Healthy RV Cooking Instant Pot Recipe | Camper Van Life S1:E38


this week find out what it’s like to
cook in a campervan, prepare healthy meals and Kait shares one of her instant
pot recipes we get questions all the time about
Kate’s cooking where we put everything how we’re able to store food in such a
small frigerator and that sort of thing so we figured we’d show you guys what
that is like preparing meals and just living out of the van for a day so a
slice of van life cooking at a cooking addition dun dun I can’t make sure some
recipes in Joe may make coffee again they’re not done well it’s not a
campervan life see the video our campervan see our video series isn’t
complete wait okay if you guys if you guys want to see
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basis we’ve really changed the way we eat and
it’s a lot easier I think to make healthy meals and plan healthy meals
when we’re cooking at home people are surprised to learn that we only eat out
two to three times a month most of those meals eaten now are
because we have family and friend visiting we have business meetings to go
to otherwise we cook all of our meals at
home in case you’re wondering we had steamed purple sweet potatoes and
almonds for a brunch what are we having for dinner and we had cantaloupe what
else did we have brunch brunch is one of those things where we just sort of make
stuff that’s in the van and put it together and snack our way through the
morning Oh in sardines sardines let’s not forget about our put aside what are
we having yeah we could do salmon over quinoa stew or short thing along those
lines that sounds good well well film it so whatever we end up making you guys we
get to see later people ask us about food storage in the van how often do we
go to the grocery store and can we actually cook like with fresh food in
the van which yes we can one of the things I looked into before we moved
into van life was what vegetables and fruits actually have to be stored in the
fridge because we have such a small fridge and it turns out and if you guys
haven’t looked into this you should search on the internet for food storage
for fresh produce because there’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t need to be
refrigerated so we end up keeping a lot of stuff on the counter lots of garlic
not a Chinese Italian household unless there’s a lot of garlic
we’ve got avocados a lot of citrus Kabuto squash
I love the wintertime because you can keep a lot of hearty vegetables out we
also have a spaghetti squash in here when I lived in a dormitory in college
my dorm fridge was bigger than this and the fridge we have in here is 3.1 cubic
feet starting at the top we’ve got our freezer it’s currently packed with
salmon and we get these individually packaged fillets the salmon from Costco
because when they come in little packages like this it’s really easy to
fit it into little nooks and crannies in the fridge and maximize the storage
space in here two dozen eggs on top five pounds of carrots right now more salmon
avocado we have six romaine hearts three packages of tofu we have organic miso
more eggs and I think there’s about twelve packs of edamame in this fridge
yes scattered throughout in the door in the door Joe’s got his beer we have flax
seed hemp hearts Thai curry seasoning some Italian flat-leaf parsley right now
so the fridge is very well packed defrosted for dinner if we plan properly
we can easily get away with only going grocery shopping once a week but I
happen to love grocery shopping so we probably go a lot more frequently than
most people would I do need to clean the instant pot still dirty from brunch
earlier everything in the van is about shuffling
limited counter space things have to shuffle just like Joe and I shuffle this
stuff all shuffles to so the instant pot in a given day could be here over there
on a seat on the bed or over on the dining table and as far as cooking
gadgets go the instant pot is it I really don’t cook with anything else I
do have a second pot but I cook almost exclusively with the instant pot now I
only have one pot to clean makes for easy cleanup and with limited counter
space it’s nice to just have one pot to move around and now that we don’t use
the gas stove anymore it’s extra counter space which I know I’ve really
appreciated in you too yeah because before you would have to move
everything off the stove to make your coffee and now you can make your coffee
anywhere you just have to have a place to plug in your kettle speaking of
making coffee once you’re done cleaning your pot I’m
gonna make myself some coffee would you like some tea okay small skillet big skillet nonstick all
stainless steel I mean I had it all and now I just cook out of the instant pot
we make really healthy meals I think don’t you
absolutely Oh another thing I didn’t mention is all
of Leo’s meals get cooked in the instant pot – so yeah on average not only are we
cooking two to three meals in the instant pot for us but where else
they’re cooking for Lia remember the couple we met in Oregon they also make
home-cooked meals for their dog yes they were concerned about you know
transitioning to van life and how they were gonna manage that and I said
instant pies it’s the way to go you can make so many great meals for your pets
immune stand pot – there’s so many good recipes online another thing to consider
one pot to wash one pot to dry one pot to store in one pot to store
yes although I did see they have a ceramic coated pot now to that oh I’m
very excited about this dinner you’re gonna make tonight I love your quinoa
stews with salmon on top it’s gonna be delicious and cleanup is all done you
know what that means time Mineola or ten jello or whatever you call that thing
