tied up
in the 2018 sequel, Clockwork Orange 2: The Battle of Scurvy Mountain, which won the Golden
Glob for Best Supporting Visual Effects. For Earthling Cinema, I’m Garyx Wormuloid.

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    Also I feel like adding that this film became really popular among “Oi Punks” I feel it’s more an aesthetic choice rather than anything (Alex sports those Boots & Braces of course).
    However I feel there is something more to it, I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is, maybe the nihilistic feeling that Alex is violent without any causation, the low brow (dare I say “Hooligan” like) attitude that Alex & his Droogs exhibit, or maybe the low key authoritarian undertones when Alex is in prison that we’re exposed to.

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    More than being about freedom for youthful energy, this book or even the movie is (subjectively) about what other people think about people liking it and what that says about them along with society of supposedly differing and better morals creating the monsrosity through those same morals, which as is true in reality as it is in this fiction. Young people with directionless energy or even older people with the same thing can get a vicarious thrill out of it in the same way the author admits to having in writing it, but the truth of things like this is that they are entirely fictitious. The same mentality runs through Tarantino films. And why you may like something that others don't like because it's "wrong" is because they are wrong about it being real and therefor in the wrong on a much larger level. You like it because they don't like it, which is also an extremely youthful area of protest. Their is something to be said for the assertion that these things spill into reality far more than they actually do only justifying such assertions to those who would use that fiction with ill intent and manipulative people love turning fiction into reality.

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  85. Spyros Kokkalis says:

    Clockwork: Artificial, mechanical and man made
    Orange:Organic and found in Nature
    A Clockwork Orange:Forcing something natural to function artificially

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    Thank you this video it was really well made and funny. I watched this on Netflix because I had seen it multiple times suggested and knew it was directed by Stanley qubert. I watched like the first 15 mins or so and I’m like this is really stupid and wrong and weird and turned it off. Only to be watching YouTube vids and miss Alex’s vibe and went back to it and totally was engaged for the rest of the movie. I really wanted to hear more about the movie and I really really wanted to know if there was a reason why it was called a clockwork orange and you guys blessed me google didn’t.

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  98. Cody Southwind says:

    Got most of it wrong except the free will part

  99. Coletha Albert says:

    Drugs are bad. Don't do drugs.

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