Have you Got Guts?! Then It’s Time to Feast Without FODMAPs

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[Festive Music] We’re getting to that time of year again
where family feasts parties social events and holidays are rapidly
approaching this year give your gut the gift it deserves with Got Guts Feast
Without FODMAPs it’s your one-stop autumn and winter survival guide for all
things vegan low fodmap from delicious recipes and menu planning to seasonal
stacking and tips and tricks from fellow IBS sufferers Feast Without FODMAPs
really does include everything you might need to see you through the best and the
worst of the upcoming season take time out from the shopping and stress to
invest in yourself and make sure that this year you thrive rather than simply
survive for the same price as a couple of spiced lattes you could be on your way
to a flare-up free festive season [Oooh, yum] you’ll find a link to purchase in the
description box below. [Cheers, all the very best] [Fireworks shooting and exploding and log fire crackling]

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