I dunno it’s tasty oh and that’s you know people ask us what we eat for
snacks like where do you put all your snacks and my answer is well we don’t
really eat snacks but if you consider fruit snacks we have plenty of room for
fruit we have almonds and peanuts when we run out of wine we might get some
pistachios macadamia nuts well that’s about it we recently got this electric
kettle and I have to say it’s my new favorite coffee gadget because not only
can I set the temperature of the water on here but it frees me from having to
move everything off of the stove so before Kate would have to get out of the
kitchen I would have to clear everything off the stove make my coffee and then
it all back I no longer have to do that which is really nice set it at 175 one of the reasons I really liked the
electric kettle is with the stovetop kettle
whenever Kate would begin filming I’d have to turn the kettle off wait till
she was ready turn it back on and to get that just at the right point was almost
impossible when I was being filmed here I can just set it and forget it and
it’ll hold the temperature for me Leo still passed out uh-huh he’s kind of
following the shade as it moves across the grass look at that perfect Cheers
all right I’m going back to relaxing yeah what do you think two servings my
favorite downsizing moment when we moved into van life was I got rid of our
full-size can opener and dug out this old camping can opener it takes up very
little room and it works really well what kind of seasoning do you feel like
I tell you oh absolutely you’re putting an Italian
seasoning you have to put in garlic that’s the rule one person needs garlic
in the band another person has to eat right like it’s one of the golden rules
available coffee six minutes turn the keep warm function
off all right actually I’m going to drop that down to five minutes
cleanup time so are you gonna put the salmon on top in five minutes and then
yeah so the plan is I’m going to cook the quinoa first once that’s done I’ll
release the pressure put the salmon on top could get another few minutes and
then we’ll have dinner great I’m excited are you going to share in this video the
way we eat now but I think it’s also changed since the first time we talked
about it and I don’t know I just I guess people are really interested in the way
we eat because so many people have reached out to us and said that they’ve
been inspired especially by you and all the way that you’ve lost and the way
that we’ve been eating and I think people are just really curious to learn
more so that they can take some tippets that maybe they can apply to their life
and eat healthier plan better healthier meals and stay healthy
yeah so let me put my knife away the key to Van life well there are many keys to
van life but especially the one to drive it yes drive it the learning to shuffle
maximize space putting things away every time you’re done with it
where it’s supposed to go yes all right keeps you here at gurgling
oh it smells good already you know what do you up to buddy
he’s shuffling – yes from one end of the van to the other I’m still impressed
that he was able to get himself under the driving area and pass out yesterday
he was there for a couple good hours sleeping every inch of floor space in
this van belongs to Leo so how do we eat now well let’s go back a little ways
when we first got into van we were plant-based meeting all the foods we ate
were only derived from plants very little to no processed foods and things
like that since then we’ve taken that a bit
further and we’ve started to add in things like sardines we will do chicken
liver organic pasture-raised so we’re trying to be very conscious of what
we’re eating how much we’re eating we like to measure out things so if we’re
gonna have almonds rather than just grabbing an arbitrary handful we take
that handful put it in a measuring cup and we know how many servings were
having I think that was the big turning point for me measuring and weighing all
of our food and I know at first it sounds like it can be very tedious which
it is I also kept track of everything I was eating the number of calories I was
having and after a while I didn’t have to measure anymore because I kind of
already knew what a portion size look like I’ve lost going on 40 pounds now so
I feel much better I’m enjoying the way we’re eating it’s much easier for me now
to have a big bowl of quinoa or kale or you know any of the other unmentionable
things that I used to call people crazy for eating before but now one of those
people and I enjoy it being more conscious of what it is that’s going
from your plate to your mouth I think that was the big thing for me
the one thing you can control is what happens from here to here smells so get in here Cheers
this is amazing I’ve already dug through most of my salmon you know eating like
this I have no problem eating healthy if I was cooking for myself it’d probably
be a different story but I love these creations that you come up with and it’s
simple it’s simple and it was really easy and fast right leo
it was like their salmon in their world whoops oh oh he wants a piece do you
want a piece of salmon bud gentle oh gentle you almost lost a
finger I know good boy we’re gonna get back to our
meal guys thank you so much for watching now the real work begins thank you guys so much for watching if
you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t
already and ding the bell for notifications of new videos if you’d
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check out the campervan series from the beginning by clicking right up here
thank you so much for watching we’ll see you next Wednesday bye

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