Here’s how to get rid of your fear of death once and for all…

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(gentle piano music) – Are you scared of dying? I know how you feel. I used to be scared of dying too. And if you’re like I was then you’re afraid to die because nobody ever gave you a good reason why you shouldn’t be. That is until now. Hi, I’m Jack McElroy. I’m an entrepreneur, a businessman and an author. I wrote a book that summarizes the story of my two-year search to uncover the truth about what happens to us after we die. Once you found out what it is and follow the simple instructions that I gave you in the book, you won’t need to fear
death anymore either. The book is called How
I Lost my Fear of Death And How You Can Too. You know, here’s the thing about death and the hereafter, there are only two options. First, nothing. When you’re dead, you’re dead. Some people act like
that’s what they believe and some people really believe it’s true. Atheists believe this. Their view is that all religions are the result of
ignorance or superstition. I have believed this myself at one time, but not anymore. By far the most popular belief is that something happens to us after we die. Now, lots of people
believe in an afterlife and that’s where religion comes in. But you know what I’ve discovered? And what you’ll learn from the book? There’s one thing that all
religions have in common. Now, they all teach that gaining life after death is “a do it yourself” program. Do this, do that, pray these prayers, keep certain holy days, receive certain sacraments, be good, be baptized, confess your sins, do unto others, offer up yourself (mumbles) et cetera. It doesn’t matter which religion you pick, they all have a list. Catholicism has its list of do’s. Protestantism has its list of do’s. Eastern Orthodoxy has its list of do’s. Jehovah’s Witnesscism has its list. Womanism has its list, and then other religions of the world. Judaism also has a list. Islam has a list. Hinduism, they have their list of
do’s, what you must do. Buddhism has its list as well. They all tell you what you have to do, or not do, in order to “qualify” for life after death. But you know what’s ironic? is that not one of them will ever tell you when you’ve done enough. That’s why I think all
the religions of the world are cruel and heartless for they all prescribe
works and or rituals by which you’re promised some sort of existence after death but they never give you any assurance you’ve done enough to “qualify.” My book, How I Lost my Fear of Death, summarizes what all
these religions say about what you’re supposed to
do to gain eternal life but then only briefly because the information about comparative religions is really boring and gets boring real fast. But then I reveal to you what the holy bible says about how you can know for sure that when you die, you will get eternal life. According to the bible, it turns out to be a free gift. Who knew? I didn’t. I didn’t find out until I was 28 years old and that was after a two-year search. Anyway, you’ll get the
whole story in the book. The information may shock and surprise you but in the end, you’ll find a way to
lose your fear of death once and for all. If you’re interested and more information, just click the link below.

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